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Manual stretching questions

Manual stretching questions

I just got to college and decided to drop my the girth routine and start some manual stretching. I have all the tools necessary to hang but decided it isn’t worth the time and effort attempting to get privacy considering I want to have a social life. So manual stretching seems to be the obvious choice as I can do it many times throughout the day and end up with a considerable amount of stretch time per day.

I’ve read up on quite a few threads on stretching but just had a few questions. V-stretches seem to be the way to go. I get quite a stretch when I do v-stretches. I usually move up and down on the shaft with my thumb on top and stretch upward. I’m wondering is really necessary to hit different angles? When I change up angles it doesn’t seem like I’m really hitting anything different.

And to all the gainers(big and small), did you focus on just one muscle, i.e. tunica and ligs at one time? I’m wondering whether it would be beneficial to do inverted v-stretches as well or if I should just focus on one direction at a time. And after reading up on the hanging forum, it seems 95% of gains are made by stretching the ligs. Is the same true for manual stretching?

And another question for the guys who have made gains, did you take a rest day? And about how much time per day do you think would be most beneficial?

I’m not going to be one of those dudes that flips out when his questions don’t get answered, but if I could have two of them answered, I’d like some opinions on the optimum amount of stretching time per day and whether or not a rest day is recommended.

I don’t stretch much, but I believe stretching as many angles as you can is beneficial. Try a good v-stretch and squat down while you’re doing it. You’ll notice a real difference.

Some guys get gains by stretching every day, others take a day off. Whatever works for you I would guess.

Also, do jelqs to restore blood circulation atleast. Good luck with that.

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I’m going to give my pat answer. It depends.

Now let me clarify that. What works for one person here might not work for another. PE is so individualized it isn’t even funny.
Stretches, individual anyway, should be held for 30 to 90 seconds, and performed 5 to 10 times. Now, if you are doing 10-90second stretches (which by the way I don’t recommend for a newbie) that equates to 15 minutes a day stretching. Doesn’t sound like much does it, but until your penis becomes accustomed to what you are doing, 15 minutes is probably pushing it. I would recommend that you begin with between 5 and 10 minutes total (as in 10 minutes per 24 hours), and then increase the time as you feel comfortable with. The first commandment of PE is : Thou shalt not hurt Willy.

Now as far as rest days are concerned, if you are really sore, yes take a rest day. If you aren’t sore then go for it. Remember the first commandment of PE. Pain and PE do not mix, don’t try.

I hope that helps.

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I’m going to assume that you have already done the necessary “conditioning” exercises recommended to those just starting PE. I see your join date is a year ago.

It’s difficult to answer your questions because each of us has had a different experience. That is what Sunshine was telling you.

I don’t believe there should be any soreness—at least nothing that lasts more than a day or so. If you feel any sharp pain at all, STOP!! You’re doing it wrong or overdoing it.

I jelqued an hour or more a day for two months, then added the stretches month three, but did not reduce the jelqing. I just increased the duration of my routine—one to two hours a day. But there are gainers who spend ten or fifteen minutes a day, no more.

It’s hard to tell where I made my gains, ligs or tunica. I believe both. Did the stretches do the trick? I’m not sure. I know my dick had been conditioned properly for them. Is yours?

The stretches you’re doing sound fine to me. I would hit it at all angles, especially pulling it down. You can usually feel it when you’re hitting the ligs at the right angle. I got the best results from a jelq/stretch. In fact, it still seems to work for me. I like the A stretch, using the opposite wrist as a fulcrum. You can, of course, use a broom stick, dowel, or whatever as the fulcrum

You have to decide what works best for you as far as rest days and PE days. I rarely took a day off during the first three months. But I’m probably the exception. If you’re tired or bored, take a day off.

You have to play it by ear, listen to your body, i.e., your dick. It will tell you if you’re overdoing it—usually.

I’ve suffered an injury recently doing a crazy ass Lazy Ass Stretch (fowfer). Keep your grip away from your glans and the area below it. If you’re cut, this would include the circumcision scar. This is real important when you’re stretching.

BTW, you can do an A stretch, if your dick is long enough, and a V and inverted V, pretty much any place people can’t see you doing it. For example, when you use the john, in bed, etc. etc. If you have a roommate, he may think you’re masturbating. So what?

Hope this is helpful. Good luck at school.


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Thanks for the replies. Horse you hit the nail on the head why I am doing stretches as my main form of PE now. I can do some in the shower, in the john, and in my room whenever my roommate isn’t there. I would much rather be hanging but I just don’t feel like investing the time trying to find adequate privacy.

Hi guys, I’m new to this forum.

What is a V Stretch??

Search for v-stretch and find the v-stretch tutorial that thunder posted. I’d post the link but I’m not sure it’s allowed in this forum.

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