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Standing and Sitting: Measurements, Jelq, Stretching, blood flow and the works.

Standing and Sitting: Measurements, Jelq, Stretching, blood flow and the works.


I’ve been PEing for about a month now. I have seen some gains in erection but mostly girth though id prefer erections gains than girth. Anyhow, I ve noticed some difference in erection length when I measure my weiner while standing up and sitting down on a chair. I’ve noticed a longer erection length when I measure it sitting down and if I measured it standing up, it is a bit shorter. When I am sitting it’s about 5.75” but when I stand up and measure it it’s about 5.25”. I am thinking the difference in measurement is caused by the blood flow trapped when I am sitting. When I stand up, the flow of the blood goes down my legs and not to my weiner.

So now I am just wondering of a better PE program. I am wondering if I should PE while I am standing up and not pe sitting down to get my blood flow accustomed when I am standing. Also does anyone know how to keep the blood flow on the penis while standing? Are there any supplements make this happened without getting horny like a raging bull?


It isn’t from blood flow but from the angle of your penis to your body, I also measure more while sitting. The general consensus is to measure while standing with your penis 90 degrees from your body.

I jelq sitting in a cross-legged position, and find it comfortable.

Taking L-arginine will increase blood flow to your genitals by increasing your body’s nitric oxide production.(causing vasodialation or expanding of the arteries.)
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Do the exercises in a position that feels comfortable. The difference in measurements has nothing to do with blood flow. If you want more info on “standing sitting measure” then use those words in the search field (button top right of every page).


And whatever you do, measure in the same position each time. I think the method most use is standing, if you want to be able to compare to other people here.


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