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Question on manual stretching and an apology

Question on manual stretching and an apology

Let me start with the apology. I was a member of PE forums under the same name for a while, but now i can’t post. This is probably becasuse i registered 2 user names. I wanted to change the e-mail address of my first user name but couldn’t access my profile, so i made another user under my new e-mail. I didn’t realise this was against the rules, so an apology goes out to the moderators at PE forums.

As for the stretching - does anyone do manual stretching, while grasping the foreskin instead of behind the glans and would it still be effective?

You don’t have to retract the foreskin, but you need to grasp behind the glans. Unfortunately, I don’t have experience personally doing PE with a foreskin, so I can’t say how well this would work.



I think stretching by grasping the forsekin won’t get you anywhere, besides doing just that — stretching your foreskin.
Imagine what happens inside your penis when you do it. It is not the ligaments or the tunica getting stretched, but just the excessive skin around the penis. Pulling the foreskin lifts the skin around the pubic bone, but it does not go into the ligaments.

If you are still in doubt, surf the web for foreskin restauration advice. There are people who are cut and want to regain the uncut look and feel of their penises. What they do is stretching the foreskin, and I haven’t heard of any length gains made by doing so.

Regards, VRMan

VR Man, i am uncut (sorry if that wasn’t clear). Its just that i can feel a moderate lig stretch when pulling on the foreskin. I was just wondering if stretching the skin could have any negative effects, like maybe on veins.

Sorry if my post was confusing. I’m aware that you are uncut. Forget about the foreskin restauration part, it was just a bad example. I don’t think stretching the foreskin will do anything for penile length because the foreskin is (obviously) not the limiting factor of penis length.

It may stretch your ligs a bit, but there are many waaaay more effective ways to attain this.

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