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PE after hernia

PE after hernia

I have read a few threads regarding PE and hernias, but didn’t find any feedback from guys that were doing PE after they had a hernia repaired.

I had an inguinal hernia repaired twice about 2 inches left of center(my left side) and 2 inches above my pubic bone. First surgery was about 15 years ago and last surgery was about 3 years ago. Both times I noticed the injury shortly after a heavy leg workout. Needless to say, I have altered my workouts slightly and don’t feel any discomfort presently.

My concern is the effect of stretching on a repaired inguinal hernia. Does stretching(or any newbie PE exercises) put more pressure on this abdominal repair? I am proceeding with caution and taking things slow, but is there anything else I should be worried about specific to this repair and PE?


I had the same hernia location and surgery when I was 21. ( long time ago)

My left testicle never descended back to original height and it makes my dick swing a little to the right.

This is depressing at times and I frequently wonder if the surgeon did not do such a good operation.

I also have a little bit of soreness after leg workouts and at other times.

I asked my current DR about it. He does not feel it is unusual for this condition but there is no corrective operation that would straighten things out down there and I shouldn’t worry about a little soreness. It’s normal.

However it does sound reasonable to be concerned and cautious with leg excercises.

There’s not a great variety of alternatives to leg presses, squats and extensions.

I have been doing consistent PE since Jan. 03 and never noticed any stress from stretching or jelquing.

(Currenly am stretching with hanger at 10 lbs.)

hope this helps a little

good luck with PE.

My opininion: PE won’t harm or put pressure on the abdominal area.

I had an inguinal hernia (on the right side) back in 1998 and I haven’t noticed any adverse effects since I started PE.


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Thanks for the feedback guys.

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