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Hernia and PE

Hernia and PE

I recently discovered at a physical with my doctor that I have a hernia, and I need surgery to keep my job..

I know that the recovery time for this surgery is about 4-6 weeks, and I definitely do not want to slack off with PE since I am doing extremely well the past few weeks.

I was thinking since the surgery is on my pubic area, I can still jelq and do dorsal stretching, just no pubic stretching or hanging.

Has anyone had an operation or anything of this sort give some thoughts?

I had a hernia operation about 7 years ago, and granted it was long before I started PE, here’s my 2 cents:

Don’t do anything for about 2 weeks, until the incision heals up. After that, I would think that light PE would be fine to recondition yourself…but take it slow.

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Where was your hernia at?

Makemelarge, I too had a hernia operation a few years ago and it is something you have to be careful about - they make the incision on your pubic area, and what anaconda said is right - I wouldn’t do anything for at least two weeks so the cut can heal. And also, since they basically cut through your stomach muscle you should avoid doing stuff that requires strength - and that means no hard streching.

Get well soon.


I had a right inigual (sp) hernia 20 years ago. It was repaired with a slice and dice operation where they cut the stomach wall. If you have this type of surgery you should wait 30 days before stretching.

7 years ago I had a second right inigual hernia and had it repaired with laparascopic surgery and used a mylar patch. That was great and took only 1 week to heal. Definitely ask for that method. It’s under general anesthesia and they go in through the belly button. So much better than the older version! I could have stretched after 1 week.

Either way you could do girth squeezes or clamps after a couple days, but I would be very careful about the stretches. You don’t want to pop your stitches. Oh yea, and ask the doctor, while he is down there to snip a few ligaments also. Just kidding. Good luck.

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I’ve had 2 inguinal hernias repaired and study Anatomy & Physiology/ Human Health & Diseases at the university. I would not recommend PE during your recovery. Ask your Doctor about “sexual activities” and get his advice first. Otherwise, I agree with the others that say at least 2 weeks- but probably a longer. You don’t want to rupture yourself again there are a lot of potentially serious risks involved. Better safe than sorry on this; trust me!

Good luck & get well soon bro

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