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Is there a limit

Is there a limit

Is there a limit in how much you can get using different PE technics, be it length or girth? I mean, using all the technics available in the most
Effective way (and in due time of course) can anyone have any dick size they want, like I can start today with a 1 inch penis and after 5 years or so I
Get a 10 inches one? So I’m not talking about monster size cock thought, nor implying that you can get infinite results

So anything above 10 inches is a monster cock, it’s impractical and none will need or want that anyway right? But it is possible for anyone to get a big
Sized dick?

I think its possible if we stay consistant. Like I stated in other posts, a lot of us could do PE for 20+ years if needed. Hopefully it won’t take that long.

But, going from 1 inch to 10 inch in 5 years is probably really hard to do and close to impossible maybe.

There is a limit for gains from ligs stretching and no limit for gains from tunica stretching.

Originally Posted by goin4length
No limit for gains from tunica stretching.

Hmm interesting!

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

The biggest limiting factor is in your head. On the other hand, be reasonable, it’s unlikely that even the fastest gainer in the world will be able to skip rope with his flaccid penis. Or maybe it isn’t…. ;)

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