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Hernia repair and PE

Hernia repair and PE

I am schedule for bilateral inguinal hernia and will have a recovery time of about four to five weeks. If there are any doctors in the site, would it be safe to not to do PE until I completely heal like, in about six months. It would not be like sex, I remember about two months after my last repair until I had sexual relations again. I should ask my doctor yet I really don’t want to discuss my PE activities with him. He would probably say my size is fine. Any comments or ideas. PE buddies.

I’m not a physician, but I would imagine you could jelq and do manual stretches as long as you didn’t do any reverse Kegels or bear down while doing them. Also don’t do anything that would tug on the spermatic cords such as ball stretching or vacuum pumping that included the scrotum. Others may have different opinions.

Thanks, wrestla90069 for your reply. I thought the same thing as what you said. I will take a rest for this will be the fourth time for my left side and first for my right. Hell don’t want to have to go through this again.

That picture of yours is a great take off of the Spears/ Madonna kiss.

Well now that that’s settled, I’ll hop on the hernia question bandwagon.

I get a pain in my stomach every few months are so. It goes, it feels like, from my navel to my anus, sometimes it hurts in my scrotum area too.

Often it’s so bad that I can’t urinate easily, I have to stop because the pain is too much. I have never seen a doctor about it, as it is never persistent. In fact, I have it right now. It’s annoying because it’s preventing me from going to the gym this afternoon, hopefully I will be able to go tomorrow.

Could this be a hernia?

Sorry for the delay to your question. I would suggest that you go to a doctor and have him check it out. A hiatal hernia occur where the esophagus enters the abdomen through an opening in the diaphragm { the sheet of muscles that separates the chest from the abdomen ) called the hiatus. An upper portion of the stomach moves into the chest cavity through a weakness in the diaphragm. These hernias occur when pressure in the abdominal cavity increases as a result of physical exertion,coughing or vomiting.

Other types of hernia include femoral hernia, in which intestine passes into th thigh area and inguinal hernia, in which the intestine passes into the scrotum.

Good luck with the results from your doctor’s visit.

I think you could start cautiously at about 2 months.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I had hernia surgery last summer and I can tell your right now, the last thing you are going to want to do is PE for quite a while. Any kind of light stretching or jelqing caused me some severe pain where the hernia had been fixed. My suggestion is to not rush back into it.

Thanks, batcave. I intend to take a vacation form PE until I am heal.

Hi PE Pals. Every thing went well with the hernia surgery. Was not black and blue around insertions and the penis and balls until two days after. Cold compasses has helped. It must be from having both done at the same times.Those boys of mine look like they went through a war. I will see what my doctor says Wednesday. But it just complete rest for me to heal properly.

haha “Those boys of mine look like they went through a war.”

I’ve had a periodic (dull) painful inch lateral lump to the right of my pubic area. I believe it is a inguinal hernia and will get it checked soon. I was wondering on extra details of your surgery and the process to determine that you needed one. Like how long did you have hernia? Was it painful? Why did the doctor determine to perform surgery? Any other treatments?

Wow I just realized this was in 2004… hmm wonder if Poppa1940 is still active or if anyone else can answer these relative questions.

I had severe back pain and when to my doctor and was told in was from a Double Hernia. Schedule the operation in my case double on both my sides. After there was general pain due to the Hernia repair procedure. It really took me about six months to completely heal and return to sex and PE. The sex was better after the operation. In fact awesome. We all heal at difference rates so Good luck and if your doctor wants to do the hernia repair, Go for it. Trust and have faith in your doctor’s advice.

Originally Posted by Poppa1940
He would probably say my size is fine.

Then you blush and say “ohh stop that”. I am not a doctor but I think a hernia is no joke and you should take it light if anything at all. The body comes before the penis. But maybe jelqing could help you maintain your current gains during your recovery.

Whats up Ymerej Esouhtaerg!

Hey guys,

I had a hernia op 2 years ago (inguinal on the right side), and as I occasionally jelq / kegel I thought I’d offer my advice, which is to LEAVE IT ALONE!

As someone who either has sex or masturbates at least once a day, I found it hard to get to sleep, and a few days post-op, was masturbating (gently) despite the pain it caused as it moved all the tissues about around the repair. If I ever need to go back for a re-fix, I’ll ask if the doc can give me something to suppress the horniness, and I guess I’ll train myself to leave my cock alone :-)

Once through the initial painkillers, I had a continual dull burning pain in my right ball and up the right side of my shaft. The doc told me this was because a nerve has been snagged, that it should calm down and there was nothing that could be done. Sure enough it eased off although it still returns. Could have been caused during op, but I can’t help thinking this could have been from me tugging away on the area and rubbing the patch against nerves whilst it was settling into place. I’m not too uncomfortable although sex can really hurt. I can’t help thinking I’m paying for my impatience with discomfort for the rest of my life. The payback of a month off could have been a lot!

Just wanted to make sure any other horny hernia sufferers take the warning - let it heal properly before doing anything - wanking, PE, sex.

Hey Poppa, I have an inguinal hernia at the moment and will be having it fixed soon. Can you please tell me how it all went, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks For All Your Help

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