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finally getting some gains

finally getting some gains

I started doing PE in July. I went through the first couple months without gaining anything. I am still not sure if this is because I wasn’t doing it right or not enough. Anyway, by late Oct. I had gained 1/8 of inch in EG. It was wierd though because sometime I would measue and it was there, and other times it wasn’t. So I just pressed on. This last month of Nov. I really got after the horses. So the other day I decided to measure. Not only was my 1/8” there and solid but I was just barely under 1/4” gained. Anyway hopefully I can keep this pace up.

Good job! Soon we’re going to be calling you Dirk Diggler from Boogie Nights.

That’s great man! 1/4” sounds like small beans (er gains) but, in the girth department it’s big numbers!

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