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Limit to Tunica gains??

Limit to Tunica gains??

Unfortunately from Bib’s LOT study I am one of the ones who started with low ligs. So the minimal gains I have had in 2 years of PE(.75 inches in length) were probably from getting what I could from lig stretch. Now with Bib’s study I have concentrated on stretching the tunica with OTS hanging and DLD blasters. Bib has commented to people with high LOT that they should see good gains. I understand the ligaments may be easier to stretch than the tunica, but is there some reason why someone could not see gains of 2 + inches solely from tunica growth? I sure hope so, because although I have gained about 1/4 inch in FBSL in abut a month since concentrating on tunica work I would hate to believe that I will hit a wall that no matter what I try the tunica will not respond.



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I estimate (WAG) that I gained about two inches in tunica growth judging by the navel test. I do not think there is a limit to tunica stretch or growth, but I do think there is a gradual slowing of gains, unless stresses are increased.


tunica stretch

So, Bib, what do you mean when you say increased stress? How much, what force. Not to be generaic but what specific stress. IOWA


I guess I do not understand the question. Force needed depends on each individual. What is needed for one causes injury in another. What may cause gains for one will do nothing for others.

In general, as time goes on the penis will become stronger, and stress must be increased to keep gaining.


tunica stretch

I guess that is what I was asking. How much stress…I can feel the stretch sometimes but other times, maybe I am not giving it enough “toughness” or being agressive enough. Often in Jelqing I am really hard on the penis, putting a lot of pressure as I strip down the shaft, that always seems to give me an exploded glans. And, incresed girth is certianly the result. Guess need to just be as agressive as we feel the unit will take. Thanks. Iowa

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