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PE once a day or more?

PE once a day or more?

I use to wet jelq every other day but lately I’ve increased to about 5 days a week. I use to do fowfers just occasionally but since learning it has a following I’ve started doing fowfers often now when sitting in the car or watching tv. I’ve recently added manual strectches (with LOT in mind) and do them a few minutes a day most days a week.

I gained an inch in length and a half inch in girth just doing wet jelqing every other day for a year+ and just the very occasional fowfers.

Now with increased time of fowlers; increased days a week of wet(I use vaseline) jelqing, and the addition of manual stretches I’m hoping to see even more gains at an accelerated pace.

Do you think I should do the wet jelqing twice a day (say morning and night), instead of once a day, for even more results or do you think this wouldn’t increase results?

If you got the time try it if it works keep on doing it, do it for three months and if you have no gain than go back to once a day. It used to work for me

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