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hot wraps after workout


hot wraps after workout

I noticed that when I’m finishing my workout (just started, only 7-8 minutes of jelqing) my penis looks very big. But then when I do the final wraps, it becomes little.

I’d like someone of you to tell me why the final wraps are important, and why my penis lenght decreases a lot.

thanks guys

It would be dangerous/senseless to finish the workout without doing any wraps (so when the penis rest it will be bigger ?)

Many dont think hot wraps are important before OR after a session. I think they MIGHT help loosen you up before a PE session but can’t really see any benefit to doing them after

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yah i take a hot shower before and thats it

A long time ago Bigger and others discussed the issue. As usual most people ignored it. Anyway, the theory is that it is better to allow tissues to cool down naturally because heat helps things return back to the original state faster. So hot wrapping after PE is more than just unnecessary, but rather, many believe it hinders growth.


Wow! Thanks Man.

Hey Dance, That’s quite a drastic post there man!
I have always hot-wrapped after but now I think that i’ll just leave it alone and just take a shower like I always do.

Originally posted by Gandolf

Many dont think hot wraps are important before OR after a session. I think they MIGHT help loosen you up before a PE session but can’t really see any benefit to doing them after

I would say that they loosen you up before PE’ing (especially stretching).
What do you guys think on the loosening-up issue?

I wonder how much extra I could have gained if I diddn’t hot wrap after PE’ing?

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Ah, I thought I was the only one who experienced this phenomenon…

I just recently stopped doing cool down hot wraps. And ive found that my penis hangs and looks pumped for alot longer when i dont wrap to cool down!

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I have stopped post hot wraps also. Instead, I get an erection and keep it for 10-15 minutes. I like that much better. Ever notice how warm your dick is when it’s erect? I will always do hot wraps before PE, tho. It think that is very important.


Cool down = Anti-discoloration?

I was under the notion that the more hot wrapping you did, the less you’d have to worry about discoloration, not to mention a sore dick.

I dunno I thought I read on several threads in various forums that warm up AND cool down were BOTH necessary to reduce the chances of discoloring your dick. Also I’m pretty sure I read that the cool down helped your battered up dick heal after the intense work out you just gave it to prevent soreness and blood spots and shit like that. However, I usually shower after my routine anyway, but there’s no way I can turn the shower water as hot as the water I use for the wrap otherwise I’d burn my stomach, legs, toes, etc.

I could have sworn someone was once stating that cool downs are MANDATORY to get blood flowing to the areas of the cock that you’ve just expanded/stretched so that the walls start expanding more…

I haven’t had any visual evidence of this since the only gains I’ve made so far are only girth, but 95% of the PE sites I’ve been to all have followed the policy of cool downs being a must..

I have plenty of time when I do my routine so adding that last 5 minutes of cool down doesn’t mean shit to me. But you guys really think its useless and a waste of time?

I never bother to hot wrap after jelqing… I just let it hang. Wrapping it up afterwards will squeeze all the blood out of it, which defeats the purpose, I think… you want that blood to stay engorged for as long as possible afterwards.

Wouldn’t a better “cooldown” be to stroke yourself to an erection, let it subside a bit, then stroke it hard again, let it go away…etc etc….? Keepin’ it pumped up while getting fresh blood in there at the same time? It’s good training for controlling your ejaculatory reflex, too.

It seems that some guys just don’t want to learn from the mistakes of others… what the hell is the point of posting about injuries/negative impacts of PE if nobody gives a damn?

Soaking the unit in a cup of hot water WILL draw fresh blood to the area AND help reduce blood spots and discolouration.


if it’s all the same to you then finish off with the warm down out of an abundance of caution. Dropping the warmdown is news to me and I’ve been around for almost 16 months. I’ve had some pretty bad discolouration from NOT warming up and down.

Don’t risk ruining the appearance of your unit for the sake of a passing fad.

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Hot wraps draw the nutrient rich blood to the penis and no doubt helps with the healing process just as it would for healing a cut or some such.

Or then again maybe the laws of human physiology don’t apply to penis enlargement once again. For example, most PE’ers work out every day and don’t bother trying one day on, one day off in fear that they will waste time (me included).

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In my opinion hot wraps before and after are essential. Hot wraps before a jelqing session definitely reduce the risk of injury for me and if I do a short or bad hot wrap this is the time I cause most unwanted damage.

The post session hot wrap does have an effect of reducing the plumped and fluffy post jelq flaccid but also seems to make it more dense, I’m pretty certain that it helps seal the gains in.

I do around a 10 minute hot wrap (wash cloth) post session and at least 5 minutes before jelqing and massage fairly throughly during the wrap.

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If I remember correctly a fellow named 7 Up who has been into the PE Scene for a long ass time posted either here or at Pe Forum that he cools down with ice to keep it from retracting in place of a post hot wrap. Interesting Theory. Perhaps we should reexamine it.

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This is a very interesting thread but i think we need to hear some more opinions on this issue.I dont think i want to scrap the warm down just yet just incase i regret it 3-6 months down the line.

Firstly i think the warm up is essential, but what do we know about the warm down and why is it that all pay site stress the importants of the cool down?

Heat increases blow flow and recuperation
helps injuries recover
stimulates the damaged parts helping them function better
Reduces or prevents blood spots
Restors nerve damage and sensitivity which is lost during enlargement
Prevents discoloration
heat holds blood in (we have proven this to be sometimes false )

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