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DLD says a sad goodbye to Thundersplace

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Thank you!

I too feel that DLD has greatly contributed to PE, but that does not make him an exception to the rules. I have always respected DLD, but after this whole thing I have lost that respect. I don’t feel it’s right for him to start a pay site when he has greatly benifited from this free forum, but that was his decision. I didn’t have any problem until I read this post. I feel that this whole thing was a ploy to promote his site. He purposely made the mods here look bad and then told everyone he would make a free site that would be better. As far as I’m concerned it is obvious that this was his intent, if not then why hasn’t he responded since he started this thread. Does anyone really think he hasn’t been reading all of this. I’m sorry to speak against DLD, because I know many people consider him a GOD, but this is they way I feel.


It has been pointed out that DLD joined PEforums before Thundersplace, and that PEforums is now dead.

Should we be asking ourselves if DLD caused that?

As to this petey dude, seems he hasn’t been able to cut and paste very much about some sort of conspiracy and backstabbing now has he?

And for the ignorant few who believe DLD has gone from 6” to 12”, please, who do you think you are kidding, guys? DLD has had good gains, and the guys is 12” flaccid bone pressed at the side…..try measuring that way youself and many of you will get readings over 10”.

He has a big dick….but let’s put it in perspective OK?




1. DLD’s first post on Thundersplace was July 28, 2002. So, his stay here at Thunders is less than one year.(you can do your own search to check). His posting has been prolific, starting at PEFORUM and then here.
2. Basic PE techniques, i.e. jelqs, squeezes, hanging, pumping,stretching, bends, etc. have been around for several years, adapted and refined by numerous current and past members.
2. No one banned DLD at Thundersplace.
3. DLD choose to leave Thundersplace.
4. Thundersplace is a completely free zero-cost site for everyone wishing PE information and group support.


Few observations

  1. DLD, you are a cry-baby and clearly over-reacting in that thread, everyone works for their own self-interests, and I see right through that post of yours.
  2. You are a great guy and no doubt have helped people in the past.
  3. I read through this whole thread, and obviously, there is NO CONSPIRACY…get over yourself and Petey, get lost you loser—you are doing nothing constructive to the progress of this forum, you need to get banned, your IP needs to get tracked and everything else, I would really fuck you up if you messed like that on my site.
  4. DLD, I asked you for advice and a sample routine in another forum, and you answered and gave no routine, this occured AFTER you got your pay-site running.
  5. Deal with it, be a man, you cannot have a damn pay-site and be a moderator, in life integrity is everything, you lose that, your word means nothing. And this site will maintain its integrity.
  6. Thunder is a man of his word and I respect him the MOST out of everyone here. He is a true gentlemen and sticks to what he believes. I remember reading the post where he was worried about how that link in DLD's signature to his pay-site was removed…that is true contestant to Thunder's integrity and as a result, I will always frequent this forum because this is a honest forum that doesn’t want to trick people and swindle their money.
  7. If money is involved then there will always be hidden agendas. I’m sorry, but no one is a pure angel.
  8. DLD your site must be generating you alot of money, how much? how many members joined? how much $$ are you contributing to Thunder’s forum? You must be getting rich, is all that money changing you as a person? Everyone changes, money involves many questionable motives. If you can’t answer my questions, you clearly have alterior motives. All those people that buy into your site must be forum members here.
  9. Obviously, this PE forum is enough to get a big dick, I just think the mods need to organize the information nicely because I even have a hard time to lay out a good routine for myself. All the PE techniques needs to be index and easy to find. I had to dig to find what exactly a v-stretch was, frustrating. People who know where all the information is can organize it easily.
  10. About what Hobby said I agree with him 100%, we need to question the motives of others. And he was just dropping his opinion, no damn conspiracy.
  11. My take on DLD: He realized how much money he generated from his site, he has learned about commission and how much one can make. So why frequent this forum? Like everyone said, conflict of interests. Anyone can see that. He’s over-exagerrating…but WHY?. He is appealing to human emotions. Act emotional and blame others (typical human nature) and say “Yes, *that* is the reason I am leaving!” while maintaining his own self-image of the whole thing, look at how so many posters are backing up DLD.
  12. This has brought up alot of attention and I’m afraid that it will hurt this forum’s integrity.
  13. What bothered me is the mentioning of “free forum” so others can follow him—that is a threat and anyone must question his motives here. Sorry to say but Thunder's forum will be the best PE forum to stand (I have been to countless PE forums and forums over the internet), and Thunder’s is all FREE. *That* is the real damn point.

This is all political, and here is an insightful quote that all politicians follow:

“There are two rules for ultimate success in life:
1) Never divulge everything you know…”

Thunder, I will certainly donate to this fine forum once I get out of debt.

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Re: Few observations

“There are two rules for ultimate success in life:
1) Never divulge everything you know…”

And the other is?


and the guys is 12” flaccid bone pressed at the side…..

Funny you mentioned that I just seen the pic you are talking about and I thought it was odd that he measured that way. Before I knew how to correctly measure my penis I always thought it was a little over 7” I measured from the side much like in that picture the way dld is doing. but I’m 6.5” BP from the front (top side) so yeah it does make a difference but I don’t think 2 whole inches. I’d like to see a pic of him with a ruler measured from the top IDK, maybe he does maybe he doesn’t but the matter is that his cock is still the biggest either way i bet — but who cares anyway why does this matter…. cause we’re at a freaking penis forum that’s why :)


Re: DLD says a sad goodbye to Thundersplace

Originally posted by doublelongdaddy
I sit here in tears having to say goodbye to a place I felt was my home for so long. Thundersplace is where I have come everyday for hours.

You have been a great member to this site, but this site must have gave you the value “data” to create your attractive site. Any businessman knows, before you start any business, you must what? Research

You’re constantly in my prayers and thoughts.

Appearing as the angel, eh? too bad you aren’t a philanthropist, the meaning of context: charitable benefactor.

Don’t pose as one. You are a businessman, not a philanthropist.

I am no longer a mod in this forum as some of you may have already noticed. This is due to the fact I am a pay-site owner. I accepted this demotion with the utmost humility.

Why with “utmost humility”? I perfectly understand why that decision was come to be made.

I felt ashamed because the reason for my demotion was because I started a pay-site.

Sorry buddy, conflict of interests, you as a mod will destroy the integrity of this site. But you as a member—perfectly fine.

If you can’t live with that, then you definitely have another agenda going on.

What's the *big* difference between a mod and member that hurts you so much?

Excuse to leave this site? Or what? Answer please.

If I knew that most of my mod friends here were going to stop being my friend after I did this, I never would have done it.

Sure you would not have done it. Hey, you can stop it now, take down your pay site since they “supposedly” think of you this way. I know that you will not do what I just said. :)

Stop trying to appeal to the general public. Define demagogue

I recently have been hearing from many sources that there is a sort of conspiracy against me. I wish this was born out of paranoia but sadly it is not. Men who I thought supported me and knew who I was as a man have decided I am some scummy hustler that has devoted my life to PE in order to swindle the general public into my pay-site.

Prove it. Why did you say all this? Reverse psychology?

My 1800 posts here are being looked down on as a simple ploy for me to promote my pay site. I am deeply hurt that I had to hear this information from non-mod members. This means the mods I thought to be my friends are spreading information from the mod forum among the general public in some sort of lynching attempt. Why you want to hurt me is beyond me because I love and care about each of you. I would do anything, ANYTHING, to help my brothers and sisters here.

This place has all the data you need to create your own paysite.

Demagogue - “love and care for each of you”

“ANYTHING”? Hmm…what makes you want to say this?

I come across as too honest, too humble, too helpful and in a world that is plagued by dishonest self-serving people this must come across as insincere.

…I love helping men with PE. That is what this comes down too. We are here to get bigger cocks and share ideas on this. This was never supposed to be about politics.

I now feel it is my obligation to create my own free forum to continue my journey in PE and contribute to the free PE movement.

You are contradicting yourself there buddy - “contribute to the free PE movement”. Everything is about politics.

I have never has any motive but to help. I can no longer stay in a forum that has a sole purpose with the administration to discredit me.

Prove it!

I can’t believe I am crying over this. I love you all and thank you for making my life’s work complete.


Yea, this site must have made your life’s work complete (aka your site).

Not being cynical, because I don’t scorn you at all. Just questioning his motives, offering another valueable view.

I don’t appreciate you appearing as someone you are not. I know you helped the PE community here, you are a great guy—in all seriousness. But this post of yours is clearly histrionic.

You are a businessman, what can I say. You make a name for yourself, that *you deserve* and now you sell that name. I have nothing wrong with that, but don’t try to traduce this site.

Appearances are always deceiving, no?

I wish you success in your venture.

I think the original post has opened a huge can of worms and seems like it’ll go on forever.

Lets just call it a day, disable any more posting on this thread and get back to the matter in hand (pun intended) Lets all make our dicks BIGGER.

Whoever leaked the content of the moderator’s forum has a lot to answer for.

If their motivation was to help DLD then they have failed completely. They have done nothing but harm him.

Had this information not been leaked it is possible that DLD could have continued to be an active member here. Now it seems that this is not possible.

It is clear that Thunder has been very aware of the conflict of interest problems which would arise when DLD’s site went live, but did his best to reach a solution because of the high regard in which DLD is held by the members here.

I for one will continue to support Thunders. It is a superb forum. There is a huge amount of expertise here and it is unfortunate that many of the mods and vets do not get the credit they deserve for the time and effort they put in to help others.


Originally posted by Dino9X7
Wow I was out hurt for a couple of days and come back to this fine kettle of fish when I get back. You know one the biggest thing a moderator does at thunders is keep the vultures away from our members, do you have any ideas how many people want to sell things to our 5,000 members who are mostly guys that will buy anything to grow there dicks. We try to keep the forum pure, free pe for all. The reason this has gone on so long is the fact that DLD is so loved by most mod's and most members it has clouded our thoughts and thinking processes, if any of the less popular moderators had started a pay site it would have been cut and dry”NO WAY” and would have been shot down in the beginning. I do think DLD is a great guy and he does help lots of people but just like any pay site owner he does promote his site when given the chance. I know I would if I had a site and I was trying to make a living. I want DLD to make lot's of money and he will if he can get 500 of thunders members to join at 50.00 bucks he will make 25,000 dollars and if can get another 100 a month to join that will be 5,000 a month, not a bad chunk of change I tell you it makes me want to start a pay site. And if DLD can have one why can't I. I'm sure I can put together a very good program. These are just some of the issues we have to deal with because if we look the other way for DLD we have to for the other mods who might want to make some money from PE. And as far as what Hobby said he's more or less right, I have been around for a long time and the long timers know that most of dld's exercises are old exercises that he has improved or added to, and read what I said he has improved them and made them better. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb but he pretty much took what someone else did and finished it and made it work. So I hope DLD stays but I'm a little upset at his post he could have PM'ed us. But he decided to air it out in the open and than just split without finishing what he started. I hope he does start a free site but I wonder if it will have a huge link to his pay site and big penis extender ads blinking on top. It would also be a great feeder site for a pay site. I'm sorry this all happened but I said to DLD in private that it was going to be very hard to have a pay site and be a member or a mod, but I thought if anybody had a Chance it would be him. Well DLD I wish you the best you have definitely put brother against pe brother in the moderator ranks. TO ALL THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY AGAINST DLD JUST A BUNCH OF CONFUSED GUYS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT TO DO WITH A FRIEND THAT THEY CARE ABOUT THAT IS DOING SOMETHING THAT THEY MUST FIGURE OUT HOW TO DEAL WITH NOW AND IN THE FUTURE.


Well said, Dino. That’s as right-on as I have seen in this thread.


I think dld didnt handle this right. But he is not the only one.

I still don’t get at all why there as ever any consideration of banning dld.

Why would you consider banning him? Yes, remove as moderator and yes do not allow him to make references (in sig or posts) to his paysite by why ban? I remember thunder wanted to help him with his email signatue and stuff and dld had just removed references to his site in his sig. Seems to me a little discussion with him could have avoided all of this as he probably would have been very compliant.

I think there could have been more honest open communication both ways.

Personally, I would have held a mod discussion with him. Instead of being concerned that dld can read your mod posts, why not be concerned with treating a major forum contributer with basic respect?

Do you guys honstly think DLD has been pushing his site before it was created? Come on.

If you go back and read when DLD started talking about a pay site he said it wouldn’t have been possible without Thunders encourement.

DLD doesn’t have the confidence to be as self-involved that he would act as some have accused.

He was never anything but genuine. He may be over reacting a little here, but that’s what happens with OCD. Don’t forget that. It’s not easy when your head plays games you didn’t sign up for. I know, I’ve been there, shoot I live there.

Dld has done a lot to help people, I saw a thread where he offered and made a routine for some newbie, via pm (the newbie thanked him over the fourm) after his site was up and running, and I remember thinking, wow how many people would do that. Not many, not many at all.

Now obviously he can’t help everyone who pm’s him, but one is a heck of a lot more than most “buisness men” would even consider.

Now if I’m wrong than DLD is one of the greatest actors/connivers that I’ve ever come across and I highly doubt that. DLD must be posting from his yacht while he sips wine and laughs as the money from these pour foolish souls rolls in.

"Kids you've tried your best and failed miserably... the lesson is, never try." -Homer Simpson

Yes, well said, Dino!

Let me clarify my stance, after reading my last post I thought some might think I am against the Mod’s.

No I am not, I’m simply stating that I feel that DLD has been very honest and open. I think he is overreacting but those unfamiliar with OCD won’t understand. The smallest thing could unleash a flood of uncontrollable thoughts, at that point you cannot know what to believe and what you can’t. Stuff normal people would shine on, drops people like DLD.

I do think this post is out of place, but I don’t doubt DLD’s honesty. Even if his actions are based on fasle information, in his head, at the moment he wrote this, it’s what he believed.

Can this be undone? I certainly hope so.

DLD come back, don’t push your site. Mod’s keep an eye out for site pushing, everythings that way it was.

DLD we wish the best for you.

"Kids you've tried your best and failed miserably... the lesson is, never try." -Homer Simpson


DLD says on his pay site that it has been over a year in the making. This is what DLD said not a thunder moderator. So it has been on his mind for awhile.

Also only one mod wanted to ban DLD as far as I know the rest of us just wanted to watch and see if he over promoted his site.


I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

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