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Putting Punctuated PE to the test.

Hey hobby,

Dam and I thought I was doing great by getting all the way through the Hanger’s Forum.

If you have went over the entire Main Forum, you DO need to take a break. I really appreciate the hard work involved.

BTW, could not find a way to include the “ratings” in the search results display. I’m not giving up yet. :D

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hobby that was funny,

sounds very cold out there in PEless outer-space..

I wish you luck, hang in there (oops, sorry!) and don’t give up, I’ll measure in 10 days time and if I’m plateaued than I’ll join you out there :)

Well, looks like I will not take that break after all.. measured the other day and it seems I finally broke my long girth plateau. I gained 0.8 cm (0.33 inch) this last month. I’m very happy and hope next month will be just as good.

So for the moment I will go on with what I’m doing to try and squeeze any bit of growth out of it.


I don’t know how you can do it I took off 5 days last week and I had the shakes but that was the longest brake in over a year. Due to my work schedule I will be doing a lot less pe so I’m being forced to test the less is more theory.



How did you hang in those 5 days? did you feel you are loosing something, or gaining? or no difference?

And - how did you feel on your first session after the break? Did it seem to get bigger than usual? I feel that in the first session after days off you can somehow feel if the break was good for you or not.


The first days off are the most difficult. Not that it gets a whole lot easier, but the pangs ease up as time goes on. My 4 weeks are up this Friday. Only 2 long days to go!


Yeah the first couple of days were tuff, and the first jelq/squeeze session after my break my dick got huge. I have not hung for about a week and a half, no time.
I think you will get a good gain after your break, I think you should train for 3-4 weeks and than measure.



Did my break help? Maybe.

My results are posted here. 1/8” in one month, which is great, though I’m not sure yet if it was the rest or the change in my routine.

Others have had good luck taking breaks, see this thread.

I’m in the middle of a month off break from PE due to lack of gains and time restraints. It seems like hobby responded quite decently back in Dec. to the time off. How did it go for some the rest of you that have taken a rest period? Did you lose any gains or did you stay the same (or maybe even gain)? Do you feel that your dick returned to kind of a newbie state where it took less work (or weight in my situation) to start growing again or did it get reaccustomed very quickly? I’m primarily interested in those that hang but any insight is welcome.

Hi kielbasa,

I do not hang. Also I don’t measure on a regular basis. I find that it’s better for my head to measure every few months. But on the way, I do feel how things react, so I’ll try to tell you a little about that:

I took a couple of 11 days breaks a bit after the discussion on this thread, and I feel it had done a lot of good. I didn’t seem to loose anything and I felt my pumps getting bigger when I returned. And, not less important, I found it did me a lot of good on the psychological side. It gave me new belief and new enthusiasm to go back, and helped me look at the whole PE thing from a little more perspective.

Finally, I find change to be one of the most important things in PE, at least as important as consistency.

My BPEL gains (same increases in BPFSL):

September: 1/16”
October: off
November: 1/8”
December: 1/16”
January: 1/16”

I’ll take 6-8 weeks off to see if a longer break will result in even better gains the first month back.

The effect of lengthy breaks seems to be relatively unexplored, or at least undiscussed, territory - one of the remaining PE frontiers. I’d love to hear more experiences.

lengthy breaks

In the world of PE, it seems that just as much is made about when and how often to do PE as the exercises themselves. While I dont yet have any experience in the ‘PE break’ field, I can tell from a quick little piss pull today that I may have something going on here. It’s only been 2 weeks and I haveint felt a pull like that in quite some time. I’m already anticipating haveing to drop way back from the 20lbs I normally hang. I have at least until March 1 until the break is over, and thanks to some already pre-planned events, I’ll probably stretch it out to the 13th or 14th (roughly 6 weeks). Most debates about PE work to rest ratio seem to be 5 days on 2 off, or 3 on 1 off and the such. Maybe we should think about longer term ratios like something in the lines of 3 months on 1 month off or likewise (of course taking a day or so off during the week). Obviously some of us dont need to take extended breaks to gain (DLD comes to mind) but for the rest of us, it might just be the holy grail for PE gains. I’m willing to give it a try.


>I’m willing to give it a try.<

Go ahead and keep us posted.

I think the idea of an irregular routine is also interesting, btw.

Good luck!

noticed someone bumped the break threads...

I have one hell of a busy week comeing up, but on Monday March 9th it all clears up and I’ll go back to hanging. That will be a total of 5 weeks and a few days away from PE, so that should be plenty of time for an extended break. Surprisingly to myself, I really haveint ‘withdrawln’ from PE like I thought and never had the urge to hang in fear of losing any of the slight gains I’ve made. When I stopped back in January I was at 6 15/16” length (took a break because I didnt make 7”) and when the 9th comes around I’ll measure before I start back up and see if my gains were cemented or not. I dont know how much weight I’ll be able to handle but I’m pretty sure it wont be the 20lbs I was doing. I’ll probably start back with the 8lb weight, then switch to the 12, and then go back to 20. One thing is for sure, I’m going all out from then through the end of April (not to point of injury of course) to see how much length I can gain and see if I can validate the extended break period, or at least see if it works for me. I was gaining at generally the rate of 1/16” a month and I’m looking to at least double or even triple that by the end of April. That would be anywhere from about 3/16” to 3/8”. Sounds like a lot but I feel I’m up to the challenge.

starting back up..

The break period is officially over. I measured earlier before hanging and got 6 7/8” which is 1/16” less than last time I measured. I kinda expected I’d lose a little but at least that proves I do have permanent gain, not sure of how much though as I didnt measure BP when I started PE. I can sure tell a difference since the layoff. That 8 lbs weight feels more like 30! I take this as a good sign, it seems that the less weight you have to use to feel stress, the better off you are. Needless to say, it will be awhile before I get back to 20 lbs.


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