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DLD says a sad goodbye to Thundersplace

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This is quite wrong. DLD, I wish you’d stay. You are a mentor and a great friend of mine, and it wont be the same without you. One of the only reasons I come to this site is to read your inciteful and heart filled posts. Who cares if you have a pay site. In western society its all about money. And it works out even better for you because you are doing what you love. I congratulate you on your site and wish it infinite succes. I dont know who would bash you because that is wrong. You invented 90% of the exercises that I am using (and I assume others are using). Its not fair that someone who has given so much to the PE world cannot even make a living without being criticized. Its just not fair. I look forward to you posting to addy to your new forum and I will surely be one of the first members. I just wanted to let you know I 100% support what your doing, but please dont go. No one is conspiring agianst you. I’ll continue to talk to you through email buddy!


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I, like most, am shocked by this thread to learn that we’ll be losing a huge inspiration to us newbies.

DLD, I hope you can overcome this and carry on posting here. I’m sure that the rumors must have been messing with your head to cause you so much pain.

I can understand why the mods have discussed the issue . They don’t want to be seen to be endorsing any profit making site. I’m sure they’re probably just thinking that it may pave the way for others to do similar and turn these free forums into a free advertising haven.

It’s sad to think that we’ll not be seeing any more posts here from you (which I always look forward to reading) and I hope that the support you’ve recieved in this thread alone changes your mind.

Good luck with whatever you decide.


I hope that you will reconsider and try to work through whatever issues are troubling you. I think that the vast majority here support you, I certainly do. At least one mod has spoken up, hopefully others will as well. I’ve seen virtually no negative response to your paysite. Please don’t let the opinions/comments of one or two people cause you to leave.



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Wow! DLD I can feel your pain. This is a very hard thing for everybody to discuss in the open. The question here is:
Is it possible to be the owner of a pay-site and not conflict with the free site? I sensed something was not right ever since you started your pay-site but having come on board this forum right around the time the rumors were forming; I could not put my finger on it and I had no real opinion about it, I was new and now, at only 439 posts I still am new (relatively speaking)

It was not until I began reading all the posts by you and by the members that referred to you on a constant basis, that I began to realize what a Great human being you must be, how respected you were and what Great knowledge and Dedication you had to-wards PE. It left me in awe! No one should doubt your sincerity, How can they? When you have shared your life with so many people and helped them in the process. (Not just PE) You have decided to make PE your life’s work, anyone with common sense can see that it was an inevitable path for you to take. PE is your livelihood now, and no one should question that. I feel that you should not be condemned for that. Perhaps what is causing tense feelings here is simply the process of the transition from here to your pay-site. Im sure it must have taken a lot of reflecting and soul searching to be able to sit down and write down all those painful thoughts. You feel betrayed. I am not a Mod and I don’t care to be one but I can imagine that becoming one is some kind of unspoken ritual of allegiance to the forum and there are perhaps psychological shifts in mentality resulting from that. I guess being a Mod is a source of Pride and I mean no disrespect at all to any Mods. It is after all, the Mods that carry the spirit of the forum. Mod or no Mod, you are still adored and loved by many. Mod is only a dam title, for crying out loud. Respect and Honor and Integrity is what you still retain and nobody can ever take that away from you!!! Its hard to believe any of the Mods would suddenly turn their back on you like that, Perhaps there is a misunderstanding there somewhere along the way. How could people forget all the great things that you have done for the members of this forum. Is “pay-site” a curse word here? Yes this is a free forum and its is very sad to say this but Im afraid there are many people in this forum who will not support it merely by virtue of the fact that it is free and that is a reflection on the character of the person. You are offering people something of value and people are willing to pay for it. When you die, you will not be remembered for how much money you made from PE but for what you did to change peoples lives.

People start pay-sites all the time. Last I checked…This is still America! Land of opportunity. Land of the American Dream! So many immigrants from all over the world struggle for years to come here and make a life. You are entitled to your piece of the American pie. Unfortunately DLD, where there is money:

Often Greed, jealousy, treachery and politics are not far behind. This is the inherent flaw of Capitalism, it can sometimes change people. Its our system of economy and I embrace it only in terms of making a living but not the parasites that come with it. Im sad that you are witnessing all this if it is indeed what is occurring. I hope not. One day in the future though you will look back on this and see that things are perhaps this way for the best and in the best interest for you and Thunder.
You are a good spirit. Your website will flourish! Ultimately you will not be remembered as just some guy who launched his own pay-site after spending some time in Thunder’s forum. You will be remembered as someone that decided to make PE his life’s work. You had to start somewhere. Didn’t you? perhaps you didn’t know at the time you started that this would become your life. How could you know that you were good at it? To dedicate yourself to something in life. To be the best that you can be at it and to earn a good living at it. This is not a crime!!! I wish you well DLD. I hope that life for you and Jen is wonderful and maybe you have some little DLD running around the house some day. All your best times are yet to come!


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We have been having discussions in the mod forum. I don’t think they have been anything other than trying to feel through the issues created by having a paysite owner on board and as far as I am aware concensus has not been reached.

We are also having discussions about breasts in avatars.

>Of course, I shouldn’t expect a response. Apparently, I’m a troll..
That’ll explain the pointy ears then.

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I personally have not heard anything about a “whispering campaign” which you claim is going on. Why do you think there is one?

I agree that in your time here you have furthered the cause in a way that can only put you in the same boat as Thunder, Bigger, Tom Hubbard etc.

I don’t think anyone blames you for starting a pay site - however for thunder to keep you on here as a mod is clearly a conflict of interest, we all know how we thought pe was bullshit when we first came her and seeing the place seem to be pushing a pay site or other wouldn’t be good.

Case in point - look at PEForums. It always used to get about the same traffic as here. Now it is covered in pill and extender adverts and the fact is every time i visit (about once or twice a day - like here) i find around three times the posts have come up on thunders as have on the peforums.

I would like to see your business doing well as it is the way so many industries are going now. The information is out there for anyone to get if they want it - the added value is in the personal one to one sevice that you offer.

I would not like to see you leaving thunders - it will leave a big hole, but if you feel you have no other option i’m sure there’s nothing i can say to stop you.

Finally - again i have heard nothing of any witch hunt that you are the centre of, but i can see why the debate would have been long and hard to decide whether to keep you at moderator status. Whereas peforums always had the pay site behind it - thunders has always been totally free from that, so the information available is untainted and unaffiliated with any pay site. This means that people coming here know they get the full information available and not the “tip of an iceberg” with more info inside - if you pay.

I do not think you have in any way spent a year and a half and 1000+ posts just to promote a pay site, and i think it is great that you have found something you can hopefully make a living at and love.

I wish you the best sincerely and hope you have membership enough to give you a good living at it.

I would ask you not to leave, it is a pity that i never see posts from tom hubbard any more and that none of us can ask ulistretch what the hell that exercise is all about…..

Anyway - i seem to be blabbering crap now, the point is - I reckon nobody would like to see you disappear from these boards, it would be a real pity.


See Ya,


I agree with all of the previous posts. It is wrong that DLD feels he has to leave here because of things going on behind the scenes.

I feel that DLD has acted in a completely honourable manner in this. If anyone feels different, is trying to discredit DLD or his new site, or feels that it is inappropriate for the owner of a paysite to be a member here then they should come out and say so in public.


Originally posted by memento

>Of course, I shouldn't expect a response. Apparently, I'm a troll..
That'll explain the pointy ears then.

Exactly, as well as the green skin and horrid appearance. It is the main reason why you will never see a pic of me here :)

I say keep both DLD and the breastages…

Hey DLD. Don’t be so upset. No matter what we love or how much passion we put into things, there will always be stupid politics to deal with. People in the final analysis often refuse to accept responsibilty for their own shortcomings/weaknesses.

I guess in addition to offering the free stellar information you do here, as THE guru of efficient and intelligent PE, you also are a very capable webmaster/ businessmen who will most probably go on to great financial success. Not everyone can do that though they may wish they could. And I guess that is the root of the envy and jealousy.

I noticed that you never wanted to include links to your business in your signature. So I dont get your being removed as moderator here either.

Anyways, don’t sweat it. Forgive them and move on to bigger and better things.

Best wishes!

damn DLD I followed you here not even a week ago, but i’m prepaired to follow you still, looking forward to your new forum, and I support you 100% in all ways. I believe that if i were in your shoes a I would also be very hurt. But cheer up man, sometimes its good to know who your real friends are.

>Exactly, as well as the green skin and horrid appearance. It is the main reason why you will never see a pic of me here<


>I say keep both DLD and the breastages…<

I don’t think anyone has asked dld to go. The avatars are another thing.

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Wow, don’t check the board for a weekend and look what happens. I personally agree that dld should be, and I believe is still welcomed here.

I also believe that people should understand that a free board such as Thunders should be free from pay site owners having moderator control. I guarantee that if I came to dld’s planned free boards knowing there was a pay site right behind it I would have been skeptical. I wasn’t sure how dld was going to pull off the new site and still be here, but I had hoped it would work.

I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes here, but I feel that Thunders has acted pretty darn honorable in this whole situation as well. Nobody has been censored or banned for saying anything to my knowledge. The other day Thunder even made a great suggestion to dld’s signature lines to include his email address so people can be in touch with him that way.

Here’s a PM to show what I know of Thunder’s thoughts:

TPS wrote: I was also very impressed with the way you handled the new DLD website that he’s working on. I think most people would have seen that as competition to their website and not been as great and supportive as you were.

ThunderSS wrote on 03-29-2003 04:54 PM:
Thanks for the input. The dld thing IS competition, but healthy, friendly competition can only benefit the PE community, right??

TPS wrote: That’s my point; you are concerned with the PE community. Most (if not all) other people running a website would be only concerned with the possibility of losing donations or paying members. Class act there Mr. Thunder.

I wish I had some suggestions on how the whole situation could work out for everyone involved. As in all situations, time, cooler heads, and communication would be best for all involved.


Well said.

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"Nietzsche is dead"-God

Originally posted by tps

ThunderSS wrote on 03-29-2003 04:54 PM:
Thanks for the input. The dld thing IS competition, but healthy, friendly competition can only benefit the PE community, right??

In what way is it competition? I am a member of DLD’s site but spend all my time here.

Is this all about money??

Yes, I will be making a donation as soon as I receive my Paypal membership number.


What silence? I for one have just read this thread and I suppose others still haven’t.

DLD, as far as thinking a slinging match has been going on behind your back, you have been unfair as you seem to portray a conspiracy against you by the Mods, which I find very offensive.

I’m not saying one or two don’t share the opinion you have mentioned, but others have come out in your defence.

As a Mod you know full well what kind of things were discussed in the Mod forums and how a concensus was always asked for on important issues, with varying viewpoints put forward.

What did you expect? Are you so naive to think the world is a utopia and that your conflict of interests wasn’t going to create some controversy? You should know human nature better than that.

And the comment that your post would be deleted was what I found most offensive. I’ve not criticized you nor advocated you to this point, solely and genuinely wished you all the luck with your site - no envy there - although perhaps I thought you did use thunders to your benefit (somewhat - I don’t mean entirely and not to the point I thought it required posting).

However, I feel that this thread is somewhat trying to manipulate the feelings of others on the board.

I apologise in advance if I’m mistaken, but sometimes one tends to read between lines, at times correctly and others not.

You have added a lot to the forum, and you will be missed.

Again, I wish you all the best with your site.


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