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Any of you get insane urges to urinate while performing hot wraps?

Any of you get insane urges to urinate while performing hot wraps?

I am not sure if this is only a predicament I am enduring, but whenever I perform a hot wrap, 30 seconds - 2 minutes into it I get an almost uncontrolable urge to piss. It doesn’t matter if it’s a warm up or cool down hot wrap; the instant that sucker engulfs my peninsula, my bladder seems to magically unravel a trinklet of piss it was hiding for a special moment.

To be serious for a moment though…to combat this inconvenience, I try pissing right before I start my routine..down to the last frigging drop and I even milk the head sometimes to make sure its all clear…yet when I make contact with the hot towel wrap I suddenly have to piss all over again…and this is on an empty stomach with a cleared bladder.

The worst is with the cool down hot wrap. After my timer hits 300 seconds following a cool down, I release the towel and aim straight at the toilet bowl, if I can even hold it for that long: I piss like I just had 4 beers.

This seems like a conundrum for me. At first I thought it was due to the “drips” that followed heating up a towel with water as I wrapped my dick around the towel and some residual water would drip out thus enticing my urethra to make way for some urine; after attempting the (what I personally find disgusting) rice-in-sock method and STILL getting this pissing urge, I find myself falling in a never ending apyss.

Could this have anything to do with the lube I’m using? I use the Vaseline Intensive Care lotion which is supposed to be used as a moisturizer for very dried up skin, but how could this possibly have any affect on my urethra? While that could explain the post-PE routine pissing sensation, it has nothing to do with the inital hot wrap which I apply after taking a piss and not drinking anything for about an hour.

Am I one of the few suffering from this persistant hot wrap reaction? Is there any rationalization behind it? Better yet, will my penis ever get USED to the hot wraps and possibly halt the agonizingl sensations to piss I am getting in the middle of warm ups and cool downs? Any solutions for this whatsoever?

Thanks in advance…

(By the way, I did a search on pissing, piss, urination, urinate, hot wrap and came up with no relevant threads, so if this has been discussed already on an older thread just give me the signal and I’ll bend over and spread my legs in preperation for the ass rape I am going to get with flames like in my other thread.) :horse:

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I never experienced it, Maybe Luvdadus can help.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

So just take a piss!

I have had to piss after hot wraps before myself. Had to piss after running outside in the winter weather to take out the garbage. Lots of things can give a person the urge to urinate, a good scare being one of them. Perhaps it has something to do with the nervous system, I really don’t know. From what you describe, you have it pretty well narrowed down to the hot wraps as a cause and it looks to be something you’ll just have to deal with. I’ve had to piss before during non-PE work-outs, occasionally during foreplay, too! Fuckin’ annoying, ain’t it? Guess it’s better than not pissin’ at all, at least you can figure that your fairly well hydrated and that’s a plus. I wouldn’t cut back on fluids or anything like that, it’s bound to do more harm than good in the long run. Heck, PC exercises will bring on a piss or shit on occasion now that I think about it, just something I was likely going to do soon anyway. I wouldn’t get to bent out of shape on this one if only for the reason that you will not likely find much of a solution. groa

If you are a little tense before hand you could be incompletely emptying your bladder leaving maybe an ounce and a half. As the muscles relax the bladder will want to release whats left in there.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


What I usually do is submerse my entire package in a huge “big’gulp (TM)” (lol) like cup of warm water. I fill it enough so when I enter my dick and balls into the water in displaces enoguh but doesn’t spill over. It feels very good and usually makes me take a piss right there in the cup… harm done.

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Re: Relax

Originally posted by bigblackstick
It feels very good and usually makes me take a piss right there in the cup… harm done.

Hey bbs…you saving any of those cups of urine? Could come in handy for this OTHER routine I have to persue once a week…lol.

Seriously though, the thing I like about the hot towel wrap is that the heat is retained for a good 2 - 3 minutes and I coat it really tight so that the steam rises out of the towel as it surrounds my cock. Problem I have with sticking my dick into a cup of hot water is that the air cools down the water usually in less than 2 minutes…plus when I have my penis sitting in its own personal water tank it shrivels up…which worries me about being contradictive to the whole I just stick with towel wrap.

Sigh I guess this hot wrap reaction is involuntary..

Water must be too hot...

I decided tonight to try using less hot water in my hot wrap, and my piss urge (at least in the initial first warm up hot wrap) was not present after the 5 minutes were up.

Funny thing is that this temperature was still pretty damn hot. Perhaps I was getting the urge to piss before because the temperature of the towel became so hot to my penis that I was actually burning it a little but just enduring the pain…ah who knows.

Too bad we all can’t go buy some thermometers and record the temperature of our wraps and then posts comparisons to see how close we get to hell on our cocks…..

Would be nice…we could determine how similar or dissimilar our dicks are to enduring certain temperatures…or just to see what the average temperature of the wrap most PEers use is.

(Come to think of it..back when I was still in grade school perhaps I could have used this experiment for one of the myriad of science projects I had to do.)

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I get this effect too.

While hanging I mainly use my rice socket while in the rest phrase of a set.

I also get an urge to urinate and it is as if my control of my bladder stops once I started to urinate because after the flow of the piss stops I start to dribble piss from my unit.

It must be the moist heat.

But come too think of it. This never happened to me last year. It has only started in the last 4 months of my hanging with the the bib style of hangers.

Anyway I rather have this pissing effect now then not being able to get my hanging right like last year.



I get insane urges to ejaculate during PE. The other happens in the middle of the night.



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I too have to piss everytime I dip my cock into a warm/hot cup of water. I can only stand it for so long. It’s kinda weird but I am used to it.


You know, GRW is on to something. I remember pulling some shit in college. My room mate was asleep, and we stuck his hand in warm water. He pissed the bed. Not nice, I know.

And if I hear water running, I have to go take a leak. Not so unusual, come to think of it. Lol.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


I’ve done the water submersion in a 1.5 liter water bottle I cut down for a warm-up. As soon as the sting goes from the initial heat, the urge to pee is unstoppable.

I too pee right in the water bottle, but I have to unpress the water bottle and pee into it like its a toilet. Otherwise, the the urine that fills the bottle puts pressure on remaining air in the bottle. The pressure builds up and breaks the seal and water spills.

I am on the IR heating trend right now, but I may switch back to the water bottle technique. It moistens the skin, and after urinating, I am incredibly relaxed for manual stretches. It is actually a very pleasant pissing. I know you are scratching your head, but think of it like this, after drinking 5 beers without pissing, and holding it way too long, how do you feel after pissing. That’s the pleasant feeling.

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