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Finally girth gains!!


Finally girth gains!!

I’ve been jelqing and exercising my penis for awhile now(close to 2 years), really got into it about 4 months ago. I started out in regards to girth about 4.5 inches mid shaft and 5inches base girth and had never changed size until joining this site a couple months ago. I measured yesterday before jelqing and I was 5.1 or .2 mid shaft and 5.6 inches base girth. It feels waaaayyy bigger. Length has not changed at all(7 something) but I feel like I have a new dick.

What did you do different?

I added a lot of 440 and squeezes that traps blood in the saft instead of the head. And jelq a shit load. Pretty much as much as I can. Stretch a lot. Also bend erect dick side to side and up down while doing squeezes, helps break up the tissue. That’s what did the trick. And kegel a lot. My base girth is drastically different.

Congrats. Good work.

Originally Posted by Gettinbig4me

Also bend erect dick side to side and up down while doing squeezes, helps break up the tissue.

I do side to side, up and down could be more dangerous. NOTE: None of the erect bends are safe for newbies.

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I know but I first jelqed over 2 years ago and have done it almost everyday for a year. Just started throwing in other exercises other then jelq and stretch. The hardwork feels great.

Good News

Great to hear of your gains. Since joining this forum I have learned what I was doing wrong when jelqing. Now I think I am on the right track as I am seeing girth gains when flaccid. No gains when erect yet but I am a believer and will keep up with good practices. I have tried pumping with really no success whatsoever, but when combined with the exercises I think I am gaining. Any suggestions are appreciated.

EL 5.5
EG 5

Well done mate.

Press on.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

I had my first real girth growth spurt when I committed to supra slammers (uli, jelq, squeeze and erect bends) but plateaued after a while. I recently started the all day cock ring and slow squash jelqs and got another girth growth spurt.

11/20/2011: BPEL: 6", MEG: 4.75" (goal BPEL: ~7", MEG: 5.25")

5/9/12: BPEL: 6.5", MEG 5" (goal BPEL: 7.25", MEG: 5.5")

3/5/13: BPEL: 6.875", MEG 5 5" (max goal BPEL: 7.5", MEG: 5.75")

Any idea about roughly how many daily jelqs and horses? Dry jelqs or wet and on/off days? And congrats btw

I do about 50 dry jelqs 5-10 stretches each direction hold 30 secs, about 200 wet jelq with replacing other hand before you let go, 20 ulis I think they are called(the one that squeeze bottom then other hand squeeze bottom and bring blood to head) I bend penis while doing this. Normally 2 or 3 days on 2 off.

jcbawlmerhon: What were you doing wrong with jelqing?

Goal: Any visible increase in size, so I can lay my doubts to rest.

You also do horses right?

And you gained over half an inch in 4 months?

Ya half inch base girth and almost half inch mid shaft. I think it’s all because I concentrated on exercises that trap blood in the shaft. I also did start with o grip on base and on head then meet hands in the middle also very slight bend while doing this. Be careful dont start with the bends if you have done them just add one or two at a time. The first day I did just a couple of these and I noticed my shaft right below my head gained like .3 or .4 inches just from that time. It went away shortly but I knew these new exercises would do the trick. Seems like everyday I get bigger. Even on my off days.

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