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Putting Punctuated PE to the test.


Putting Punctuated PE to the test.

Now that I am just 1/16th inch short of 9” I will stop my serious PE efforts until mid November. Will just do some light maintenance. I put on about 3/4” in just 6 weeks or so and then hit a plateau. So now I will give “Spike” the rest he so richly deserves. I am a fast gainer for short periods of time. Lets see if I can make those fast gain times more frequent. Later, MXL

Hey Magnum,

I’ll join you. I started PE last November and have never taken longer than a 10 day break. Hell, I haven’t had more than 4 consecutive days off for many months. It will be tough, but I plan to stop PE (gasp!) for 4 - 6 weeks.

I gained 3/16” in the past two months from hanging. It will be interesting to see how my post-break hanging gains compare.

In October I’m switching from hanging BTC to straight out because I feel like my ligs are getting ahead of my tunica and my gains are getting slower. If at the end of October I dont have significant gains I will also take off a month (November) to see if that will jump start my gains. It makes good sense in a way. Most newbies claim to have good intial gains (me included) and maybe after a month layoff it could be theorized that the penis returns to a (somewhat) newbie state.

If you guys start suffering from withdrawal symptoms, let us know.

Interesting experiment. You should all track your results.

And thanks, MXL, for posting these ideas here. I was impressed when I read the tunica theory at PE F. Good thinking, whether valid or not.



It is worth a try.

I will just do some light PE maintenance and maybe concentrate on stretching my balls during this time. Then come back to it with a vengence. May even consider hanging. Wish a few more guys who have already plateaued would give it a try…some at 2 weeks, some at 4 weeks and some like me at 6 weeks of rest. We may then find an optimal break period. But really, all our poles are different and what is best for one may not be best for another. However, there may be an average optimal rest period. I will supplement with condroitin/glucosamine, vitamin C and zinc during my rest period to promote tunic growth. I will be a bit pissed if I hold out 6 weeks, only to discover that I am still plateaued. But sinci I am plateaued I might PE for the next 6 weeks with little or no gain. Yes! Yes I will do it 6 weeks. Any volunteers? MXL

I might be plateaued, I’m not sure yet, I’ll measure again in 3 weeks time and if there’s no change than I’m planning to try a break.. maybe I’ll take a 2 or 3 weeks break..


I’ll consider it. Other than flaccid, I haven’t had a gain in months. But what are the rules?

No PE at all? Am I allowed to do moderate pumping? Some jelking, yes, no?

(Braker; two weeks - wow! An ultimate sacrifice for science. :-)

Anyway, think this out, MXL, and we’ll talk it up.



tunica stretch

Okay, how do you get this tunica to stretch? I am hanging, jelqing, manual stretching and still don’t seem to be getting anywhere with the tight, cord which I understand is the tunica. Got any further advice to get that part to begin to lengthen? It seems until you get a break (not literally) in the tunica giving there is no length gain. Iowa


I am an easy gainer. I think it has something to do with my age. Turned 56 today. Guessing my connective tissue is relatively weak because of age. If I were you I would take lots of vitamin C (1000 mg per day) and then experiment. Measure your bpfsl and do downward flacid stretch-jelqing for a week….then measure fsl again. See if there is any gain at all. If yes, you know what to do. If no, try 2-handed jelq-squeezes (be careful) for a week, then measure flacid stretched length again. BPFSL shows tunic growth more quickly than BPEL does. Experiment until you find what works for you. Hang in there, buddy. MXL

Happy Birthday!

Well where should I start.

I like your idea of rest and such. Very interesting concept to say the least.

How do you incorporate the ice pack “freezing” or cementing gains into this?

Do you believe that between lets say starting hanging or ads or whatever from a normal routine that rest should be done to utterly shock the unit?


I’m not going to do any PE except for kegels. If I try a light maintenance routine it will surely turn into more than that. I find it easier to completely abstain than only do a little - kind of like trying to eat just one M&M. :)

We don’t know why rest primes for better gains. If it is from tissues weakening, as I suspect, no exercise during the break is probably better than reduced exercise. We need guys to try different rest periods and levels of maintenance. Take your pick. Just be sure to keep track of what you do as well as the results.

I had a 3 month length plateau (manual exercises), then gained 3/16” in two months of hanging. So I’m “manually plateaued,” but could probably still make slow progress hanging. I haven’t decided if I’ll try manual exercises again after the break or immediately resume hanging, though I’m leaning toward hanging.

This is an interesting thread. I have been experimenting lately in an effort to stretch the tunica. One thing that I noticed when I was jelqing is that after about a month, I started to get some good girth expansion - sort of a ballooning. This, in my opinion was the tunica stretching. I decided to try mixing some early morning and late evening jelqing sessions with my hanging throughout the day during Sept. I gained 1/4 inch in September. I plan on continuing this approach as well as doing some late evening pumping. I will be taking about 10 days off later this month to go on a hunting trip, so I’ll see what happens when I resume after that.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Hey avocet

don’t laugh, 2 (or 3!) weeks off PE is a huge sacrifice for me! :) I haven’t stopped for more than 3 days in a row for 8 months now, and even this was only once I think!

but since MXL suggested we’ll have an experiment, some will try 2 weeks, some 3 some 4 etc. I figured I’m willing to give it a try as long as it’s not going to be for too long!!! (and as long as I’m still allowed some moderate pumping) :)

Allright, I'm kinda in

I’ll take 2 weeks off from PE. I think I’m not close to hit plateau yet as I’ve gained 0.15” during last 6 weeks, but due to some minor ED probs I will not re-start my jelquing/squeezing routine until 10/15/-02. I only keep doing light JAI’s when I have to go to bathroom. *GuLp* Lets see if I can hold on to what I just said ;)

now 7.0” / 4.85”
10/15 ??” / ??” (re-start my routine, hope it to be the same I’m now)
10/31 ??” / ??” (my 2 cents for this experiment)

A Man behind his mask.


Today makes 14 non-PE days for me so far. Damn, it has been hard to stop!

My daily routine changed when I committed to this break. Though I’m getting better, I still haven’t completely adjusted. I had been hanging an hour a day or more. Add in warmup, breaks, stretches between hanging sets, ADS, squeezing, etc., and the whole deal consumed hours of my time almost every day. It sure isn’t easy to stop cold turkey.

I’ve been spending even more time on the forums lately than I had before. Yesterday I had some free time and browsed through ALL the threads in the main forum to help rate them. That didn’t bother me. Today I spent a few hours looking into potential causes of discoloration. Tonight I started going through the hanging forum to rate threads. Well, that screwed me up and brought on the PE equivalent of DT’s. I REALLY want to hang right now!

I will not PE for a month.
I will not PE for a month.
I will not PE for a month.

And I thought I was doing so well….

I may have to sign off and try to clear my mind of PE for awhile.

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