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Gain .5 inch/month with no excersizes

8 isnt enough: …The polypharmacy cream also significantly augmented penile perfusion in 81% of patients.
Does this mean circulation was enhanced- as in more blood flow throughout the penis? This does not mean a larger penis does it?

perfuse: to force a fluid through (an organ or tissue) especially by way of the blood vessels

I posted a note on the circulation in the glans thread since I wondered if this might be beneficial for those with a “soft-head” problem.


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this thread is good, but there’s ALOT of crap! heh

I have taken 4AD lots of times for bb, and the shutdown (of test production) is nothing to worry about for 3 reasons:

1) 4AD is much weaker than actual steroids

2) there’s not enough surface area to absorb a whole lot (when I did transdermals i had to cover my whole body almost)

3) a short cycle of 3-4 weeks will shut you down for very little time

gyno? wont happen.. even people doing high doses of transdermal 4ad dont get gyno, prostate same shit, this is a very small dose your taking guys, i would be shocked if anyone on here got more side effects than a stinging sack from trying this. honestly, the side effects are almost nothing to worry about, as an AAS user, only thing i would do is take ZMA, tribulus and flax oil after one of these cycles, definitely no need for drugs like clomid which are needed for steroid cycles 100X more powerful

“Dr. Newman Lin has found that application of androstene or testosterone creams to the shaft and head of the penis strengthens and enlarge the tissues. (OBGYNS use almost the same technique when they prescribe estrogen cream to be applied internally to the vagina for older women whose innerwalls have become thin and weak). Andro Edge from Life Flo is an affordable and effective andro cream giving over 95% absorption. When applying the andro cream to the genitalia remember don’t bathe in the stuff, “a little dab will do ya”.

Maybe Jones was Dr. Lin???? Hehe

WARNING: The above statement was meant more as a joke and not intended to re-introduce this theory….. Please step away, slowly, from the 4aderm bottle..hehehe


Did someone gain by using this stuff?

Looking to be a kiwi.

Well, my testing ended up being not very scientific, but I seem to have gotten some growth off of it. Nothing amazing, but then, I’ve always been a slow gainer and it was while I was using this that I actually gained girth - something I normally don’t do.

So in the end:

1. Does doing any of this stuff actually incrrease size?
2. How much size, erect and flacid?
3. Where is the proof of this(not science, I mean reallife case-studies)?

Originally posted by memberman
So in the end:

1. Does doing any of this stuff actually incrrease size?
2. How much size, erect and flacid?
3. Where is the proof of this(not science, I mean reallife case-studies)?

Well, that is hard to answer. I tend to think it does not do much for most. I base my judgement mostly on the fact that most of the guys who tried this are not posting anymore. The thread at love scent also dried up.

Some say it worked for them. Maybe there is a genetic or environmental/behavioral component. Who knows, that are a lot of variables.

One thing is clear, it is not as simple as squirting a little growth hormone on you penis a couple of times a day.

Well, thats my opinion.


For me, I don’t think 4Aderm really helped much, if at all. Some of you may remember at the time that I was using heat as well, which I do think helped a lot, but only for about 1 week. I never managed to encourage a repeat result.

Being one of the more risk taking types I’ve considered 4AD, 3-Alpha, Winny and Test. I will not say that there is no merit to this idea, but I will say that I think 4AD is probably a waste of time.

I was reading an email from Big Al about how long it took him to get his gains (from around 6.5 to 8 as I recall, which was about 3 months using only natural PE), which only goes to show that for some people almost anything will work, and one positive testimony does not necessarily make that person a liar but an exception to the rule. I believe Jones. I believe Big Al, and I believe Reicher with his Test applications. I’ve yet to find my magic method :o (

Personally I think there is negligable risk in applying 4AD for (and I stress) **for most people**, but there will always be an exception, just like there will be for asprin. My reason for suggesting to avoid it is that it will almost certainly be a waste of your time and money.

Where can one get this topical testosterone? Do you need a prescription?

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It’s seems pretty obvious that no one had great results, so why bother the risk out weighs the lack of gain

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this sounds promising, but no masterbation? how can anyone live like that ;]

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