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PC muscle as a metronome

PC muscle as a metronome

Alright I’m just having a laugh here =) but anyway here goes,

I’m a guitarist and I am currently practicing a lot with a metronome. In order to develop a sense of rhythm, one has to tap his/her feet along to the beat. Now here’s my question;

Can I train my PC muscle to act as my foot would while playing music? (my PC muscle is not really trained right now)

Can the PC muscle contract in a rhythmic way, like a foot can, without having to really think about it.

Can it be felt good enough while standing up, moving around and while doing complex tasks?

Is it even safe to use your PC in this way?

Discuss please…

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I have been trying to make kegeling a habit that I don’t have to think about as well.

I am trying to tie it to a particular activity. I think it can work as you suggest, it simply is a habit that you have to train yourself to do.

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Originally Posted by Vaiable

Is it even safe to use your PC in this way?

Sure you can. It’s the same as any other muscle, you can train and flex it anytime you want. Go and make your sweet music, and the next time someone asks to feel your muscles, lead their hand down between your legs, flex your muscle and give them a tune!

19th Feb 2012

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