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My First Day Off


My First Day Off

Well, it’s been 7 weeks now since I started PE. Today I am taking my first day off. I don’t necc feel like I need it but I have read over and over on this site that we do, indeed need them so here I am. I have not taken any thus far just because I really enjoy the workout and I like the way I hang all day after doing it so………………

So, I WILL fight the urge to work out and take the day off today……..

Cheers to you all. Do good things.


Stop, don’t touch it. No pulling on it when you pee!

Periodic “readjusting” counts too if it’s chronic, who you trying to fool?

Good luck if you do make it 24 hrs, it becomes compulsive after a while.

In time you will “know” instinctively when to rest, whether or not you listen is another question.

And for heaven’s sake only two shakes after a piss. Three is just getting too close to that line.


How about if I wash it for a LONG time tonight??? Does that count as a workout???

Heh Heh


YES!! You have the sickness, man.



Compulsive is a good word for it. I fought Obssesive Cumpulsive tendancies when I was a young man and I would say some of these tendancies are back now. I guess in a good way though. LOL

It’s 9:00am and I have to piss……

Must fight the urge…..Must fight the urge………

I do have it bad guys……



Well, I pissed and no groping, tugging or yanking!

I did not feel like my prong though. It felt more like the pencil dick that I used to have!…………………..


Originally Posted by vs
It’s 9:00am and I have to piss..

Must fight the urge.Must fight the urge..

I do have it bad guys..


I’m in the same boat as you VS. Last night my erection was a less than stellar so I decided that I was taking today off. I handled myself really well until I went to the bathroom and then I handled myself REALLY well. I did a couple of quick stretches just to see it hang and rubbed on it to get the blood flow going and before I knew it, I had cranked out 100 jelqs. I figured what the hell and went ahead and added some bends and more stretches since I had gone that far. Oh well, maybe tomorrow. :D

Dude! This PE stuff is addictive!

I am going to the gym to workout tonight. Afterwards I will be in the hot tub and that is where I usually do my stretches if no one else is there.

We will see if I can resist the URGE!


I’m up to the 11th day of rest. I have faulted though on two or three occassions. I want to decondition my unit till the end of the month, then hopefully get some more gains. God it’s hard to leave it alone.

I did the same thing when I started out. I didn’t do every single day though. That seems excessive, I guess it depends on what your trying to obtain. I think they encourage every day stretching for length gains. As far as girth goes you need to rest it.

I use to do three on one off. Now I’m currently doing one on one off. I think mixing it up from time to time is a good idea however.

You guys that keep doing it every single day should try this. Take a rest, and without masturbating or doing any PE. Let about 24 hours go by and test for soreness. If none wait another 12, you will be amazed at how sore it is after you rest it. Sometimes it takes time for the soreness to catch up. The question is, does it do you any good to keep breaking down the fibers without rest. The object is to get growth, not breaking down fibers, thats the process. Focus on results and try not to get hung to much in the process.

Ok, let me get this strait.

Wait for another day and check for soreness? It may show up even if it is not sore at this point?

I will do that. I have only gotten good advice so far on this forum.

I will let you know what I find………………


When you go to bed, put it between your ligs and stretch your body !!

Its OK because you didn’t mean to :)


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