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Use hair dryer for hot wraps?

Use hair dryer for hot wraps?

I have been on a sick-leave the doctor said 2 weeks and I don’t bother 1 would have been enough, well I have had a lot of time on my hands what actually made me lazy.

Well my laziness made this thought possible, I used a hair dryer for hot wraps.

Well is there anything that makes this not as useful than a normal hot wrap?
With a hair dryer I don’t need to worry about the water getting cold or anything and you can apply it during a short brake on exercise.

I can only think 1- side at this point, and its the noise.

But hell, you know better is this OK?

Looking to be a kiwi.

With a hair drier you can’t heat up more than one side at a time. And if you set it to high it may get uncomfortably hot on your skin before it warms the internal structures.


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What sean said.

If you want to go electric, buy an electric heating pad at Target for 15 bucks. They work great.

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