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DLD says a sad goodbye to Thundersplace

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I did not say He has to leave by force…(he has not been banned) I said he knows he has to leave. Maybe I phrased it wrong. My bad.

What I meant is he is fully aware of the repurcussons of his actions as a paysite owner and is doing what he thinks will be in the best interest for everyone. I dont think he will blurt out Im leaving Flat out. Now, he simply has more a justification like that girlfriend example that I posted in my last post. You are right…it is a DLD choice.

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Originally posted by avocet8

A question: What's in this for you beside some kind of vindication of offronts you seem to think mods are dumping on DLD? I notice your cut/paste posts do not include positive things very often said about him.

If you are really interested in “truth” (this seems to be your mantra), what is your connection/interest in all this?

A truthsayer would anwer that question, not dodge it.


Like I thought. No balls.

Petey, do you think you are helping DLD through a crisis? You are not.

He deserves better than your treatment of him in this thread.

You are a sick ticket to feed a guy with his personal difficulties such carefully-edited parts of a whole story.



I understand DLDs predicament.He has contibuted much to this forum but as a past moderator on an old site I can see the Mods predicament too.DLD must have realized what he risked when he decided to open his new PE site. In the spirit of a free forum it would not make sense that he would be allowed to be a moderator.Same with BIB who also offers PE devices for sale he is in the same boat yet he has not left us .I do not understand why DLD would leave if he was not asked to.It could be for many reasons . Perhaps he is sincere and feels slighted,perhaps he is full of shit and wants to exit gracefully and devote more time to his own site. I do not know which nor do I have any particular thoughts on the subject. If he does love this forum as much as he says he can always wait until things die down and come back perhaps under an Alias . I know of others on old forums who have and where able to continue there support and friendships with a select few as a result. Just an idea but whatever happens I wish DLD the best


DLD, What can I say? I just read your letter. It PISSED me off at first that some A**HOLE or A**HOLES’ said something against you. You have done nothing but HELP us with new and inventive PE!!!
My wish is that this CLOWN or CLOWN’S one day, get what they deserve! REMEMBER THE OLD SAYING: WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND!!
Other than that, I’m here for you as you were there for me!!!

Maal aka Carl


This is going to sound harsh, but believe me, I respect your work and your devotion to this site very much.

Thunder had every right to be concerned about a mod having a pay-site. If I were brand new to this site, and had not met you previously, I’d second guess Thunders credibility for having a mod on these forums that owns his own pay-site. For Thunder to keep his credibility, you had to be dropped from mod status. Period. Are we forgetting all the hard work Thunder did on this site to give people interested in PE a free place to learn it? DLD, your being a mod would have damaged Thunders site in the future. I have no idea what “conspiracy” you think is going on, but just the action of Thunder keeping this while thread on shows that he does respect you. Thunder (for all I know) did not ask you to leave the site entirely, He asked you to step down from mod status. Surely you saw this as a possibility once you decided to start a pay-site.

DLD, no doubt you have given more than most to this site, but I’m sure you must have learned from it as well. Please don’t dishonor Thunders work by making his decisions seem like a bad one.

I know this has been one of the sharper posts, but DLD, give you head a shake, and stick around. From the first two pages of this post, (All I had time to read so far) everyone has been patting your back and saying “there, there”. Well Suck it up big guy, and stay with your friends here. You are well liked and respected. If you can’t see that, that’s too bad. Part of me wonders if you are actually leaving because you need all your time for the pay-site, and you feel slighted by a few people here, so you are expressing your anger towards these people by having this little temper tantrum.

Wow! Are you guys going to hate me after that one!

Have Fun whatever you decide to do.


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Originally posted by RB
I say keep both DLD and the breastages…

Here, Here,

I vote with the breastages too!!!


The ravings of a madman...

DLD do your thing. I for one understand. You have a dream. Be happy. Those who understand, kool. Those who don’t they will eventually get over it.

I am grateful for all your help. Do your thing.

Peace out

I just don’t know what to say…

DLD, good luck to you. I’ll probably become a member and contribute :)
Thundersplace is still a great place to hang out so I will stay and continue to contribute here too.

There’s just no other way :)

The ravings of a madman...

Wow I was out hurt for a couple of days and come back to this fine kettle of fish when I get back. You know one the biggest thing a moderator does at thunders is keep the vultures away from our members, do you have any ideas how many people want to sell things to our 5,000 members who are mostly guys that will buy anything to grow there dicks. We try to keep the forum pure, free pe for all. The reason this has gone on so long is the fact that DLD is so loved by most mod’s and most members it has clouded our thoughts and thinking processes, if any of the less popular moderators had started a pay site it would have been cut and dry”NO WAY” and would have been shot down in the beginning. I do think DLD is a great guy and he does help lots of people but just like any pay site owner he does promote his site when given the chance. I know I would if I had a site and I was trying to make a living. I want DLD to make lot’s of money and he will if he can get 500 of thunders members to join at 50.00 bucks he will make 25,000 dollars and if can get another 100 a month to join that will be 5,000 a month, not a bad chunk of change I tell you it makes me want to start a pay site. And if DLD can have one why can’t I. I’m sure I can put together a very good program. These are just some of the issues we have to deal with because if we look the other way for DLD we have to for the other mods who might want to make some money from PE. And as far as what Hobby said he’s more or less right, I have been around for a long time and the long timers know that most of dld’s exercises are old exercises that he has improved or added to, and read what I said he has improved them and made them better. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb but he pretty much took what someone else did and finished it and made it work. So I hope DLD stays but I’m a little upset at his post he could have PM’ed us. But he decided to air it out in the open and than just split without finishing what he started. I hope he does start a free site but I wonder if it will have a huge link to his pay site and big penis extender ads blinking on top. It would also be a great feeder site for a pay site. I’m sorry this all happened but I said to DLD in private that it was going to be very hard to have a pay site and be a member or a mod, but I thought if anybody had a Chance it would be him. Well DLD I wish you the best you have definitely put brother against pe brother in the moderator ranks. TO ALL THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY AGAINST DLD JUST A BUNCH OF CONFUSED GUYS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT TO DO WITH A FRIEND THAT THEY CARE ABOUT THAT IS DOING SOMETHING THAT THEY MUST FIGURE OUT HOW TO DEAL WITH NOW AND IN THE FUTURE.


Well said Dino and amen.


I, too, wonder how peteysuncle obtained the posts in the Mods forum. Maybe the real conspiracy lies between him and DLD. I believe, as some of the others, that DLD has been involved in a marketing strategy for quite some time.


Mods, exactly what benifit would come out of baning DLD?

What, out of the volumes and volumes of help and insperation this guy gives out to members here, the fact he has a pay site may be brought up from time to time?.

Well my fuck. Let’s all pick up our clubs and pointy sticks and chase that self serving bastard out of here, then let’s find somebody else and do it all over again!

It’s very common in this PE world, for PE’ers to change and expand on previous ideas, altering things in ways for better improvement, it’s those improvements that WORK.

And personaly id rather some guy slap their name on it, it’s much easier to discuss, reserch, and remember, i can picture all these PE forums without that.

Topic: Hey guys!, remember that jelq, with a squeeze half way up the shaft, that bends slightly 5% right, then you do that kegal and slide your hands down?.. Ok. I have a question!

It would seem the reason this has turned ugly is because you confronted each other, rather then DLD first, if things had have been more open this could have been avoided.

DLD: If you get around to reading this, my observations over the past 9months of lurking, is that you’re a fucking great guy. A hard lesson to learn in life, is if you’re going to be sucessful some people arn’t going to like you. That’s their indivdual problems of bitterness, resentment, envy and jealousy, just get on with your best at don’t let it bring you down to their negative non-preductive level, soon they’ll find somebody else to feel inferior too.


as it seams to me there is no conspiracy here. Just healthy discussion on the interest-conflict dilemma…
The discussion now will not delete all the work and support you gave this place. Years of work is not forgotten due to a simple pay-site run.
(Auguri per la tua nuova site e non dimenticare di fare qualche volta un giro qua…)

is there a way to put you all an DLD in a round table and create rules to harmonize DLD’s work and Thundersplace?

I understand you both very well. Its a dilemma, but the only way to solve this is to speak with each other…
I would love it will happen, for the wellbeing of the whole PE community.


As the saying goes, a mountain has been created out of a mole-hill.

DLD I have 100% respect for. I think he is a little sensitive and has perhaps been fed some wrong info.

The Mods I have 100% respect for.

Thunder I have 100% respect for.

This will all blow over in a few days, the people here are too high quality for this to cause lasting damage, I just hope DLD comes back at some stage as a senior member.

As the Aussie saying goes, “she’ll be right”. “No worries”.

What a huge thread!

I don’t want to come off as a total asshole but like the unnamed mods, I too had a little doubt about DLD. The paranoid part of me suggested that DLD had spent the last couple of years creating this legendary PE character in order to sell his product at the end of it.

This seems very cynical of me, but I can’t help but have SOME doubt about somebody on the Internet going from 6.5x4.5 to 12x7 in 2 years.

There are over 6000 members of this forum. Each and every one of them will be fully aware who DLD is if they’ve spent a little time reading any given page of posts. And who wouldn’t want DLD’s routines? Most people can spare $50 for a bigger dick, and if we all joined DLD would be $300,000 better off. Pretty good for two years work!

BUT I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. Part of me still wonders about his size - 12x7 - because that is truly huge and it doesnt take a genius to lie on the Internet, but then again maybe he’s totally genuine. Because it’s the Internet most, if not all, of us will never know.

Despite never having replied to any PMs I sent him asking for advice, and only replied to the ones I sent regarding his paysite, he still comes off as a nice guy. But it would be naiive to blindly accept that somebody has nearly doubled the size of their already average cock.

I want to see some honest opinions now rather than mindless DLD-praising.

PE SMART - Quality is infinitely better than quantity. Monitor your progress. Make changes accordingly.

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