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Linear Newbie Routine

Heh, I just did my first routine. Warm shower for five minutes, 20 jelqs (four sets of five >_>) and then warm rag wrap for five minutes. I’m going to do the same thing again tomorrow. That’s how it goes, along those lines, right?

10- 20 jelqs means 10- 20 strokes. It is not much, but it is enough to start with.

Your first exercise went just correctly.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Hello I am a newbie :)

I’m doing the newbie routine for 3 weeks now and don’t have see any gains, maybe a 0,1 inch in girth. Is it a good idea to switch to this routine ?

My routine at the moment
Warm up
5 min stretch
12 min jelq
Cool down

Gozah, the main methods to gain are same in both routines: jelqing and stretching. The main difference is, that Linear routine is more flexible and so it is mentioned to be more suitable to your current situation and PE history.

However suitable routine for current situation is often key element for success. As for a newbie who has never jelqed or stretched before I would absolutely recommend switching to Linear routine. Your case is more complex.
I recommend, that you should start using guidelines and main principles in Linear routine, but should you decrease your routine or start it all over is a different thing.
Well, actually I think, that you should decrease your routine down to about 100- 150 jelqs, but it is just estimation, the suitable number of jelqs can be more or less.
You can also keep for example 1- 2 week off and then start the Linear routine from the beginning, but the start (seeing gains) will be slower, because you have done harder routine before.

Can you have a good erection after your current exercise? If not, then it is sign, that it is too hard, but probably the judging your current routine is not that easy.
If you have further questions, please feel free to ask.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

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Thanks for your answer J123

Yes I can have a good erection after my exercises. And there is also not much different between my penis now and my penis 3 weeks ago, only a little bit more girth and veins.

What is a good routine for me do you think ?

Sorry for my bad English vocabulary

1 on 1 off or 2 on 1 off, with extra resting days now and then (believe me, they are needed) is a good start.
If you feel, that your present number of stretches and jelqs is fine, then you can just continue from that or what I recommend is, that you try at least in a couple exercise to do just about 100 jelqs so, that you have some comparison to support your decision about the right number of jelqs.
Like I said my estimation about right number of jelqs in your situation is about 100- 150 being more closely around 100, but it is just my estimation, that I can give sitting at my computer screen.

When you jelq and you adjust your erection level and jelqing speed and grip and so on, think that does it make enlarging the little blood cells to be possible and if necessary change things so, that it is possible.

As long as people can understand what you are saying, your English is just fine. My mother language is Finnish and it is quite different, than English, but practice makes perfect. Although my English is far from perfect so I keep practising.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

So you recommend me this routine ?

5 min Jelq
2 days on / 1 days off

Originally Posted by Gozah
Sorry for my bad English vocabulary


Post more, you have no idea how much my English has improved since I started to regularly post here at thunders. I am sure the same will happen to you.

I agree Bird2! Sometimes I look for the spell check button when I write e-mails…thunders syndrome..:) My English has improved so much that friends of mine comment on it. Thanks thunders place!

Gozah. Yes, but it is better to count number of jelqs, than measure time, because numbers are much more exact.

You mentioned, that you stretch 5 min, that sounds quite fine, but in here too it is better to count numbers.

Of course when you progress or not, it is wise to change your routine when needed, just like there reads in the first post of this thread.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

I am a totally noob with PE and I think you have more knowledge about it. At this moment I see after three weeks no gains, and your routine looks fine. So I think I started tomorrow with a 2 days / of 1 day routine with only 100 Jelq strokes without stretches :)

@ Bird, so thunders is good for your penis and for you English. That’s sounds good cause I have my final exam in may :D

Gozah, that sounds fine. You can also do stretches. You can start with about 1- 2 stretch per direction (up, down..), but there is no need to rush with the stretches (or with anything else).

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Thanks for your answers J123 :)

But I have a last question, how long I must doing this routine ?

As long as you need to. This is a routine that you can continue doing until you have the gains you want.

You just add more jelqs and stretches when needed and the routine continues. When you get more and more experience and you learn from it, the better idea you will have, that when to add more jelqs and stretches and when not or even decrease. Don’t worry you will learn it, mostly it is just observation.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Originally Posted by Gozah
@ Bird, so thunders is good for your penis and for you English. That’s sounds good cause I have my final exam in may :D

When I got my final exams a few years ago, English was my worst subject, got a 7 for it (still good but looks dull compared to all 8s and 9s). If I had to do the exams again now, English would be my best subject and I would have gotten a 10.


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