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DLD says a sad goodbye to Thundersplace

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Originally posted by tps
rainsea, just stay in your office chair and don't go walking around when those nude avatars make you very hard at work.

LOL, that’s not the problem I meant. I am worrying about some colleagues will see those nude pictures in my screen.

Thanks, memento and Thunder! I will use that function when surfing at office ;) !

This thread needs to be boned.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

boned, I agree

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Thunder, I’ll get a message to him.

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>What, you guys afraid to voice your opinions on avatars?

I think they are.

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DLD did overreact. I don’t see any conspiracies here, or alterior motives by DLD. I was sad when I read the first post, because I realized fairly quickly what happened. It’s part of his nature to obsess over things. He recognizes it, and I hope the people here would too.

I agree with the policies here regarding DLD’s moderator status. I’m sure DLD agreed that it was the best route. But there were things going on in the background that he couldn’t see. Someone “in the know” must have been sending him some of the things and he took it out of context entirely since he couldn’t see the whole picture. Not really unexpected I think, considering who DLD is.

In the end, there’s a chance that he’ll recognize his mistake in starting this thread. Maybe he’ll even come back once in a while.

edit:shortened my run-on-and-on sentence.

Another coupld of things I want to say.

He’s made it fairly clear that his measurment of 12” is flaccid stretch, and that he’s still a long way from having a 12” penis. The way it’s portrayed on his website is just a marketing decision(my opinion). In other information there, he’s made it pretty clear that he has a 9.5” penis the way he measures progress.

On the theory that he’s been “planning” this for a year. I think that once he started developing his own exercises, it’s fair to claim that it was the time he started developing his website.

Just two things I saw in the 10 pages I did read here that bothered me. I’m not a “friend” of DLD, and haven’t corresponded with him much at all here, but I think these attacks on him are unfair.


I go away for a few days and now DLD is gone?

Oh well.. you know what they say…everything comes to an end..

You can’t really be mad at DLD for making a paysite, can you? I mean, you all love Bib, and technically he is making money off of PE as well (hangers).

However, I disagree with what a lot of you are saying.

While DLD was definitely a valuable asset to this forum, Thunder’s Place is still an amazing site, and I know it’s gonna stay that way.

Wow, that Alt - Tab thing is cool. You guys are so smart!!

Hey j384,

>> You can’t really be mad at DLD for making a paysite, can you? I mean, you all love Bib, and technically he is making money off of PE as well (hangers).<<

Bigger sells hangers, he may actually make his first dollar profit in a year or two. Probably not, unless he raises prices quite a bit. Both are commercial interests, yes, but I think that is where the connection between the two stops.

Bigger has wanted to get out of the hangers for just about as long as this board has been open. Somebody keeps talking him into continuing though. :)

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