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Need advice

Need advice

Hi I’m 19 years old and started to date and getting sexual I’m a average guy down there around 6 inches and girth is fine

I’m wondering is there a way to get it bigger I have tried pills which it didn’t work. I have been using them for 3 months to 5 months

Different brands I can’t remember there names.

I have tried patches and didn’t work also.

Know I’m reading if any herbs can help

I have also tried exercises and nothing plus lazy to do them

Are there any herbs that can help you gain length

Or is all this a bunch of b _ _ l. Just for companies

To scam you and make money.

First of all, welcome.

Second, obviously you haven’t really read anything here. I am going to answer this question non sarcastically BECAUSE you are new and I just said “welcome”.

Some of the pills and herbs can APPEAR to enlarge your erection, IF they increase the hardness of your erection. When you don’t have maximum hardness, and some herb or amino acid improves your hardness, it will APPEAR as if you have gained size, but really you just have achieved your maximum expansion due to a harder erection.

Here at Thunders you can learn how to truly increase your size. If you are lazy or unwilling to learn and apply it diligently, then don’t bother because it won’t work for you either.

Good luck.

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