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one day on one day off?

one day on one day off?

Ok, I just started peeing again 4 days ago. I was in Kuwait and Jelqued every day and I didnt see results that were that great. I am going to change my strategy to give my dick plenty of rest. Do you guys think one day on one off will work at all? I dont do too much right now im only doing 100 reps but I am going to move it up soon. Do you guys think I will see results?

If you just started peeing,are your kidneys fine? :) The whole days off opinions are just that,opinions. You will have to constantly put more stress on your dick to continue to see results as you go.



Just my 2 cents, but when I was working 12 hour days and getting about 3-4 hours sleep I didn’t get good results PEing everyday. Back then I went to a 3 on 1 off, 2 on 1 off routine and the gains became constant. Now having plenty of sleep I am doing a 5 on 2 off and it’s working. I guess it all depends on your body and amount of sleep you get. Just my opinion…


Im doing the same thing and noticing it stays

pump much longer. 3-4 days a week 5-7 minutes

strteching then 200 jelq with a 30 sec squeeze evey

50 reps. Takes about 20 min total.

4 days are to few, continue jelquing for about 3 month with 2 days off, you will definitely start to notice some changes

You must always remain patient as growth comes with time


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