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Reaching a limit

Reaching a limit


I’ve been peing for about 8 months now. But I’m new at Thunders.

Well, I thought about reaching a limit in growth. Has anyone reached or heard about this?
Is there a maximum amount of expansion some dicks can handle? Or in rare occations someone
Has the dick build for really become a lot bigger. Then I mean like 3 inches and 2 in girth.

Not so much has happened to me during this time, except my dick has become alot better
Conditioned, so I was wondering if my dick just can’t get any bigger, like it has already reached it’s
Limit, almost before I started. :(

Many guys quit perhaps of this?

Thank you.

I don’t think there is a limit, but I think there could be a limit to how large you can grow a well functioning schlong.


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