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hot wraps

hot wraps

Hello. I have been lurking here for about a month, getting ready to start P.E.

I like my penis, It’s frequently been called a good looking piece of meat. But I’d like to make it larger. Average is alright, but who wouldn’t want a larger penis.

My question is this, what is the most common method used for hot wraps? I could use a wash cloth, but I’m wondering if a heating pad would be more effective?

Does anyone know if there’s a heating pad on the market small enough to use for P.E.? I think it would be much less messy to use a heating pad rather than a bowl of hot water or a soaked wash cloth.


EPL = 5.8 inches
EPG = ??

I use a towel and drench it in hot water, then I just make a turban around my dick :D

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As Krowas does, I soak a flannel is a sink of hot water, wring it out and make turban around my dick.

Can’t see why this is such a messy method but I suppose if you’re not near a sink then a heating pad would do.

Try looking up ‘reusable hand warmer’, they don’t seem expensive and a couple held around your dick (like a sandwich) would probably do the job. Please note that I’ve never tried this method myself and I don’t know just how hot they get (Hot Dog!!! lol.)

Originally posted by Krowax
I use a towel and drench it in hot water, then I just make a turban around my dick :D

That’s Sikh!

whats a hot rice sack?If that what its called.It has something todo with rice.

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