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Is there a limit of gains?

Is there a limit of gains?

I´m very hard working guy. As you can see in my signature i started about 13.50 cm. When I found Thunder´s. Then I got some gains by stopping.. and going back it at a few months later. Then I had a series of health problems and and went to the army , so PE went to last priority of course.. Now I´m back to full commitment , like never before , currently at 16,60cm , probably a little more since I have a hard time keeping a 100% hard erection.( I´ll start a heavy kegel program soon ). My goal is 21cm BPEL , Is that possible? or am I daydreaming? ( don´t care if anyone says it´s not possible , not giving up anyway.. ) . And I still have so much to try , new exercises , clamping.. you name it. Just wanted to hear some opinions. Currently I´m taking a break of 3 days because I feel my penis is exausted …just been training hard as hell for a job. Need to be at top shape , so I´m pretty much blown out .Thank you all.

yours truly


I remember reading that although you can only gain so much with lig stretching that the tunica can be stretched for even further gains. I think that any size is possible as long as you spend the time.

Short-Term Goal: 6.25" EG by 9/1/14

"Take it Slow and Watch it Grow"

Long-Term Goal: 10.25" BPEL and 6.5" EG ?

Anything is possible. The best thing you can do is be persistent and scientific about it. If something isn’t working change it until you find something that does. You will gain.

Thanks , I was stuck before with ” normal ” stretching , but the inverted stretching seem to get me back on track. I got my gains doing mem´s routine , but only part of it ( i was coming back from a break ) so I started a night session of 20 min inverted stretching , and 20 min jelqing .I got 1,60 cm out of it so far. I’m starting the whole routine now , with another 20 min stretching session in the morning and horse squeezes at night. Any idea where to start after I hit the the dead end again? Any input is welcome. Thanks.

I´m aiming for lenght.


Congradulations on your gains. I hope they keep coming for you.

I too believe that anything is possible if you do the “right” work. I believe that Bib accomplished all that he claims. I personally believe that he found one of possibly only a few ways to achieve natural PE. Hence, I hang and clamp. Hanging is intense stretching. Clamping is intense jelqing.

I also believe that you will gain faster by increasing your knowledge of PE and then applying it to develop a routine you are willing to commit to day after day, month after month, year after year.

It might take years to figure out how to optimize your routine so that you can gain consistently. But then it is just a matter of time before you reach your goal. Know how first, time second.


Thanks for all the answers , I´d still like to hear more opinions. Thanks a lot!


We don’t know for sure what the limit is, or if there is one. Unfortunately we don’t have photo proof of the 4” gains (I may be incorrect about the actual amount they reported) of Yguy and Bib, so one must decide for oneself whether to believe it or not. I’m not saying it didn’t happen, in fact I think it’s likely they told the truth, but we don’t know for fact. Both reported putting mega effort into it and even though I’ve only put a fraction of their effort into it I’ve gained 1 1/4 in length and 1/4 in girth. And I don’t have proof to present either. So even though 4” is highly unusual, their level of effort was unusual. So perhaps.

Gains such as mine, or gains of a bit less, are numerous, and there are even a few members’ photos of such gains. Proof enough it works. Gains such as Bib’s and Yguy’s are rare. From reports it appears that making it to 2” gains in length is a decent possibility with lots of time and effort, but if one is a ‘hard gainer’ (term we use for those that have a tougher time than usual achieving gains) 2” in gains might not be possible. I say ‘might’. It also appears that anything past 2” gets extremely tough to achieve for just about anyone. I’ve been typing about length, but girth gains of 2” are unusual also. Big Girtha gained 2” in girth and gave us such detailed information every step of the way of his gains for a long time that I for one do definitely believe him and I think you would be hard pressed to find a member that followed his progress that doesn’t believe him. He had trouble with gaining length though, though I think I recall he did gain some. He worked on girth almost 24/7 nonstop for two years. It battered his dick up but he achieved the girth gains he was after. Bib reported being obsessed with gaining and that does help me in believing him. It does appear that with time and effort the chance of success corresponds. It also appears that whether one is an easy gainer, moderate gainer, or hard gainer plays a role.

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