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Linear Newbie Routine


Looks like a good routine, thanks for sharing. Do you have any advice for kegels? I’d really like to work on controlling my ejaculations as far as holding them back and also the intensity when finally *unleashing* .

Well, kegels are quite simple to do, there is no big secrets. Anyway, I have noticed, that it is better to do short ones and long ones, because they affect slightly differently. Short ones are good in controlling the ejaculations and long ones in general erection quality.

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NEW newbie + advanced routine

Originally Posted by J123
10- 20 jelqs means 10- 20 strokes. It is not much, but it is enough to start with.
Your first exercise went just correctly.

Wow, it seems incredible that only that much would work, but I’ll start with this routine since it’s so quick and easy (at least at the start).

Good luck Teej (or good workouts so, that the luck part would be as little as possible).

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NEW newbie + advanced routine

I did the first workout earlier today and discovered quite a few red spots on the shaft later in the day (largest one around 1/16” diameter). I should use less pressure next time, right? Also, should I take a few days off now until they all clear up and then start over, or should I just keep going? Thanks!

Teej, those red spots are quite normal at first and they are not a very big deal. Decreasing jelqing pressure may help with them, but they usually stop coming without any special procedures. However if you see/or feel them coming when jelqing it is good to lighten up or stop jelqing in that session.
It is good to wait, that the red spots have some time to heal, so that they have at least faded somehow and won’t burst again. It can take day or two.

If there is something positive in the appearance of those red spot it is, that you have a penis that responds well to PE exercises and if you now advance carefully and play things right I am 100% sure, that you can enlarge your penis.

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NEW newbie + advanced routine

J123, I read your post on kegels. How many short kegels and long kegels should I do after my routine? Also should I do kegels every session?

One more thing, why is it bad to have sex or masturbate after a session? I have read on this site that it’s ok too? What’s your opinion?

Also I feel like I’m getting impatient again because I want to see results. Could you give me some words of encouragement to help me out.

Viva51, you can do kegels with your other exercises or separately. Usually it is best to do them little separately, because then you can focus to them better. You can start doing for example 30 short 1 second kegels and 15 long 10- 15 seconds kegels. In long ones you can with time variate the length within about 10- 60 seconds.
It really isn’t big deal, that how much kegels you do, if you just rest enough. Do the amount of kegels, that feels fine and then keep a day off with kegels and then do them again.

Having sex or masturbating after session can be bad if it is much extra stressful to penis. Another reason is, that your flaccid might decrease for a moment, but does that have something negative effect is a better question.
Mostly this whole thing is just playing safe. Personally I try to play safe, but it is just me.
The important thing to avoid is, that your sex or masturbation doesn’t become to a session number 2, when it can have negative effects.

I am not very good with encouraging words, because they usually feel like just empty words, but I have some tips and things to remind again.

Most growth in PE is achieved during exercise and when resting it stays like that in ideal situation.
So to have some growth you must get some during the workout. It isn’t necessary to blow up your penis, you need just to get a little over the edge and that is enough. This is place where the playing safe usually happens, people almost explode their dicks. So a little growth during exercise is usually necessary, but only a little.

I wrote earlier about sweat exercising and I think, that it is still a very good tip.

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NEW newbie + advanced routine

Thanks J123,
What do you mean get some growth during my workout? Do you mean after I’m done PEing my penis in a Flaccid and Erect state should be somewhat bigger at the end of the session? And when I say bigger do you mean actual measurement bigger or should it just feel bigger?

Also, when you said do kegels a little separately did you mean do them on the same day just spread out like a couple hours later, or did you mean do them on separate days? And, how many time a week do you think I should do kegels?

Another thing, when I’m jelqing how hard should my penis be? Should it be really hard or should it be somewhere in the middle?

Last, is it ok to stop jelqing to add more lube or to get hard again? Because when I’m jelqing my erection goes down. And is that normal?

I really appreciate your help.

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Your erect state should be a little bigger after workout, but mostly it is just a feeling and not so measurable, but if you can get a couple millimeters more to to your ruler, good.

Well about the hardness. Get a erection and then let it decrease and when it is soft enough to jelq it is fine.
You don’t have to be erect all the time during the workout.
It is good to do kegels every other day, it doesn’t matter are those your exercising days or not.

I wrote this in a little bit hurry, but hopefully it offered the answers you wanted.

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NEW newbie + advanced routine

Thanks J123! The only thing that you didn’t get a chance to answer is if it is ok if when I’m jelqing it’s ok to stop and add more lube or regain my erection.

However, I know you said I don’t have to be erect all the time during my workout. But why is that?


Viva51, when I said that “don’t have to be erect all the time” thing I meant, that it is OK to lose semi erection, because of adding lube or because of something else and then regain it. I wrote that in a hurry and that is the reason for bad expression. My mistake.

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NEW newbie + advanced routine

Is it okay to masturbate outside of the PE sessions, as far as PE is concerned? Thanks!

Teej, it is OK to masturbate outside PE sessions. Personally I try to do that only at off days, but sex is of course exception to that rule. My personal opinion about masturbation after many experiments is, that it is good to masturbate (or have sex) regularly, because it keeps your sperm production running high and you also recover from ejaculation more quickly and same thing as reverse if you don’t masturbate (or have sex).

However these things (sperm production and so on) don’t change quickly and thereby short term variations don’t affect to it much.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

I have a dilemma. Is it better to rest 2 weeks, and then started with this routine in my case ? (See previous page)

I found also a topic opened by Babbis about his modified routine, I don’t know what is the best routine

I am confused :p


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