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thinking about using some hormonal cream to maximize routine, (old users)

thinking about using some hormonal cream to maximize routine, (old users)

Hi guys, I just got back to my Ullis routine that worked for me although is time consuming….

Lately I have been reading about the whole story about jones 8315 that gained 0,5 inches with a hormonal cream, cya at 8 and hobby joined his experiment and also gained good. This wasn’t his first PE routine so i am considering maximizing my gains with the Ullis with a supplement like that. Does anyone know how jone’s story ended?

I supposed he eventually ended gaining and my insight says if they didn’t keep on using it they might lost most of their gains. It would be perfect if one of those users who tried it and gained could report back here.

It’d be great to get some feedback about these products and comment it again.

You misinterpreted what you read here Gain .5 inch/month with no excersizes. Jones8315 was a troll and “cya at 8 and hobby joined his experiment and also gained good” is not true. But to quote Hobby from hobby - Gain .5 inch/month with no excersizes

Originally Posted by hobby
Something to keep in mind is this thread was started in 2003. Pro-hormones were banned in America in January, 2005. Now they are in the same class of evil as real steroids and carry some hefty penalties.

and to quote Cya at 8 from Cya at 8 - Gain .5 inch/month with no excersizes

Originally Posted by Cya at 8
Please step away, slowly, from the 4aderm bottle.

If you only read the first few pages of a thread, you tend to miss the troll unmasking.

Here’s the TL;DR post of the thread

Southpaw - Gain .5 inch/month with no excersizes

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thanks so much memento, this site sometimes leads me to confusions but fortunately the moderators make it up and are so helpful. I read the 60 pages but many I just overread it….

what a f*** troll…. so they all planned to swindle the people? They post interesting threads about the subject, some clearly stayed that Testosterone worked for PE. Do people get this bored?

However the scientific links seem to be real. And why is it still post in the thread of: Science of PE Posts and Threads. Link Here! ??

thanks again

It’s fairly normal for people to post scientific links that they think back up their position. Oftentimes when you read the links, they don’t actually do that. If a reader thinks it does, without bothering to read the link it works well as a device. If you remember that there aren’t actually any studies of penis enlargement with a large enough group of test subjects to be meaningful, then it’s easy to assume that any scientific paper linked may well have a tenuous link to what is being discussed. That should be your starting position.

When you read a forum you have to read with care. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If there’s a thread from 2003 about something that worked brilliantly well but no one is talking about it now, why?

That thread is actually a really good thread, if you ignore the main premise. It’s often the case that threads with lots of debunking information are good.

As to Jones’ motivations for the thread, who knows. He could have really believed and got annoyed because he couldn’t back it up. He might have been trying to locate test subjects for something he wasn’t willing to try himself….

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

I won’t even use a hormonal cream. Who knows what the hell will happen junk or body. Unless a DR says you need a some sort of hormonal injection to live I’d stay away for it.

Not really a signature but a link to a great guide Newbie Routine Steady Progress Chart.

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