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tight pelvic floor/tense pc muscle inhibit gains?

tight pelvic floor/tense pc muscle inhibit gains?

I was thinking about this earlier. Is it possible that tension in these areas could inhibit gains? I would think so as any bit of resistence will cause a reduction in pulling force effectiveness. Thoughts?

I’m not sure if it can physically inhibit gains but what I can tell you is when I’m stressed out or nervous I can measure up to an inch less BPEL and my flaccid hang is pathetic.

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There is no physiological reason I can think of why tension in those areas would reduce gains, but I still have a feeling it’s possible they could. I don’t think they would inhibit gains totally, just possibly make the harder to get. I think my feeling comes from the fact a tight pelvic floor is often associated with stress, and stress is definitely bad for gains.

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I have been very stressed out for a long time and have noticed that I had tense pelvic floor. A Kegel/reverse kegel routine seem to help me to have a more relaxed pelvic floor (A ratio of 60% reverse kegel and 40% kegel routine). You should give it a try!

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