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Standing or sitting


Standing or sitting

Hi guy I have been doing PE for five months. I would like to know while you do PE. Are you standing or sitting.

I do both of them.

Kegels - Laid in bath
Wet jelqs - Sitting
Clamping - Sittings

Planning on hanging soon i will probably stand up for that and use the SD method :)

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Standing up for every exercise. I do kegels sometimes outside of a session, but also do them standing up during a session.

Originally Posted by Jewkun
Hi guy I have been doing PE for five months. I would like to know while you do PE. Are you standing or sitting.
I do both of them.

It depends. If you are comfortable standing why sitting down? If you are comfortable sitting down why standing?

I normally do my stretching standing, but am trying to see if I will make more gains while sitting b/c of the fat pad reduction. Guessing maybe somehow it will help gains b/c theres more penis exposed when I sit, huge fat pad 1.5+ inches (.yeah I know lol)

Girth work I do sitting. It’s way more comfortable and I can get a lot more into base (I guess you would call it base) when I grab as far down as I can.

I stand, I feel like I get a nice jelq stroke that way. Although I have never tried sitting, I always think about that when I’ve been standing for over 30 min. Maybe I’ll give it a go tonight.

I like to stretch standing, and I jelq and kegel sitting.

I sit on the edge of a chair or on the edge of the bath tub. It’s comfortable and I get more leverage and reach. I don’t really know why one would stand up while doing PE except for hitting a few angles that can be difficult when sitting down.

I actually find the jelqing feels quite different whether I’m sitting or standing. Hard to explain why. Consequently I practise both.

When I’m clamping I actually usually squat and lean forward, which looks kind of stupid (but no one’s watching) and this seems to drastically increase the blood pressure in my lower mid section and I get more expansion.

Originally Posted by zerone
I like to stretch standing, and I jelq and kegel sitting.

I concur.

At least for sideways stretching is better to be standing.

The legs will be in your way if you are seated.

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Manual stretching and cranks - Standing.

Jelg - sitting.

Hanging - standing and sitting.

4Foreskin ;)

Kegals: while browsing TP, of course :)

Jelqs: Standing

Stretches: Usually standing, or laying in bed.

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I wouldn’t expect to conclude any general rules from this. I think it depends on which is most comfortable for you, or most efficient.
I prefer to sit because it allows me to relax the muscles down there and permit a better stretch.

I am trying to incorporate as much of my PE exercises into my everyday activities as I can.
Thus I do PE while doing other relaxing things like reading, watching tv, or surfing the web.

I hang while standing, while preparing meals, doing housework, etc.
I also jelq while standing in the shower.

I have found a way to stretch while reading on the couch. I hook a clothes hanger to the backside of the coffee table and then hook a bungee cord to that and stretch it to my bib hanger while I am sitting on the couch. I provides an amazing stretch - better and more comfortable than hanging weights. I spent most of the day yesterday doing passive PE, all while doing my other activities.

You can pretty much do any of the exercises anyway you want.

I suppose you could stand and do PE if your on the newbie routine or any other light routine but it gets old fast when your doing 3+ hour sessions.

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