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Putting Punctuated PE to the test.


I, for one, really believe in punctuated PE. I started back June of ‘03 and PE’d to about Sept and I gained about an inch in length. Then I plateued and got kind of frustrated (I know, an inch is awesome, I was a newbie at the time) so I took a break for about three months, doing some random girth work along the way but no length at all.

I then started length again in January and have gained about a half an inch since. IMO punctuated PE definately works, at least from my experience. But, and I can’t really speak for everyone, I think that when people stretch they dont go all out. I’ve seen videos of DLD stretch just as a demonstration and his whole arm is literally shaking from how hard he’s pullin. I try to do the same and it’s workin for me; I’m just not sure that everyone else does the same

Just wanted to share my experiences and I hope things work out for you guys too!

Great progress, gainer18. I wish I had rested instead of trying to push through my first long plateau.

Another element

Well, after a long, long break I have started back. And in a very short time picked up about 1/8th inch. Most of my gains have come in short bursts that were preceded by some break in the routine. However the length of break will, no doubt, be individual. Let me add an additional element to my “Punctuated Equilibrium” speculation. Use one or 2 techniques till you plateau. Then, after a couple of months of break, resume PE with an entirely different routine. One that challenges the ligs and tunic in ways different from the previous routine. What say ye, lads? Good pullin, MXL

This sounds like an interesting theory……

So we should PE for about 3 months, take a break for 4-6 weeks, then PE for another 3 months….

Kinda like cycling routines instead of steroids (not that I have…….)

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I agree. Changing the focus when you resume and limiting it to one area allows for longer-term deconditioning. For example, I took a break and have spent the past two months on tunica only, deliberately avoiding my ligs. They have been deconditioning for over 3 months now and should respond well when I work them again.

I just wanted to let you guys know how things are for me on the break.

So far, I haven’t PEd for nearly 6 weeks. The only thing I do is a daily kegel workout. Today I’ve measured to check if I have lost any size. To my suprise, I haven’t lost any, I actually gained a little, being over 7.25” in length now. Girth is 4.72”. I am going to take 3 more weeks off and restart in the middle of April. I’ll concentrate on length first. I want to reach 8” this year, I think that is possible after such a long break if I start hanging, which I plan to do. My final goal is 20cm nbpel, which is about 8.5” bpel for me. Of course I would like to have a lot more girth, but I’ll worry about that later. First things first.

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Originally Posted by avocet8

I was impressed when I read the tunica theory at PE F. Good thinking, whether valid or not.

MXL or anyone else, do you have a link to this page? Wow MXL, I didn’t know you used to be 7-Up. I remember reading about you and V-Stretches way back when I first started.

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Sorry, it seems MagnumXL’s thread was a victim of Big Al’s purge at PE Forums (which I’m still ticked about, BTW). I remember that thread because it was posted a few days after this. Breaks were on my mind at the time.

MagnumXL’s theory was/is that the tunica is made thinner when stretched from PE. A rest period allows it to thicken, making it amenable to being stretched again.

I thought, and mostly still think, that deconditioning is what does the trick - an actual adaptive weakening of the tissues when stress is removed.

Maybe it’s a combination of factors. Could be that the tissues weaken and also regain a higher percentage of “stretchable” components.

From reading these threads, it seems that two months is about what is needed for the rehabilitative/deconditioning phase. Perhaps a month of PE with no gains would ensure cementing. So it would seem that a person should PE until one has at least one month of no gains, then take at least two months off, then resume with a new routine.

But haven’t some members had no gains for several months, only to suddenly have a growth spurt without any change in their routine?

6 week break

I haven’t posted in many months. I’ve been keeping up a steady routine over the past 2 months, 4-5 days a week, doing 2 sets of 10 20 second pulls straight up and 2 sets of 10 20 second a-stretches, followed by 5-10 minutes jelqing, and it hasn’t getten me anywhere. I’m still hovering just over 7.75, and reading this thread and others I’ve decided to stop all PE for 6 weeks then put in 6 weeks with a new routine focusing on manual lig stretching. I’ll psot again after the experiment, but it seems clear from MagnumXL, Wad, Hobby, and other reports that taking a 6 week break should break your plateau…

How about a pic magnum.


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