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In support of manual stretching.

In support of manual stretching.

Stretching has been good to me and many others. So many of us have made gains just by creating a comfortable routine and sticking with it for many months. I enjoy showering and stretching nearly every day. My routine consists mostly of ‘crouching-behind the leg’ stretches, ‘standing-behind the leg’ stretches and light jelquing. All very stealth.

After about one year I have gained just over one inch erect length. Girth came too, but I never measured starting specs.

Wifey has noticed the size increase. It’s rather substantial actually.

Last night I masturbated and noticed my dick is much bigger than what I remember a year ago! I clearly remember seeing a stubbier looking unit that looked rather cute. Now I see a longer, thicker more monstrous (hahah) looking beast protruding from my body. It looks possessed by the devil! It’s straight, strong and very purposeful.

Adopting PE into my lifestyle is as natural as any other exercise. In the martial arts we routinely run thru forms, punches and kicking drills to improve performance, speed and stamina. At home or in the gym we lift weights to improve the look and size of our muscles. I strongly believe PE is simply another exercise to help men live up to their potential.

As with any exercise, precautions are necessary to avoid injury. Overdoing it will cause injury. I have a small, nearly invisible patch of skin on the side of my shaft which I consider an injury. It doesn’t hurt, but I can see it if I look for it. A painful thrombosed vein near the top of the shaft completely went away after several days of massage and rest.. so far never to return and with no visible marks.

The point is, as much as I enjoy PE and enthusiastically recommend it for anyone regardless of size (but especially for those who would like increased size) caution is necessary! I have been researching hanging and jelquing devices but so far have decided against them in favor of a dedicated manual stretching routine.

For beginners especially, to reap the wonderful benefits of PE please begin slowly with a manual stretching routine. Even this can cause injury! But it’s far less likely to cause harmful permanent discomfort.

Keep it slow and simple. Keep it safe. Enjoy your gains as they slowly accumulate and before you know it you will have a substantially bigger dick.

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Very good advice Godzilla.


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Here, here. Very well put.


Excellent post.

Manual stretching was very, very good to me too, for about 3 months. Since then, nothing but a sronger grip.

Keep stretching and growin.

I'm hung like Einstein and smart as a horse.

Well put Godzilla. I followed, and follow, pretty much the same routine as you have. No devices, just the good old hands. And the gains have been amazing, with no injuries. But I started out slow and methodically and built up slowly over three months. That way the gains came without injuries. I like what you said about how it looks and feels now. My erections, (I couldn’t get and (or) maintain an erection when I started PE), are approaching 10 o’clock, and they’re rock hard. I haven’t experienced such woodies since I was a teenager two generations ago. It does look like a kind of monster looming out there looking for meat. I love it. It’s a great feeling to know you can reach my age and find sex even more enjoyable.


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Just a bump.

Manual stretching has treated me very well too. It’s a great place to start, especially for those of us who have time or privacy issues, and who feel uncomfortable with the idea of wearing a stretcher all day long.

Manual stretching may be more art than science. Still, it suits a lot of people, including nervous types like myself who feel the ’ hands-on ’ approach gives them more control.

Off topic: One day I’d like to see some bright spark here at Thunder’s collect data on the kinds of gains made by manual stretchers and jelqers. I expect the graph would have more zigzags and less smooth curves than a graph for hangers would show…but who knows.

Anyway, I just wanted to throw in my humble newbie vote for manual stretching.


"I just said it was big, honey. I never said it was pretty. "

- Me, a year from now.

Way to go Godzilla!

Great post and very true.

I think too many guys are dismissing manual stretching in favour of other methods and probably just cheating themselves out of some great gains.

I would like to add in my two cents to this post while I pause on my stretches. I started PE aproximately 3 weeks ago when I found this forum (which by the way I love!). I do my own modified version of a newb routine which consists of:

Hot Wrap
45 Minutes assorted stretching manual while watching TV (BTC = My favorite)
1 hour jelqing
2 on 1 off
Hot Shower

My gains have been nothing short of fantastic. I have gained .25 inches in my 3 week run. I am aware these are newb gains but I will stay on this routine as long as it works. Power to the manual technique.

PS Godzilla I love your post. I have more time and more privacy but I would be happy gaining what you did so I could top out over 7 inches of course I would prefer 8 though.


First of all, big congrats on your incredible gains!

You said you have been doing PE for only 3 weeks! And your whole routine runs at 1 hour 45 minutes +?

I guess if it is working for you and your dick is not showing any negative PI’s, than I guess in my book it is ok, and I would imagine your lengthy dedicated routine is the big reason behind your big gains, so by all means use what works for you bro.
Just be careful.

What made you go ape shit on the routine by the way?
Your believes/ intuition behind making such a lengthy & harsh routine?

What is your starting and current stats?


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I will admit that I am too self concious to get into hanging and such at this point. I will frequently get “caught” by my wife (she has made it pretty clear she wouldn’t mind bigger, and I’m not doing badly as the starting stats suggest…although rather than get upset it’s no different than her also wanting me to have bigger arms. Both achievable through discipline and work), and it’s a bit more ‘attractive’ if I am holding onto some engorged man-rod of thigh splaying rather than looking like a walking Rube Goldberg sex contraption.

Additionally, look at time frames achieved with equipment, even clamps. How many here can Uli for ten minutes? I believe eqiupment allows us to look past constraints in muscular endurance (particularly in the hands).


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Originally Posted by UberGoober
Additionally, look at time frames achieved with equipment, even clamps. How many here can Uli for ten minutes? I believe eqiupment allows us to look past constraints in muscular endurance (particularly in the hands).

Technically I could achieve it, I have really strong hands but why should I? 10 repetitions of 15 seconds each worked great so why go for 10 minutes?

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