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Linear Newbie Routine

OK J123, I get it. I suppose it is all matter of getting accustomed to every new thing in life.

While I intend to follow your advise - “reduced or no stimulation outside PE except sex”, I would still like to know the reason behind your recommendation.

Stimulation made for example with hand is much more aggressively and harder (at least in a different way) , than normal sex (penetration). If you are used to make orgasm with hard hand work, then usually lighter hand work isn’t so effective.
For example if you (not you) are used to get orgasm watching mega hot babes from computer screen and masturbating like there wouldn’t be tomorrow, then maybe a little more life like woman and normal penetration don’t feel so good, because you are used to much higher stimulation level. That real woman and her pussy don’t just feel so good anymore, because you are used to mega babes and your hand jacking off 300 rpm.

As reverse if you haven’t even seen a woman before and at last one female touches your dick, that could be enough for you to have orgasm.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

I am now into my 8th workout and increased the jelqs to 30. I did 2 on 1 off, 1 on 1 off, 2 on 1 off, 2 on 1 off and today. It would have been a progressive 2 on 1 off, but my wife was on cock alert so I had to do my duty. My penis looks fuller and hangs a bit lower whilst flaccid. At the start after the initial 2 or 3 workouts I also couldn’t get a full boner as such but now it seems back to normal. The only other stuff I do is edging wearing a cock ring whilst fully engorged whilst ‘envisaging’ growth. I really am mentally focused on this now and whilst jelqing take it real slow and almost ‘visualize’ my penis growing which really helps with the stroke. Will keep you posted on any progress I make.

Originally Posted by wrist

My penis looks fuller and hangs a bit lower whilst flaccid. At the start after the initial 2 or 3 workouts I also couldn’t get a full boner as such but now it seems back to normal. ……

…………Will keep you posted on any progress I make.

How about telling us your gains during the PE period.


I posted a query in:

starter47 - Urgent help - Penis curvature

but haven’t got a satisfactory answer. Perhaps you can help. Thanks.

For quick reference here it is again.

In addition to the slight curve on the shaft to the left when erect, (had it even before I started PE), the unit has an inclination pointing to the left, starting from the base itself. Imagine looking from top and seeing 11 o’clock instead of 12. This doesn’t cause me any pain or problem during sex but the angle “pointing to the left” has slightly increased after starting PE. And I have been certainly not jelqing with same way with same hand. Appreciate your comments and advise how I could correct it.

FYI: I have an erection angle at 8 o’clock - side view.

What would be a good newbie linear method for increasing strictly length, no girth? Also, congrats to those who’ve gained with this method!

Stretch following the same principles as otherwise, just leave the jelqing out of the routine.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

I think this is a great approach, thanks for presenting it! I think you incorporate a lot of very effective and sensible guidelines.

Do you find that after a while, your growth has slowed or stopped? Do you recommend a break at that point and for how long?

Also, how do you know when you are using enough force during the jelque? Do you look for things like the glans gets shiny or get little bumps? Do you think you should have small red spots when done?

How do you know how much force to use for the stretches?

What do you look for that tells you that you have used the right amount of squeeze and pull?


At my first period of PE my growth stopped most likely because of overworking and also because of lack of interest. Growth of course slows down after time, when you have used the “lack” to growth. When you expand the little cells in expanding tissue there is of course point where the growth of the cells slows down, because of purely practical reasons. Of course the cells have to be fully healed before they can offer safe growth after certain point, so some kind of break after time is necessary. Of course with a good routine, that offers enough healing time the necessity for longer break is not so urgent. Of course besides the cells also everything else, that have to grow with penis needs proper healing and growth time.

Determining right amount of force and healing time requires proper examination of outer signs and right context.
The right context has to do much and is explained best with pain levels. It is well known fact, that you can raise your pain levels, but in PE it is bad. For proper measurement about needed force and healing time the measures should be compared to fully rested penis, so that there is no disturbing factors. Again with a routine, that offers proper healing this is done much easier.

The outer signs should be also compared to rested penis. The right amount of force feels somewhat comfortable, but offers enough force for growth. I think, that any kind of bump and spots are not necessary for growth. For example I got red spots only at very beginning of my PE and I have growth quite well after that.
Any kind of negative signs are not necessary, if some appear temporarily it is not a big deal, but they should be avoided.

Determining the right amount of force and healing time is what everyone must do itself. With Linear routine I just try to offer the right context.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

I started doing 3 minutes of manual stretching following the 2 on, 1 off routine. I use either of the following directions for 30 second holds: d, so, l, r, you, d or so, l, r, dl, dr, d. I’m not pulling as hard as I have before when previously trying just stretching from the newbie routine. Hopefully some quick, easy gains come. :)

J123- I do 5 mins warm up and then 2 30 second stretches left, right up and down. I then do 55 3-4 second jelqs straight out from the body, using an overhand grip. Then I do 55 3-4 second jelqs straight out using a standard OK grip. Occasionally I do ballooning for an hour. I do the jelqing at about 40-50% erection level and on a one-on-one-off routine. Do you think this is a good routine for gaining length which is my main concern. I had previously jelqed for a year with no gains, and as a result started using quite vigorous routines. At one point I was jelqing for an hour 5 days on 2 off. I still experienced zero gains and took a week off then started this routine. I have been doing it about three weeks but there have been no improvements. Do you think I should decrease or increase jelqs/stretches? Do you think it is best to have sex on your rest day or try and fit it into your workout days. Also- I do my workout one day on one day off as well as I have found it to be very successful, but do you think I should do it on the same day as my routine or on my rest day? I welcome any comments from anyone else as well.

Sorry one last thing - should the stretches be short and hard or long and soft or vice versa?

Beenie169, technically your routine seems just fine, but of course if you are not gaining from it, some improvements must be done. To figure the effectiveness/overdoing your routine get a full erection after your workout. If you can get quite easily good and hopefully bigger erection, than usually, then your workout has been effective. However if you have trouble getting it up or it isn’t what it is supposed to be, then your routine is too hard or you need more resting or both. If you think, that you might be overdoing wait until your penis is surely fully rested before your next workout.

About 100 jelqs should be enough for at least some kind of growth. Try experimenting full resting between workouts and if that doesn’t work then slowly increasing the amount of jelqs. 30 second stretches are fine, slowly, but firmly stretching your penis.

Have sex when you have opportunity. Of course it can have a little impact to good or bad, depending about your situation, but nothing to worry about.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Hi J123,
Its 8 weeks since I started. Here are my stats: (I have now converted to inches including those mentioned in Post #54 here which was after 4 weeks)
Start June 12, BPEL: 5.000” x EG: 4.250”
4 Weeks after start date: July 10,2006 BPEL: 5.310” x EG: 4.430”
8 Weeks after start date: Aug.07,2006 BPEL: 5.430” x EG: 4.650”
Sometimes the measurements indicated a bit more but I have entered the lowest.
I have also updated PE Statistics with other data FL and FG. (Note: MS Intrenet Explorer may not display all the lines, There is still some bug. But Mozilla Firefox shows all)

So my volunteer info is published as promised. Next update in another 4 weeks.

I have been travelling during the last 5 days and actually could not stick to my full PE routine regularly during this period. Probably that explains the lesser gain.

It is good to hear, that you are progressing well starter47. Those are good gains. It doesn’t matter, that the gaining speed has slowed a little. Just jeep gaining at steady speed and the result will be fine.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine


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