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Connective tissue- FIRST "THREAD OF THE YEAR"

Connective tissue

You’ll need Acrobat Reader or a browser plug-in to view this file:

While this paper deals with joints, there is a good section on connective tissue, how it lengthens, and principles concerning lengthening it. There is more, but here is an excerpt:

With any given stretching force, the resulting proportion of plastic to elastic response depends primarily upon two stretching force variables: time and intensity. Research on these variables has produced three significant findings: 10, 16-18

1) Short duration stretching of high intensity favors the elastic response, while prolonged duration stretching of low intensity favors the plastic response.

2) There is a direct correlation between the duration of a stretch and the resulting proportion of plastic, permanent elongation.

3) There is a direct correlation between the intensity of a stretch and the degree of either trauma or weakening of the stretched tissues.

To summarize, the longest period of low force stretch produces the greatest amount of permanent elongation, with the least amount of trauma and structural weakening of the connective tissues. 10, 11, 16-18

These others are tidbits from my notes - just quotations with the source URL’s.…re/wsa62a2.html

In fact, applying a sudden load to a joint— if the force of that load is kept within the level of strength of that joint — will not permanently change the structure of the joint’s ligaments. After the load is removed, the joint (vertebrae and/or bones) will simply go back to where they were. There will be no permanent postural correction.(4)

So, what needs to be understood is that because of the stiffness factor (viscous property), ligaments can be injured by sudden forceful stretching. However, because of the stretchability factor (elastic property) — a properly directed “constant” load, operating over a proper period of time, repeated often enough — can change the ligament’s form — producing measureable and permanent correction of joint relations and posture.(2)

In order to deform, and then reform a ligament into a more desireable length and form, the applied “constant” load must reach over 40% of that particular ligament’s “ultimate load”. A ligament’s ultimate load is defined as “the final load reached by a structure before failure”. (5,6) So, the force needed to create new ligamentous form is well below the safety limit for loading that ligament, but must be high enough to stretch the ligament such that it only undergoes a partial rebound towards its original length and shape.

It is like pulling a spring out far enough that it doesn’t quite go back to its original length — while being careful not to pull it so far that it breaks. The safety factor for doing this process is increased by doing repetitive loading and unloading cycles before engaging in the traction of the ligaments. These repeated loading/unloading cycles create just enough increased elasticity to reduce the joint’s elastic resistance factor — thus reducing the chances of injury to the joint’s connective tissues (ligaments). (3)

Therapeutic muscle stretching5 and contract/relax techniques should be used for the contractile components while prolonged stretching should be used for the passive structures. Sapega et al.6 discuss the use of “prolonged low-intensity stretching at elevated tissue temperatures and cooling the tissue before releasing the tension.” The patient is instructed to lie supine with the shoulder in as much abduction, extension, and lateral rotation as possible, holding in his hand a one or two pound weight if tolerated (i.e., minimal discomfort, not painful), for up to an hour. During this period moist heat is applied. At the end of this period an ice pack is applied for ten to fifteen minutes while the shoulder is still being stretched.

In a condition such as adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder, in order to achieve plastic deformation, a prolonged stretch appears to be very beneficial. It has been found that rapid application of force to collagenous tissues results in increased stiffness2 and affects primarily the elastic tissue. This explains one reason why patients with adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder do not benefit from joint play adjustment and why prolonged stretch is necessary for increased changes in ranges of motion. Often in adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder a joint play adjustment may tear fibers and perpetuate the inflammatory process.

It has been shown that the use of heat along with stretching relaxes the collagen fibers and allows greater elongation. Besides influencing the collagen, the increased temperature increases the sensitivity of the Golgi tendons aiding muscle relaxation. The temperature should be over 104 F. It has been found that the use of ultrasound during stretching is more effective in lengthening. A procedure that works very well in treating adhesive capsulitis is putting the patient in a supine stretched position with the shoulder in lateral rotation for 20 to 60 minutes, with moist heat applied to the shoulder followed by 15 minutes of ice maintaining the stretched position. The patient can hold a weight if it does not increase pain. Cooling the tissue is thought to allow the collagenous microstructure to restabilize more toward its new stretched length.8…y/iv-a-2-a.html

Number 3
Management of Contractures

It is sometimes difficult to regain lost motion associated with joint contractures. Disuse and immobilization promote atrophy and scar tissue formation after 7 weeks2. Connective tissue dysfunctions, including abnormal collagen cross links and shortened inter-fiber distances are associated with the lack of motion1,5. Low-load, long duration stretching is the most effective means of restoring normal tissue length5.

Sapega et al.6 describe a program designed to lengthen functional connective tissue structures in an atraumatic fashion. They advocate a moderate but tolerable force to stretch contractures for 20-60 minutes, depending on tolerance. The joint is placed at end range. Several 30- second breaks can be used. Superficial heat is also used to elevate tissue temperature. Finally, ice is applied for 15 minutes at the end of the session while maintaining the stretch. It has been suggested that a 3º increase of joint motion per week is an acceptable standard2. Several authors have described the use of elastic resistance in providing low-load stretching3,4,7,8.


These are great. Really good research.


I’ll second that. Hopefully I’ll find the time to do more than a skim through of the sites listed.

Thanks for the effort there Hobby!!

In fact, this is too good to just let lay around in the Links Forum, I’m going to make a copy in the Main Member Forum.

Penis Enlargement Forum -- How To Jelq -- Free Penis Enlargement Videos

Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

Thanks guys.

Just check out the first link (the pdf file). I pasted in all the good stuff - what little there is - from the other sites.

Seems like another reason to look for a good ADS…………

Hot and Cold

So what does everyone think about the heat up - cool down in the extended state? This seems to be new and unexplored territory, has anyone tried it?



Thanks for your post on connective tissue. Yes, a low load over a long period of time is best for any connective tissue in the body. If you attempt to stretch any tissue too quickly you can go right past the elastic and plastic stages and right into rupture. Which is a bad thing. Serious injuries can happen if you rupture tissue. Not to mention the loss of the appendage you were stretching. Now while the penis is not a muscle per se, it is covered with a layer of smooth muscle (our doctors on the board can argue all they want, I have pictures in my books). So, you are not only increasing the lenght of the internal structures, you are also increasing the lenght of the skin and underlying tissues. And the best way to do this is with a low load over a long period of time. The ADS is perfect for accomplishing just that.

Once again hobby, thank you.

MSP—as in any exercise program a heat up and cool down period is essential for desired results. You wouldn’t go out and run 5 miles without some type of warm up period and then when finished you would cool down. Does that help?

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Cool down

I was referring to using an ice pack while still in an extended state. That’s seems to be a pretty revolutionary idea (for PE anyway)..


great research Hobby!

That’s great info hobby. It seems to support ADS and Modemmer’s less but more often theory. The addition of ice at the end is radically new. Is it time for another experiment? I just wanted to say thanks for the info Hobby!

Thanks Hobby

Bib, through experience, pretty much hit this research right on. I guess I need to apply heat. I have not been doing this. Although I do sit in a hot tub (98 degrees) for about a 1/2 hour before my hangs. Ice,,,,what do you all think about that?.


It makes me shiver! But, it might help. For those of us that don’t hang, I think you’d have to modify how you applied it (since it was applied during the stress). Maybe you could alternately apply ice then jelq for a few minutes? It is interesting. I also found another link to anatomy. I didn’t find it here (I searched by its URL), so maybe it will be of some merit. I’m really considering trying the ice or at least cold water wrap and less force for a longer time.

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Hobby, I must say very nice job with ALL the good info. Up above it also says— “It has been found that the use of ultrasound during stretching is more effective in lengthening” where do I get one of these. The ice part at the end sounds

interesting to say the least, but I will try anything once maybe twice. Great post!!!

So a light 1lb - 2lb all day hang would be as good or better

than going heavy (hanging) and risking more risk less gain according to above.

thx N2

Ultrasound Device’s *Expensive*
For whatever reason it is not taking it to right page just do search
of “ultrasound” and a whole page will come up.. $800 +

Someone here will have to buy and tryout and then when done with it rent it out to other pe folks to re-coup cost.. I will fall in the renter category.N2

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