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Some infrared heat observations

Although I have an IR lamp, I’ve never used it for PE since I also have a Thermotex pad. This is much more subtle than a lamp, but find it needs a constrictor device of some kind to stop the blood from removing all the heat.

I think almost any physical block betwen the light and the skin will stop IR, or at least it will absorb the IR and heat up, so making sure it’s not in physical contact with the skin would probably work. I’ve read of people suggesting a sock or similar, but personally I don’t think this would be enough. Perhaps Aluminium/Aluminum foil plus an air gap might work?

Sorry I didn’t get back sooner… all day I’ve been pulling a very large, very hard head…from my 82 mercedes diesel! Not my idea of fun.

Anyway, found it at my WalMart, in the hardware area. Actually, in the flood light area, where they were selling flood light bulbs.

It is PERFECT! Exactly what I have been looking for! Works great and the 250 watt IR heat bulb fits great and the cage goes over it to prevent contact.

The only thing missing is a switch to turn it on and off, but that is easily remedied. For now I have to unplug it to turn it off.


Originally Posted by pe2do
The last part, you meant to say don’t allow your penis to get too hot, right? Or do you really mean thighs?

Is anyone else really concerned for their balls? I know 30 minutes is not that long and certainly it’s less heat than being in a sauna, still long term exposure can’t be good. Since infrared penetrates skin, what can I do to shield my balls without getting in the way of the penis?

No I really meant thighs. This is because they have the heat sensors as it were. So if they start getting hot then the inner parts of your penis ie the urethra could get overheated, and possibly burnt. So if you keep your thighs at a reasonable temperature ie without getting uncomfortable then you should be ok

I would think a folded handkerchief would do the trick it would not stop all the rays but would take the edge off them as it were. If it was damp then it would be more effective, I imagine.

I got the socket/reflector thing from Wal-mart and tried it. Honestly, I prefer a good heating pad. A pad heats better, offers more choices of positions, and is less hassle overall. It’s just hard to find a good one that actually gets hot. Maybe I’ll put this IR thing on my back porch to keep my cats warm. :)

When testing the light I folded a thermometer into my shaft skin in various places, keeping it out of direct light. At best it got up to about 101 F. We need 104ish internal temp for our purposes.

Hobby, et al. -

One of the kinky twists I now use for heating (either in the tube or when in the stretcher) is an electric sock - not an ordinary hunting sock mind you, but a Gerbing electric-heated sock that the motorcycle guys use. I can get the temperature up to 115 deg F (or more) and hold it there for as long as I like. I also use a thermotex sock as a liner between the Gerbing and my unit. The thermotex sock has material in its fibers that convert near IR and thermal energy into Mid and Far IR waves that radiate into my unit. I have learned by feel when to turn the switch on and off (like every 10 minutes or so) to control the average temperature internal to the socks based on a digital thermometer that I use. I use a rechargeable 12 Volt DC gel cell that I can set right under my desk and plug in the sock when I am in the stretcher (or the tube). Gerbing supplies all of the cables and connectors except I put on a pair of Hecon clips to mate with the lugs on the gel cell. This arrangement is pretty much hands off (unless I milk the tube) once I slide the socks on, plug in, and flip the switch. I could increase the thermal efficiency by wrapping the outer layer with aluminum foil but I haven’t needed to go that far as yet. I typically get 5-7 days on the gel cell before recharging but that really depends on how much time I use the heated socks. This arrangement is pretty much hassle free and really delivers the heat.

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Interesting ideas guys!


That is interesting about the constriction. I wonder if while pumping it might accomplish a similar effect, since the blood isn’t moving in and out as much (kinda accomplishing the same thing as a constriction would) and a person could get up to a higher temperature maybe.


About how long were you leaving the light on, were you timing it?


That is a great idea, very inventive!


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Sparkyx, Electron -

Thanks for the encouragement guys. As regards gains, it’s way too early to tell as I just got the heated sock(s) rig up and cooking (literal pun intended) a couple of weeks ago. RIght now, I am in a major re-modeling effort on my office bldg and am in a sort of forced haitus from rigorous PE until after the first of the year. When I can get into the stretcher or pump, the heating really works well and it surely helps the stretch so we’ll know more about gains sometime towards the end of January.

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I am wondering if anyone has used a ceramic Infrared lamp.

I was originally going to buy a normal luminescent bulb but read somewhere that the ceramic lamp is better. So I researched it and fund that this opinion is shared by manufacturers of both types.

Here’s an example.

The Salamander Edison screw-based emitter (ESES) ceramic infrared heater creates natural sun-like heat to provide animals with the warmth they require, whether it be for comfort, incubating or therapeutic needs. The Edison screw-base design fits into an ordinary light bulb socket type reflector (of sufficient wattage rating.) Ceramic heating elements were designed specifically for use with pets such as lizards, iguanas, geckos and other reptiles, birds, domestic pets, exotic and tropical animals and arboreal snakes. The gentle uniform heat pattern of the ESES offers a vast improvement over ruby red heat lamps or regular light bulbs which emit light, have infrared hot spots created by the glowing element inside the bulb, break or shatter easily, and have a short life span. Replacing fan-forced air heating avoids the wasteful problem of heated air rising to the ceiling.

I’ve also attached a pic of what the ceramic lamp looks like.

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Hi Fellow hangers,

Have read this thread on heating lamps. The only infrared lamp which I can find for 2 days in my neighbourhood is a Beurer Infrared Heating Lamp - a 100 watts.

I could not find any reference on the temperature in all the literature in the brochure and website. It is known that a temperature of 45 deg C is what we need for plasticity effects of the shaft.

Can someone help me with this please. Anyone has experience or knowledge whether the said Lamp is good or not?

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Hi Anyone like to contribute?

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I don’t know of your particular lamp, but in my brief IR experience I found a 250W bulb too low intensity. The 500W bulb made a huge difference in internal shaft warmth, and other than the Salamander bulb mentioned above of which I have no knowledge, it is or at least should be the standard choice for IR. I should note that I use the clear bulbs as the red color is hard on my eyes after a while.

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I’m using a Homedics IR-60 for my IR heat during stretching. It’s a massager with IR heat. It’s designed to be placed on the skin, and I have used continuously for up to an hour, and have had no irritation. I simply turn it on, place on my unit, and stretch. It keeps my unit, and just my unit, nice and toasty. I’ve only started PE exercises a few weeks ago, so I don’t have any results to share with you. But the IR-60 works great for IR heat, and I think it cost my like $18 at Target.

Originally Posted by momar
The Salamander Edison screw-based emitter (ESES) ceramic infrared heater creates natural sun-like heat to provide animals with the warmth they require, whether it be for comfort, incubating or therapeutic needs.

What do people who have used an IR lamp think of the Lizard lamp momar mentioned? Or other “Pet” lamps?

Seems to me a pet store is the place to get a good IR Lamp, no? (I have never seen an IE lamp used for anything except heating terrariums [sp.?])

Also, can anyone attach a pic of their setup?

Or a link to the exact model at or wherever?


My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

Originally Posted by commanderblop
Also, can anyone attach a pic of their setup?

Hey Blop,
there are some pics in this thread: The best PE warmup is infrared!!!.

Any other pics/links?

Hope this helps,

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...


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