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A Female Urologist’s View of Post PE Girth


A Female Urologist’s View of Post PE Girth

A Female Urologist’s View of Post PE Girth

All of my doctors are woman, always have been. My dentist is a woman, my GP my internist, and my urologist. Not to mention my literary agent, my attorney, my girlfriend and my mom, all women. Let’s face it, guys, women just try harder, they have to. But of all women professionals I especially love and respect female doctors. I know this will sound sexist, but I honestly feel they are smarted, more dedicated. Maybe it’s because of all the stereotypical bullshit they have to put up with from men that makes them go that extra mile, or maybe it is just some natural nursing gene women are born with. But I love their gentleness and there bedside manor, especially when they have to deal with men like me. Also, if I’m going to have my genitals handled and a finger poked up my butt, I’d rather be handled and poked by women than a man. (Not that there is anything wrong with being handled and poked by a man.) Some of the guys have asked me in various threads about my doctors because I mention them a lot. Wad asked me in the clamping thread about my urologist:

CLAMPING Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

{Wadzilla wrote: “I’d be curious to hear her comments, especially since she must’ve noticed the significant size increases - so she just can’t mouth the usual bs about PE not working.”

Rather than throw that thread or any of the other threads off topic I’ll put it all down and if there are any comments or questions we can keep them all here.

My urologist is terrific. I’d marry this woman in a heartbeat. She’s an MD about 40ish late thirties possibly. Drop dead gorgeous, extremely intelligent, and old enough to have experience and young enough to be open to new ideas, thus the perfect doctor. I’ve been trying to get her to join the forum. She would be a great asset here, I can assure you. She says she has lurked, but just doesn’t have time for an active membership right now. Anyway, you’re right. (Wad) She has been a living witness to my girth progress over the years. Even though she is not anti-PE as some, perhaps most doctors, I HAVE received my share of butt chewings from her about my somewhat aggressive approach to the Craft. She argues the effectiveness of some of my methods but she can’t argue the girth gains or the over all health of my new penis.

I started seeing her back when I was real heavy. (333 pounds) I remember the first time she examined me. It was cold in the exam room and I was all turtled up hiding under the little blue paper gown. I stood (this enormous whale) in front of her as she sat on the stool doing the hernia exam. For the turn your head and cough bit, she had no problem pushing my balls up into my body that is where they wanted to be anyway, in fact everything wanted to stay inside my body that morning, but my scrotum was so tight she couldn’t get a hold of my balls to check the epiditimitus (incorrect spelling) that I at that time thought might be the cause of my ED. She finally had me lie on the table and put a warm wet cloth over my scrotum to loosen the skin enough to examine the spermacells (again incorrect spelling) on my testicles. She also had to literally pull my retracted penis from the fat-pad with her fingers to examine it as well. That was five or six years ago. I have seen her on a pretty regular basis since then. She has seen me slowly lose over 130 pounds and keep it off for a few years. I put about 60 back on right after they took ephedra off the shelves, but have recently taken that weight back off plus with running and swimming. She has also seen me gain nearly two inches girth in the last couple of years.

The last time I saw her was a couple of week ago. It was on a Monday morning following one of my weekend Clampathons, so I was hanging exceptionally well this time and sporting a pretty good faux-girth. I’d say about 6-3/4” maybe a little more at the base and near the head. I had a kind of hour-glass thing going on, but fat, my whole shaft was fat and hanging heavy, balls too. The scrotum was loose and baggy. As always I stood in front of her in my underwear. (Briefs only now, I never wear the little paper gown anymore) She sat on the little stool and rolled it over to where she is eye level with my boys. She pulled my underwear down to my thighs and everything just kind of fell out, my dick is exceptionally heavy after the Clampathon weekends. Unlike my visits years ago, now I could see the woman over my belly and the exhibitionist in me watched her eyes carefully as she caught the first glimpse of my post PE package. She has a pretty good poker face, but still I saw just a slight trace of something, I’m not sure how to describe her expression. It wasn’t surprise or shock exactly, more like concern and maybe a little professional curiosity, not sexual really, but still arousing, at least to me. She says to me without looking up from my dick, “Have you been pumping?” I said, “No, Mam. Which was true. I HAD been clamping almost non stop for the last two days, but that is not what she asked me. I had NOT been pumping. She continued to examine my testicles fingering them inquisitively around the varicose vein and spemacells, which are still there but not a problem. I usually get an erection when she does this, but this time I didn’t. My overworked dick was firm and heavy, but not hard. However after the ball examine she started examining my penis. The slight swelling around the ventral side of the glands caught her eye and the meatus was swollen shut in the middle. (I always pee in a double stream now.) She was holding the tip of my dick up, and I could see this myself. While she had my glands in her fingers I firmed up pretty quick. The professional expression on her face never changed as my dick got hard in her gloved hands but she kept looking at my plump post PE girth kind of squeezing it between her thumb and fingers rolling the glands around and squeezing the meatus open a little, looking inside the hole. Then she said, “You look a little swollen.” I started to say, “Babe I always get swollen when a woman does this to me, but I said instead, “Maybe a little. I had a pretty intense workout this weekend. She asked, “Are you still having any ED symptoms?” I said, “Nope. None whatsoever.”

Then she did something I’ve never seen her do in the five or six years I’ve known her. As she slipped my briefs back up and let them go with a snap of the waistband. She looked up, made eye contact with me, smiled and said, “Well, you’ve come a long way.” Now maybe she was talking about my excellent (normal) blood pressure or the 130 some odd pounds I’d lost since I first came to her. Perhaps she was talking my overcoming all my ED issues. Or maybe it was my girth, all I know is that smile is burned into my memory forever. It only lasted an instant, and her face still had that professional countenance about it, yet there was just a slight trace of something else there. Maybe this is just my imagination, but as I looked down into her face over the bulge in my briefs I swear there was a hint of something else in that smile. Just for that one split second she wasn’t just a woman doctor, but a WOMAN. At least in MY mind her smile said, “Well, maybe there was something to this PE stuff after all. But whatever body language was expressed there that morning, it lasted only for the blinking of an eye. Then she rolled her little stool back over to the desk to make some notes in my file.

She said, “Are you still using the Viagra?” I said not really, but I’d like to renew the prescription if you don’t mind.” She renewed the script, but for only 20 pills and no refills. In the past she always gave me a script for 20 per month with the PRN refill circled. My insurance covers this with just a $20.00 co-pay. I like having them just for girth-work and special sexual encounters with multiple partners; however I didn’t think I should tell her this. When I took the script from her she held onto it till I looked up. She said, “Only as needed.” I said, “Yes Mam.

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No Nukes

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Hehe :D

May I ask what PE exercises she thinks are safe?


The snap of the waistband was classic. Almost like a little spank. Or, maybe just a relieved punctuation to an examination she managed to get through without saying, “OH MY GOD!!!”

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

We our so lucky here at Thunder’s, we already know how to cure ED without drugs and pills naturally!

That was the best thing I’ve read all day. :)

I don’t really have a doctor or urologist for that matter, but it will be interesting if/when my previous sexual partners get a glimpse of what I’m creating. :D

fresh out of the loony bin and back to PE! :D

Words said-“Have you been pumping?”
Words thought -<”Shit, you’re thick as hell!”>

You momentarily cracked her professional persona. Great story.

Love that sound

Modesto: Ah, yes. The snap of the old wasteband is very arousing, although I think in this instance I would have preferred the “Oh my God!” But if the good doctor had gazed at me over the top of her glasses (did I mention her glasses?) and said “OMG” They would have had to break out the cardiac paddles because I would have had a coronary on the spot or at the very least an ejaculation. Another sound I love is the pop of the latex gloves. I buy them by the box. Mrz. G also has a stunning array of scrubs and of course no woman should be without a white lab coat.

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No Nukes

Have you ever told her that you clamp or that you do any PE exercises, or is she just assuming you do from inspecting the gains?

24 Hours, obviously he did, as he said she’s been on these forums. Fantastic story matey! I think she digs yeh :) .

24 Hours wrote:
“Have you ever told her that you clamp or that you do any PE exercises, or is she just assuming you do from inspecting the gains?”

{Yes, she knows I’m active in this. We discuss PE now every time I see her.}

Biffysniffy wrote: “Hehe

“May I ask what PE exercises she thinks are safe?”

{There is no doubt in her mind that PE works. Her question is whether or not it is safe. Are the gains worth the risk? Even with the surgery she feels the results do not always justify the risks, and she IS a surgeon. She doesn’t do enlargement surgery, but does do the procedure I was considering, that being the removal of the spermacells, but advised me not to do it, even though my INS would cover the operation. She said that the post-op trauma was often worse than just living with the little lumps in my scrotum. Her exact words to me concerning PE were,”It’s better to have a normal sized penis that works.” She feels manual stretching, jelqing and very gentle vacuum pumping is PROBABLY safe. She’s unsure about hanging, but feels certain that clamping is insane. (I showed her a CableClamp.) She also says I have a vein that is very close to thrombosis. }

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No Nukes

Nice story Big Girtha, very well written, Thanx :D



Good story.

What have you done about excessive loose skin? Are you planning to operate?

Tell us about “special sexual encounters with multiple partners.”

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