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A limit?

A limit?

Did you think that the penis has a growth limit. Imagine a guy that begin PE at 20 or 25 and never stop until he is 70, is he going to have a dick of 45” or more, needing help of young ladies to jelq? :)

I think that there is a limit to what would be useful.

I think past 10” any thing more is strickly for decoration.

Actually past 9” there may be difficulty with quality of erections in some men.

I think with a 45” prick assistance at jelq would be probably the only contact it would get with women:)

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I was just wondering about that, like a performance in the guiness book or something like that, just to know if the body could adapt himself for example to push enough blood in it, or if after a certain length the body will stop creating new cells.

What about your anaconda? :)

How would you wear pants??? Talk about a real show stopper. You could get it up and kick someone’s ass with your dick.

Originally posted by dave134
How would you wear pants??? Talk about a real show stopper. You could get it up and kick someone's ass with your dick.

Or play golf :D

Or you could use it as a belt that could be really funny :)

I have a feeling we will find out the limit within these forums.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

Not that I’d be anything of an expert, but I believe that every cell in the human body is preprogrammed with a reproduction limit.

One cell can only split and form two new cells a certain number of times. I think it’s due to the fact that every time it splits, there is a small chance for a minor error, and over time, if the cell is allowed to continually reproduce, then the errors will build up and you’ll end up with a freak cell thats all fucked up. A natural safety precaution if you will.

I believe cancerous tumours are cells that go nuts and keep dividing without a limit…

So, based solely on the assumption that PE works because of new growth, that is, the production of new cells, then yes, I think there is a limit. What exactly that limit is, is in completely uncharted territory. I suppose we’ll find out sooner or later, when all the super vets (decaders +) start reporting that they havent gained in years.

I have a strong suspcion that the limit will be different for everyone, and comparitively huge to their starting point.

This is all going on the assumption that size increase is because of new cell growth. However if any gains from PE are due to stretching or resizing of cells that are already there, then there would logically not be this limit imposed. (but perhaps when a cell gets really huge, it would be unstable eg not as strong? Like an overinflated baloon as opposed to a barely inflated one?)

But of course, we need to also look into the concepts of useable size. Although I strongly believe that “useable size” is alot larger than people claim it to be. For example, alot of people say that 7” girth is massive, and would be practically useless. I disagree. I think with time and patience, anything is possible and accommodateable (is that a word?)

Without a doubt, 12 inches of length will probably be way more than enough to please any woman in the world as far as depth is concerned.

On the girth front, as I’ve pointed out before, I don’t think that there is an “attainable” useable limit. Even if you PE’ed for girth for the rest of your life, with a steady partner, she would constantly adapt, and you would never be too big. Especially taking into consideration time factors such as childbirth, and natural loosening/weakening of muscles etc.

Does anybody really think it is possible, even if there is no limit, to constantly make gains and end up at, what, 10” or 12” of girth? Is this even a functional size?

Eg: will an erection be possible at this point? With a size of 12x12, the volume would be over 2 liters! that’s nearly 1/3rd of an average guy’s blood supply!

Although at a size like this, the flaccid would probably be at least 8x10, which would be enough to stuff any chick, and still apply pressure to the walls! LoL :D

Oh shit… sorry for the rediculous ranting. it’s now 5am and I’m in philosophical thinking knowledge mode… and I’ve had way too much coffee…. time for bed :D

I think there has to be a limt for some. I am a very hard-gainer. I have gained 3/4 inch in length and maybe 1/8 inch in girth in 2 years time. Some of this stuff has to be genetic. From Bib’s study I unfortunately seem to be one who started with low, long ligs. So it seems that as of right I have exhausted the amount of gain I can get from lig stretch so I am having to focus on tunica stretching. I say ‘as of right now’ because I am hoping that maybe if I can get some gains from tunica stretch that somehow this may enable me to later get gains from lig stretch again. I don’t know, but I have my fingers crossed. The trouble I have had in gaining has drastically changed my long-term goals. When I first started I probably gained a 1/2 inch in length in 3 months time. I was looking forward to gaining 2 inches in a years time, but the dreaded plateau was reached that has been very hard to overcome. At that time I had a goal of 9 NBP X 6, well it’s safe to say that if I ever reach 8 NBP I will pack up my PE Gear and ride into the sunset. Knowing that this stuff does work but not being able to break a plateau is a complete mind ***k. If I had put the amount of time and effort that I have in PE into something else there is no telling what I could have accomplished in the last 2 years. Also at 5 foot 8 and 155-160 lbs 9 NBP would probably look obscene on me. I wouldn’t say that if I thought I could get there I wouldn’t, rather I don’t feel that it is worth the effort, at least for me.


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Originally posted by doublelongdaddy
I have a feeling we will find out the limit within these forums.

I think so too :)

secjay really interresting post! But i think that at 12”x12” your gf will have to do a lot of VE (vagina enlargment) :)

Sappy1 i wish you the best of luck to achieve your goals, determination always paid that’s for sure!!


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