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Correct way to measure standing up or sitting?


Correct way to measure standing up or sitting?

All this time I’ve been measuring sitting down. Is the correct way to measure standing up or sitting down? I have a feeling it’s standing up. Today I measured my BPFSL standing up and I noticed it was more than 1/4 inch shorter than when I normally measure sitting down. Why is that?

intresting, for me it is the opposite way, sitting down is usually 1/3 inch shorter than when Im stanting up

I don’t think it gets any bigger than it is, if you measure it standing or seated. Important is the exercise should never stop,

Results come in proportions to enthusiasm applied.

Definitely sitting is the way to go! I don’t like losing 1/4” :D

I think being consistent in the way you measure is more important than anything. With that said, I prefer sitting down :)

Yep, I loose over 1/4 of an inch when I stand up as well… Don’t that just suck!

Whatever is most consistent for you. I always measure standing.

I used to measure sitting, but I don’t know why I’m measuring standing now. I recall that sitting on a chair and leaning back a bit seemed to give me an extra 1/8, even 1/4. Do it as you want making sure that you do it the same way every time…

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I always measure standing. But I noticed that measuring parallel to the floor (90 degrees) is 1/4” shorter than when I measure at about 45 degrees to the floor. Which is correct , the angle measurement or the parallel measurement?


Hopefully I will have a digital camera on Friday and I will post some pics on how measurements can differ so much.

I gain almost inch if I sit down, lean back and push my dick down. No need to explain why.

As others mention, the idea is to remain constant. I measure standing up with my dick parallel to the floor, and push in as hard as I can. That way, the next time I can’t push the ruler in further even if I want to. I often stand with my back to the wall and use a mirror to check it is parallel.

My BP measurement sounds good to me, but what I consider more important is if it LOOKS big - I’m sure you all know what I’m on about.


I say measure which ever way is longer :D but as Superstroker said be consistant with that style.

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While standing there should be less of a fat pad surrounding the pubic area which would account for a difference.

>>While standing there should be less of a fat pad surrounding the pubic area which would account for a difference.<<

Bonepress is bonepress no matter how much fat pad you have. Once you hit the pubic bone then that is your measurement.

I disagree. While standing you may have a .5” padding but while sitting you may have .75-1” fad pad which will alter the numbers.

Nofear, I agree with you about the fat pad bit, but what i’m saying is that if you are measuring bonepress which the majority of us are doing, no matter how much fat padding you have, the ruler is going to surpass all of that fat and stop at the pubic bone which is where the official measurement takes place.

Now if you are measuring from the base of your penis or not bonepress, then the fatpad will alter the difference.

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