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stretching questions

stretching questions

First, thanks for the recommendations on a stretching routine.

My first questions is if stretching at times other than during my regular workout is OK, as was noted in DLD earlier post of his routine.

The next question is if doing these stretches w/out a warmup will also be OK?

Thank you.


Many guys do piss pulls. Basically stretching the dick whenever they use the toilet (best done in a cubicle at work :) ). It would be hard to do a hot wrap in that kind of situation.

Just start off easy, as DarkTrick mentioned in your previous thread. The penis needs conditioning to accept the strange forces of PE without injury.

Personally I don’t stretch without warmups.

Try reading through the newbie forum, there are a lot of great threads on stretching.

well how about

How about a almost hot cup up cofee from a convience store in your lap.. Well technically between the legs. Tons of people do it when they’re driving. Think of it as a stealth warm up. Make sure it is not TOO HOT.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

RE: stretching questions

Thanks, again for the replies.

I was also kind of leery of doing stretches w/out a warmup.

As for the hot coffee, I remembered the old lady in Texas with a cup of coffee between her legs that she had bought from a McDonald’s drivethru. But, she removed the cover while driving. She did win a fairly good size award, though.


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