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Benefits of Heat in PE

Benefits of Heat in PE

I’ve being doing a ‘deconstruction of PE methods’ in order to work out why my progress had stalled. I’d only ever managed a stretched .25” gain over the past couple of years on and off, so knew I was doing something wrong.

One of the things I noticed (and had always disregarded) was the warm up. The reason I did this is because although I did see people mention it sometimes, it didn’t seem to be the ‘meat’ of the program. I decided to learn the anatomy and make up of the penis. It seems that the Tunica is primarily type I dense collagenous fibers. I read up on PGE’s and found that they are pivotal in pregnancy to soften tissue in preparation for giving birth. This sent me on a mission to discover how to soften Type I fibrous tissue, hence my MSM/Bromelain proposals that I mentioned to some of you via PM.

I found one very interesting fact that I believe we can all benefit from, and rather than waiting for my experiments to point the way, I thought I would share this little nugget of information with everyone, so that we might find the most effective way to take advantage of it. Here it is:

“Infrared heat increases the extensibility of collagen tissues. Tissues heated to 45C (112F) and then stretched exhibit a nonelastic residual elongation of about 0.5 to 0.9 percent that persists after the stretch is removed. This does not occur in these same tissues when stretched at normal tissue temperature. Thus 20 stretching sessions can produce a 10 – 18% increase in length in tissues heated and stretched.”

When I read that I thought I’d hit jackpot. I instantly ordered a heat pad, and started using a rice sock while I waited.

Now get this: In the next 5 days I added another 0.25” to erect length! I was stoked! Then progress halted, so I quit for a few days to allow some recovery, so I’ll start again tomorrow to see if that helps.

I’d love to hear your views on this.


I have been experimenting with very hot shower heat. I have a hand held sprayer that I position to spray on my dick area. I then slowly, in increments, turn the cold water down leaving as much hot as I can stand. I then do my stretches and jelqs. I can’t comment on progress yet, just did it last night.

Heat is heat, right? I don’t know how hot the hot water was but for a minute I had a craving for mustard. :firejumpe

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious; It is the source of all true art and science. " Albert Einstein

I don’t think it is important what the heat source is. In the quote that I pasted they were selling Ultrasound machines, which is why they mentioned that method. I think 112F is pretty hot, but not too hot to bear I would have thought. I need to get a thermometer to get a better idea.

I believe hot tubs would be a great time to do stretches. *Remembers his friend has a hot tub… and he’s at his friends house*


'I won't be the one left behind, you can't be king of the world if you're slave to the grind.'

A hot tub would be better than a shower! Just control yourself in your friends hot tub, mm’k? :-, :D

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious; It is the source of all true art and science. " Albert Einstein

Mwuahaha! Too bad I can’t do my girth routine in there.. ;)


'I won't be the one left behind, you can't be king of the world if you're slave to the grind.'

This might sound stupid as I’ve never used a pump, but could a pump be filled with a gel rather than air? (to provide a heat mediator when a pad was wrapped around the pump).

Hot tub is great for stretches, you can get very good length because of the warm water. I stop when my penis reaches an erection. And boy is it long and hard.

how about girth? does the heat have any effect for the girth routines?

This may sound newbish, but what are some good ways for warm ups? I have never done them before and maybe this is the reason that my length hasn’t increased much? What is th best way to do it? I dont have a hot tub and right after a shower isnt always the best time for me. Is the rice sock thing a good idea? How do I set up one of these things?


I think slapping, shaking, minor tugs can also be considered warm-ups. Correct me if I’m wrong…

I fill a jug with warm water and lower my penis into it for 5 minutes. I leave my testicles out for fear of killing sperm.

that’s a very interesting stuff. My question is where did you come across that infrared stretching can produce plastic deformation & that tunica is type I collagen fiber? If it was in the ad for that infrared device then I’d swallow it with a pinch of salt…. but if it’s a legit source then you have hit the jackpot I guess!

My thought is that infrared heating is better than hot water, coz heat from hot water will have to penetrate through the outer penile layers (low thermal conductivity). Whereas with infrared, the penetration of heat into the inner penis is better.

Hard to believe that you gained the same in 5 days the amount you gained in an year (not that I doubt)! Keep us updated

Thunder!! Makes me wonder if you run a spell checker on every post :)

I will be careful about getting a ticket next time cop!

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