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PE with hernia

PE with hernia

I am a newb, and I want to start PE, but I am worried because I have a slight hernia that sticks out into my left testicle. It is painless, but from what I read, PE stretches the ligaments of the penis, and I guess I am worried that it might make the hernia worse. Should I start PE after I get my hernia surgery done?

To be safe start after the surgery.

You came to the right place to ask this question! I had double hernia surgery a little over a year ago. Doing PE now isn’t going to make a difference. However after the surgery is where it gets a little tricky.

I was jelqing and doing bends a few months after surgery. I tried hanging about eight months after and this caused pain. Now I’m a little over a year and I still wont do any hanging. I’m doing manual stretching and it causes no pain.

The problem I have is I didnt hang before I got my hernia, so I don’t know if the pain I’m feeling is suppose to be or if I’m aggravating my hernia. Being that I dont want to go through another hernia surgery I play it safe. I don’t know where you are with PE are you a complete newbie? If you are you don’t want to be hanging anyway.

Hanging is the only question, bends, jelqing, clamping none of these things bother my hernias.

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Take a look at this thread: Hernias and PE

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Let me clarify, your hernia is getting worse whether you do PE or not. Doing PE isn’t helping it in no way, but you should be fine doing everything but hanging. I wouldn’t do any hanging if I were you.

The hernia will keep increasing in size, until you have the surgery. PE, lifting heavy things, gravity will all be contributing to this.

By the way, the surgery is a breeze. You go in they dope you up, you don’t care about anything, you blink, 5 hours has passed, before you know it they are sending you home.

*This is very important, this is the only place I had a problem so listen carefully. They tell you not to eat 24 or 12 hours before surgery. Of course don’t eat, but also be sure to drink water. Stay hydrated, if you go in dehydrated they will have trouble finding your veins. And they will dig and dig it took them like 20 minutes to find a vein because I went in dehydrated. So drink water.

* Another important tip, if you can get through the surgery without a decathater that would be wonderful. This was the worse part for me. It hurt like a motherfucker taking a piss after that thing was rammed up my urethra! You don’t want a decathater. It hurt to piss for a week.

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

I have a Hernia that pushes into my right testicle and it has been there for about 6 months. Actually it has started showing up less and less. I have hanged with no problem (although I don’t right now). Just take it easy and you should be fine. I’m waiting for my new insurance to kick in before I get my surgery. I have been told that you are down for nearly a week and are really sore for almost three. Boy, I can’t wait…

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I was in bed, eating pain pills for a week.

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