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PE without warming up with hot wraps!


PE without warming up with hot wraps!

I never do, and never have done this, it takes way to long, I dread doing PE enough as it is, let alone stand and hold a hot towel on my unit for fifteen minutes…… but I do warm up with light excercises, like light stretchs kegels or jelqs, and shake it around a bit.

Does anyone else in here not use hot wraps and still get good gains??????????????????????/

RB did.

Personally I like the fact that its possible to push more without injury when hot.

Why not buy a heating pad or something and browse here as you prepare for PE.

I don’t use a warm up, but use heat while doing stretches and girth.

I’ve had gains, not great, but gains.

Try PEing in the shower or bath. I’ve done the warmup thing and not done it, and I think it makes a difference with length gains in some people, but mostly it prevents bad bruising and discoloration.


I never have, but I believe they are good to do

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I can’t say whether or not heat wraps promote better gains, but it sure helps my dick stretch easier and longer. There are several ways to warm up that don’t eat into your time so much.

As stated above you can warm up in the shower. I do this in the morning. Before I get out I run the hot water from the spigot over my dick and do stretches. Then when I get out I’m plenty loosened up to do jelqs.

I also do heat wraps and light stretching while watching tv, reading, or using the computer, (I have one on right now). A good wrap for this is the microwavable gel packs you can get in the drug store. It takes a couple minutes to warm up and then its ready to wrap around your meat. They stay warm for quite awhile.

I also wear a heat wrap all night while sleeping. I sleep with a traction wrap and then place the gel pack around that. I think this should promote faster healing while in a stretched form. I usually have good sized erections in the morning after that.

Better gains? nah! a better way to excersice without an injury? yeah! I use to hang first with no warming up, but when i hit the semi-heavy weights, (8 lbs+) i get red dots on the glands and a nice purple tone on the head :confused: , so i started warming up, and voilá! no more red dots! (and it feels good after hanging!) :)


I’ve always done a 5-minute hotwrap before and after my PE sessions. Sometimes I’ll throw one in the middle, depending how I feel. I just see it as part of the whole PE session.

What Memento said… :)

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I incorporate light stretching with hot wraps.

Turn the hot water on- while waiting for the water to get hot enough I stretch
Hot wrap for 1 minute
unwrap, stick towel under the hot water again, stretch again

I repeat this until I’m properly warmed up

Checked out the Heat Theory? It’s effects on collagen tissue seems to indicate incorporating heat can lead to gains…

Benefits of Heat in PE

12/10/03 at 5.90" BPEL x 4.75"

07/15/04 at 7.00" BPEL x 5.00"

Goal...bigger ;)

What made me discouraged in the beginning was sitting on my toilet with a soaked towel dripping over my legs. This actually made me stop PE for months. Also the messy baby oil was dreading.

Now, i’m back in business with a rice sock to stick in the microwave and vaseline that isn’t that messy. Try dry warp ups that you can do by your computer (like i do at the moment =)

Regarding the heating pads: I will be moving into an apartment with 2 other roomates (2 bedroom and I get my own room) and I am looking into a heating pad. I have a heating sock right now that I nuke in the microwave but I beleive there are heating pads that I can just plug into the wall correct? This would be perfect because I could just lock my door and do my stretching in my bedroom in the morning or late night.

What heating pad would you recommened for this purpose?

Thanks a Million

>What heating pad would you recommened for this purpose?

Good luck finding one that gets hot enough. The newer ones I’ve tried were all wimpy.


try infrared heating lamps. They deliver deep-tissue heat, plus are fairly inexpensive. You’ll enjoy an easy and relaxed workout with a constant supply of heat to your groin area witout having to worry about heatpads, warm-ups and so forth. Just don’t put the lamp too close to you.

Hope that helps.

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