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DLD says a sad goodbye to Thundersplace

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I much prefer the term “Fearless Leader”. Too much baggage with the term President.

And the “deafening silence you hear is only the low spark of high boys”, sorry couldn’t resist that. I’m on West Coast time, so I play catch up every morning.

The discussion of this situation and how best to handle it for the forum’s and forum members’ sake is ongoing.

This thread is probably causing some a lot of grief, but I think it is also raising members’ awareness levels also.

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But Thunder, think of all the hot (and some not so) interns you could “not” have sex with if you were President… :)

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

Most of the exercises that are on DLD’s site are listed here at Thunder’s. The only difference is that here one has to search through countless threads as opposed to having all the info in one place. It is a matter of convenience (no pun intended). Those that are to lazy or aren’t as knowledgeable in navigating Thunder’s to obtain DLD’s exercises opt to pay for his techniques/exercises. Just like those that aren’t as mechanically inclined as others to build their own hanger opt to pay Bib to build the hanger.


DLD and I have never talked much, but I was still sad to find that I am not one of “his friends”. After all. all the guys he considered his friends have turned on him and are posting negative sh*t. I have never done this, therefore I was never his friend.

Forget who wrote this post for a moment. Read it objectively, it is classic gorilla marketing…troll style. Someone writes some crap about how unfair it is that they are being persecuted and everyone else goes “Oh, there,there, we all love you, those bastards have no right to pick on you!”
For some reason it is easier for everyone to believe one persons unsubstantiated crap than to think that the one person might be scamming you. Look at all of the posts from guys buying in to the entire thread, never questioning or bothering to check.

I have a great deal of respect for DLD, and wish him nothing but the best, but this thread is online marketing, nothing more or less.

I am truly sorry if DLD has been hurt by all of this, BUT, the post as written is pure bull sh*t. No mod conspiracy at all. Nobody out to “get” him.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I Have All The Info About What The Mods Said Behind Closed Doors!!!!


I will Most Likely get banned or this post will be deleted, But I dont Give a Fuck!!! All I have to say is that 95% of the Mods here are FULL of Shit.

I have every thread and post in the MODs Forum thats about DLD (3 Threads, Proof for the MODS that dont beleive me) and don’t make me start copying and pasting threads of you MODs talking shit behind closed doors and acting like DLD’s friend in Public. I know who are the few MODS that stuck up for DLD. I will probably eventually sell these Threads on E-bay!!! LOL. Or Email to DLD!!!

What DLD is Saying is 100% True and there is a Big Behind the Scenes Conspiracy!!!! The fact here is that mostly all the Mods here think DLD is a Phoney who was fronting plans for his Pay site for 2 years.

Listen, if the guy took 2 years to plan this and had close to 2,000 Posts in Thunders Place and out of those 2000 posts 1000 of them are people thanking DLD for the Gains they got from his help, (You can Do a Simple Search to Find These Posts Here) why is it a big deal to open a pay site for new comers and maybe followers? Not to mention all the other thousands of people he had helped at the other PE Boards around the World.

If this was a big plan than to open a paysite why would he given out most of his Routines that he was successful with instead of saying “If you want a Big dick like Mine, Join my Site”. The fact is, if this was a plot to Start a Big Multibillion dollar pay site then he would of kept most of his shit to himself, I would think.

2 years ago Thunders Place only had 1,500 members here. Once DLD came here and started helping out the fallen soldiers that number quickly went from 1,500 to 6,500+ members.

Hey, Thunder is Generously collecting Donations, Right? A server does not have to cost $2,500.00 I know that for a fact. So you can say in a way this is a Pay Site too or a Non profit org that’s making profits.

Everyone that is Sad DLD left, Shouldn’t be. You will always be able to join his FREE FORUM with his 100% continued Support, because I know deep down inside thats what he loves (Helping Others)!!!


PeteysUncle is the MOS site designer, Lightning/Jaz. He was banned for two reasons.

1 Violating forum guidelines by promoting a commerical site in which he has a financial interest.

2 Being registered here under more than one username, PeteysUncle and Lurk.

I don’t know you, but I know you have a pay site.

I’ve never even considered that you would be doing this for promoting your site. Sorry to hear about this.. :(

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."


I just can not believe my eyes. I feel bad and sad for you. I haven’t red much posts last few days, so I don’t know exactly what’s going on… I don’t know, if you’re reading this thread anymore, but I’d like to say a couple of things.

You’re saying goodbye? Please, reconsider. This place wouldn’t be the same without you. I agree that thunder made a right decision removing you from the mod list, but only because owning a pay-site fights against sites principles. You’ve helped me and hundreds of other people by cheering and giving advice, and that’s why you were one of the best mods here.

What ever your decision will finally be, I wish you good luck. Let’s keep in touch!

A Man behind his mask.

I see you all have mixed feelings. DLD has helped all of us members at thunders, he has contributed most of anyone in here. He has spend hours and hours helping you and I and the rest of us. Yes he has, don’t question that! That’s why you all complain. You do not want him to start his own site where you can’t be helped. I do not want to feel like I am using him. PEing is a great part of his life, his work. If he continues with this for the rest of his life: Shall he do this without getting paid a single cent? Would you go to your job if you weren’t paid? This is his profession, don’t give him bad feelings because of your own big egos, I won’t…

Restarting everything.

Even if all the mods do hate you, and even if everyone else does too (which it looks to me, not even close….) Just keep your head up. Ok, so what you did was in a sense hypocritical, but you helped tons of people…..including myself. I wish you the best of luck in the future and hope things work out for you


Best Regards


uncle petey

Your killing me dude.

Totally without question killing me.

I promised my wife I’d take a break from posting but this is too much.

What the fuck are you talking about, As a moderator I read most of the posts in the mod. forum and I didn’t find anything posted about DLD outta line.

Look the the guy is a fucking legend and a very bright person and a friend who also seemed to figure out what a billion other guys have not.

ONE OF A KIND. I Love that Guy.

Having said that, IMHO Thunder is still the man and a GREAT guy as well. A true class act who is always acting in an extremely appropriate manner.

So having said ALL that, pull your silly little shit together and take a hike.

Most Sincerely and with the utmost love and affection.

Uncle Zep

Come on Peteysuncle, thunder has called your bluff. Start cutting and pasting.

I think that my only point in the discussion was that the actions taken by whoever was even handed taking into account what was done with others who had paysites or were selling something.

I am sad to see DLD go. I have helped him in some areas and he has always tried to be helpful to me and others as far as I can see.

I guess I could have missed something but what I saw on the mods forum was discussion. There was some defending, some accusatory, and some fairly cool headed comments on the issue.

I suspect you won’t post or will make some shit up if you do because there is no “Conspiracy”

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Wow … I have woken up in Australia to find this long thread.

I don’t want to get into taking sides, because I don’t really have a clue about the background to all this. Whether what DLD perceives is true or not, I don’t know. Someone once said to me “Don’t confuse me with the facts, feelings are what counts”. We have to acknowledge that this has gone deep with DLD and that saddens me, cos I agree with all others, that DLD has been a great encouragement to all of us on here.

I wish you all the VERY best DLD. If you reconsider your decision, I will be very pleased.

As for your site. How I would love to belong to it as I’m sure you’ll have some super material on there. I do voluntary work and simply don’t have the necessary to join up. So I truly wish you well for it and for your future life.

I was part of another site which had nothing to do with PE. Something like this happened. It was very troubling as it was so hard to really know the facts. Finally it all closed down. I sincerely hope this won’t happen here. We are all guys out for the same thing, so let’s try and pull together and take big breaths before we post.


Some of you are wearing underwear that it too tight. And to mix metaphors, you can’t see the forest for the trees.

Originally posted by mrCow
He has spend hours and hours helping you and I and the rest of us. Yes he has, don't question that! That's why you all complain. You do not want him to start his own site where you can't be helped.

It is personally embarassing to me to tell readers this because I should never have to and wouldn’t, had DLD not decided to make all this a public free-for-all today. I offered to help DLD edit his site for grammatical and other errors, with Thunder’s encouragement. I happen to be good at editing, which DLD knows. If I did not want DLD to succeed, why would I make a gesture that for me would require a great deal of time and concentration? Others here made similar offers of help. (Btw, he never wrote back after a couple of PMs. I don’t know what that was about.)

To those of you who are feeling paranoid just now, I would not make my offer to him as a “spy” since every member (and I) here already has access to every one of DLD PE techniques in archives of his previous posts.

DLD has always shown himself to be a good human being. My read, though, of the first post in this thread is that he is being very manipulative today of many of us, for whatever reasons. Iamaru’s post, a few back, is worth re-reading.





While I’ve been a member here for a short-time, your advised was sound. Good-luck with your site…


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