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DLD says a sad goodbye to Thundersplace

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The quote above by hobby was HIS opinion. I don’t happen to agree with it.
I do give DLD credit for what I consider real innovations (bundled stretches, A stretches, and “blasters”). The very fact that two mods had different takes on the issue would seem to be evidence against a “conspiracy”. Calling a discussion a conspiracy doesn’t make it one any more than calling a John Deere a Harley. You don’t seem to find any of the opposite opinions expressed in the mod forum. It seems to me that your motivation for posting goes beyond defending DLD. It seems to me that what you want is to divide the members and cause harm to this forum.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


>Well You talked all this shit behind his back but asked him for his help in the past, Right?

First, it isn’t shit. It’s true. Second, I don’t recall ever asking for his help.

>So what can you Say Now?

I don’t need to say anything. My post speaks for itself.

Keep it up. The more you say, the worse you look. ;)

The Truth Is Out

Well luvdadus, you really didn’t say anything bad about DLD that I can find now. But You did say this…

“Whatever is done, I think it needs to appear even handed. I can point out
that “power jelq” has a link on the bottom of this very page. I have mixed
feelings about DLD. He seems sincere in his efforts to help others, I don’t
think he portrays himself as “the” PE guru. This status was accorded to him
by those who he has helped and those that admire his personal pe
achievements. his tendency to name new innovations after himself is a little
irritating however not unique. I do mention “even handedness” because DLD
and others have links either in their signature line or on the pages of
thunder’s, and a number of mods got aroused by tazgirl’s watermarks on her
photo’s that listed her website (not even a direct link - had to be copied).”


PeteysUncle is the MOS site designer, Lightning/Jaz. He was banned for two reasons.

1 Violating forum guidelines by promoting a commerical site in which he has a financial interest.

2 Being registered here under more than one username, PeteysUncle and Lurk.

After finishing my post, found Petey has posted something new.

When reading those, I do understand why DLD felt angry, but objectively I think it is reasonable for people to have different attitudes. I think why hobby expressed his opinion was because he thought it would be kept within moderators. I don’t believe he would post such texts in public to accuse DLD. Also, I don’t believe his opinion represents the attitude of all other moderators. It was silly and sinister to make it public before reaching any consensus. I fully unserstand DLD’s reaction too. Everybody would feel hurt if being said so by someone else. I would not blame hobby to mention his attitude, nor DLD to react in this way. The only person I would blame and look down on is the guy who spread out those messages that should stayed in their own places.

Petey, I’m still curious how and why you got those disscussions?


Cool. Now sinced you seem to know it all and seem to think 95% of us are full of shit, (when you don’t even know all the mods anyway. I’m a mod and still have a hard time keeping up). Tell me this..what is your motive.

You called the bluff, you dipped into a conversation that was none of your business, you have written a check you ass wont cash in the end…now what?

I thought all drama queens were women. Leave the drama to other people. Some people have better things to do than stop what they are doing to investigate you. If you think we are full of shit, leave. If you think we are hypocrites, cool. You said your say. You’ve had your fun, now unless you are sucking dld’s dick, I suggest you gather your hostility up in a bag and move on.

Frankly, I will say who needs to be banned…you. I don’t know who you are. I assume you are probably a nice person. Apparently a caring one since you went through all the trouble to cover your bases and defend DLD as if he needed someone to defend him. In the end what moderators may or may not have said (seeming you pick hobby as your favorite) it is irrelevent. If dld chooses to leave, he will. If other members will to go, they will. In the end, you only hurt DLD.

Now say what you have to say about me and the other people all you want. Tonight when I lay my head on my pillow, I will sleep like a baby. And tomorrow will be another day.

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anna nimity

You are a very nice Person!!!!!


PeteysUncle is the MOS site designer, Lightning/Jaz. He was banned for two reasons.

1 Violating forum guidelines by promoting a commerical site in which he has a financial interest.

2 Being registered here under more than one username, PeteysUncle and Lurk.


So you figured out I wasn’t one of the “bad guys”. Great, and thanks for proving it. But what about the conspiracy shit? I guess you are backing off of that. I found plenty of defenses of DLD in the mods forum.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Anna is so damn sexy when she gets angry!!!

Anna please scold me I’ve been a bad boy! :D

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A question: What’s in this for you beside some kind of vindication of offronts you seem to think mods are dumping on DLD? I notice your cut/paste posts do not include positive things very often said about him.

If you are really interested in “truth” (this seems to be your mantra), what is your connection/interest in all this?

A truthsayer would anwer that question, not dodge it.



Wow, ok so this IS a surprise for me as well. Dunno who this “peckersuncle” guy is but, I’m surprised he’s still here. I’m sorry to see DLD go if he does in fact go. I’ll keep in touch with him either way. I think he’s done a lot of good around here despite certain opinions of others. Then again we’re all free to express our thoughts.

I read what little Petey shared with us, and to be honest I didn’t find anything particularly out of line. The Mods, like us feeble humans, have opinions. At some point or another they may do something unspeakable, say, discuss them. I think that’s what we’re getting a peak at here.

Fact: Most of us here enjoy and like DLD and will miss him.

Another Fact: Everyone isn’t going to trust or be comfortable with a pay-site owner having an administrative position or moderating position on a free-site. It’s nothing against DLD. How many of you have been on a free forum and seen what happens when it’s found that the forum is associated with a pay site? I’m not going to mention any fora I have in mind, but I know we have quite a few people who are permanents at Thunder’s because of a “shady” feeling at a free forum. It tarnishes the clean image of any free forum if people start to see it as a home for pay-site pushers.

Solution? Keep it free of pay-site pushing. If you’re not a Mod, you don’t know the whole story. Even if you are a Mod, there’s a chance that something has escaped. I love DLD and consider him an asset to the PE community, and I strongly feel that most uf us, including Thunder and the Mods, will agree that DLD is a great asset and has much to offer. But, this is a free PE forum. Thunder’s is contingent on the principle that all PE techniques should be free to all men. I agree with that idea. I also agree with DLD’s decision to start his own pay-site. The two may sound conflicting, but they aren’t. While I think PE should be free for us all, I also recognize our right in the United States to take advantage of money making opportunities. DLD has a skill, something he’s very, very good at doing. I see nothing wrong with him doing what most of us do with our skills: using it to pay his bills and feed himself. I’ll be joining DLD’s site at some point. I like him and I liked the look of his site. I feel like I can get everything at Thunder’s as far as making my dick bigger that I need, but I like DLD and want to support him and his new site. Just as I want to support Thunder’s.

I can’t afford it at the moment, but I’ll support Thunder’s as often as I can. I’ll support DLD’s site once, and I should have access to it for the rest of my life or until the site ends.

Personally, I don’t think any of this should have left the Mod fora. It isn’t any of our business, imho, and it will make someone look bad. To some, it may take something away from Thunder’s, to others it may take credibility away from DLD. This isn’t something I want to see happen to either.

At first I was thinking how sad that someone would stab DLD in the back. Then I thought that maybe it’s just a big mess of confusion. It could be a mixture of both. The thing is, it is between DLD and the ruling class here at Thunder’s. I think DLD is genuinely heartbroken and probably emotionally destroyed. That DLD is suffering emotionally over this leaves me heartbroken.

We all found something special when we found Thunder’s Place. And Thunder’s Place got something special when DLD came along. I think we need to do all we can to keep it from becoming an Internet version of the Jerry Springer Show.

Giving bits and pieces of conversations from the Mod forum is dangerous business. Things can be easily taken out of context, selective quoting can give a completely different interpretation to what was actually being said, and gross misconceptions can and very well may happen. Pete shared posts from Hobby and Thunder having a private discussion among other Mods. He shared what he believes is incriminating against the Mods. What didn’t he share? How many posts did he ignore that were defending DLD? As I said, sharing bits and pieces is dangerous business.

I think DLD was highly emotional when he wrote his post and I support him and I feel for him the same way I would if a good friend of mine in real life were suffering. I mean that, I really do. However, I don’t think it was DLD’s wisest decision to share details that should have been kept between himself and Mods with the rest of us. I’m not trashing DLD for doing it, I just think it was a decision that could have more negative consequences than DLD thought. Look what’s going on here, this isn’t what Thunder’s is about. We’re not about drawing a line between Mods and saying this side is pro-DLD and that side is anti-DLD. None of us will ever garner the support of everyone around us, ever. There’ll always be someone or a number of people who question our intention. Quite frankly, we all have that right to question the intention of others.

A cusp has been reached, I believe. Thunder’s Place will definitely endure this and go on. Still, a cusp has been reached. None of us came here for drama. If we allow needless Springer-show drama to become a dominating factor, it’ll run some of us off. I don’t want to see that, I’ve grown to like many of you—even those I’ve never talked to or anything at all. Simply reading your words and seeing the fellowship gives me a sense of closeness with many of you.

This is a learning experience for all those who have ruling power at Thunder’s Place, DLD, and many of us. Let’s make sure that we walk away with as few bruises as possible. There’s no point in promulgating conspiracy theories, partial conversations, or he said-she saids. I know it isn’t easy to walk away from a juicy fight, but it only leads to more scratches and then we have to get more band aids and all that—it really isn’t worth it.

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

Ok, so I also JUST realized that ‘somehow’ this PeckersUncle guy got ahold of some posts in the Moderator forum and, posted them herein. Again….why’s he still here?

Like I said before in this thread, It was only logical to assume that DLD had reliable sources otherwise he would not be reacting so emotional. So what! Peteysuncle, if you have all that information, I never doubted you did when you first stated it. It was very discrete and thoughtful of you to not display all of it and just give a sample that reflects your point however…

In Thunder’s defense I would like to say:

Does anyone here think even for a moment that it would not be logical for Thunder and the moderators to discuss DLD and how his actions and decisions to become a pay-site owner affect this site?

I mean, come on guys, there is a conflict of an interest in this situation regardless of how well liked and popular DLD is. If any of you guys were Thunder, do you think you would have handled it any differently? I dont think DLD should be banned but I think there are some hidden sentiments here that are in not being viewed in full light. DLD received his start here, if there were less members here before he started then Im sure we can attribute a percentage of the increase in members to his presence in this forum But then the question is:

How does DLD start a pay-site and not expect at least some of the members here to not follow him. What does DLD say to those members?
Does he say?: Don’t follow me because it might hurt Thunder’s Forum?

DLD refused to incorporate his pay site into Thunders forum and he understandbly wanted his own thing. I don’t think DLD is hurt so much for the politics and all that can and did ensue surrounding his branching off than he is hurt by the feelings of betrayal stemming from the fact that he formed friendships here and fully expected to maintain his friends and not have any of them talk behind his back.

I think that this is a very hard thing to discuss in front of DLD. NO one wants to say he is not worthy of trust and that he has some hidden agenda. In my opinion, hardly a hidden agenda since DLD was only 6 inches or so when he started…and had no way of knowing whether or not he even wanted to make PE his life until he realized he was good at something. i.e., it could have been anyone of us on this forum that could have been in DLD situation. What then would you have done?

Do you think for a moment his plan was:
Let me go from 6 inches to 12 and then start my own pay-site and take all my followers with me and fuck Thunder?

Lets be realistic here, I don’t think thats the case. People should know by now and after all this time that DLD had everyones best interest in mind.

In my opinion I think He knows he has to leave…he is simply justifying the parting in his mind because it will allow him to go on with his site without any feelings of guilt.
Its like breaking up with a girlfriend you love and later justifying in you mind that she was bad because you cant deal with the pain of losing her.

Everyone should wish him well and stop talking behind his back.

Perhaps, I think that it would have been best to have included DLD in the discussions and allow him to even offer suggestions as to what to do but in light of the fact that he declined an incorporation with Thunders, the present state of affairs was pretty much unavoidable.

I many members will probably disagree with me on this but DLD departure is for the best interest of DLD and for Thunder.

Both of these men are GREAT men but this parting of ways will serve the best interest of them both. Let him go. If you want to continue to receive his wisdom, no one can stop you from joining his site. There are many members here who see the value in belonging to both sites. The collaborative effort of Thunders site is indispensable and cannot be compared with a pay-site.

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No, DLD does NOT have to leave here, he choses to for what ever reasons he has.

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