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Gain .5 inch/month with no excersizes

Originally posted by ThunderSS
I put that message in his post, so that he would check his PMs. Seems to have worked.

Oh, I guess it should have been obvious that something like that happened. I guess I see the world from a slightly different perspective than most.

Can I take these staples out now then.


Well has anyone tried the transdermal, or the 4ad with the same delivery that jones used. Which was IPM I believe?

This could be very important if no one conducts the experimentaion exactly as he; how then could we expect the same outcome. Even though the differnt things each person dose may be small differences those small changes can create huge differences as far as conducting an experiment. We must focus.

I think that if no one here has tried exactly what jones says that he did to himself then how can we be so inclined as to second gues his work? ( Work meaning his experimentation with the substances in question?)

I think there should be a few who are willing to come forward and try the same path exactly, and then post any findings.

My first reaction to this thread was that there is basically a lot of room for ego here. No one likes to be wrong. However that dosnt mean that just because we may be wrong that we are not reliable. Please. We need to look past who can come up with what is correct the fastest, and who can take credit or what claim. That is the downfall of man on any level.

Is we could all pull together in every aspect of life. Then questions like what we are trying to answer her would be childs play. No I’m sorry to say but everthing in this world seems to have been turned into one goal and one goal only “profit”

If there is nothing to gain for someone or a superior group, or a niche then things are pushed aside or overlooked. We fight and kill each other because of ego. Greed and selfishness. Imagine if there was no profit to be made from cancer treatment and pharmacutical indusrty, then there would be more open knowledge of such things as the benefit of coral calcium and the benfits of aiding precious metals to the diet. Yes I said precious metals, but ud best believe that there is a mot of covering up and misleading because people in social superior positions don’t want us to know because it would sqeeze their pockets a little closer together if we knew ways around what they say can only be treated and not cured.. There are so many unseen agreements and soft money and uncooth transations that take place within government. Such as those agreements that unsure that we continue to use fossil fuels when the technology to power automobils with methane, and solar power, and other means have been available for about 15 - 20 years, heck I remember seeing solor powered pannels on cars when I used to watch 321 contact as a child..

But back on topic. Lets come together and end selfishness and greed, and ego, and come together and realize that is we do, we have the ability to actually makea difference, personaly I’ve been a member here a short while. I realise that there are multitudes of experience, and all differnt walks of life. But lets remember that just because someone if different or maybe goes about things differently dosnt mean they are wrong. Or less than you. Lets stay socially constructive, oppression has many forms those in power tend to want to stay in power because if there is no one on the bottom because you allow people to move up the ladder. Then eventually there is no top. If there is no top there is no power, and people use power to control. And if there is no control people become uncomfortable because after living with opperssion or such hardship when it is absent we tend to long for it.

Now I know my post will more than likely be picked apart and ill be put on the spot, but as I’ve said that seems to be the nature of people. No one would listen to Ghandi, or jesus, or moses, or david, or kins solemon. Until it was too late. Or they were gone already. When will people stop it and realize that with all our education we are no better than we were from the day the first man walked upright. Infact we were probably better then..

That being said I would like to say that I am willing to go through with the experiment. I have no motives, I hardly even PE. I just thought it was interesting to find somthing that works. I believe I’ve gained about 1/4th of an inch over the last few months off and on jelking and a andro medical traction devies, but I somtimes go days or weeks without anything.

Now if someone would inform me as to where I could find the proper substances and materials or whatever I need, ill do this all ego and all selfishness aside. I have nothing to gain by doing this except what most people are here to do gain a larger healthier penis. I have no credibilty. Infact I hate science because I had a terrible high school instructor. ( Well a few) I am an architechture student. I type looking at the keys somtimes and I don’t spell too great. I’m a human, we all are.

But I will say I am very capable of holding a very itellectual conversation. I won’t respond to any rude responses, I will not make any, and I will respect the moderation because they have establish themsleves as the superior beings in this particular place and time in this world.

SO Thunder thankyou, and all moderation thankyou. And I would like to say lets all pull together and make things happen. I have a wealth of knowledge on other subjects that may not be PE but ar related in some ways such as alchemy ( which dose work ) andthe knowledge of it is supressed for reasons I have already stated.

If I recall there are certain substances that could promote this study, however I am not savvy with chemistry or biology or physics, and that is what is required to make this work. So lets come together and make this happen. Lets make history.. And not for self gain for everyone.

Most of the links I’ve tried won’t work. I’m using a Mac and Safari browser which may be why, however feedback, and assistance. So lets put this big bang in motion. Let there be light.

Something to keep in mind is this thread was started in 2003. Pro-hormones were banned in America in January, 2005. Now they are in the same class of evil as real steroids and carry some hefty penalties.


I conversed with someone why a transdermal DHT cream to enlarge their penis and their results were disappointing. DHT is thought to be the most potent regulator of penis size of the hormones discussed in this thread. The use of hormones is clearly an interesting potential PE avenue but I think that we have much, much more to learn and I very much doubt that a single hormone or basic mixture applied topically to the penis will be sufficient for PE.

I hope that helps.


I am sorry for being a lazy bastard but I this thread is 57 looong pages. So, does this steroid thing work and how big are the side effects ?

No clinical evidence, no solid proof or testimony check my supplement thread.

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There is clinical evidence the DHT will induce penile growth but only prepubscent or pubscent boys. DHT also enlarges the clitoris but to what extent that can be taken too I’m not sure. There seems a downregulation of AR in response to DHT though.


How do you make your own trans-dermal from 4AD I only see it sold as caps. Do you take the caps or do you crush them to make the trans-dermal I am very interested in this theory but am a little foggy on the application please help


It’s been a while since I’ve posted or logged in at that. DHT is what causes hair loss. So wouldn’t it be possible for the DHT used to grown your penis to circulate to your scalp and cause lots of problems?? And I know that I’ve seen something like this before but. If this is the case, dose that mean people who take medications, or supplements ext. That inhibit DHT have a harder time gaining? And do they experience more gains when the treatment is stopped?

So, is it bad logic to infer that using something like a DHT cream on your penis while you’re still in puberty, and your receptors are still active, could enhance penile growth/gain?

I’m only 19 and I dont think Im completely done with puberty, can I use what your talking about to naturally grow my dick?

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