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What should next day sore feel like?

How should next day sore feel? (Dance)?

I am new here.
I am starting fresh on girth and I think my first step should be finding what I must do to be sore the next day.
I have been PEing off and on for about 4 years. I have a solid unquestionable 1/2 inch length gain but I don’t feel confident in claiming a girth gain at this point. I know it is larger at the base, I am not sure how much of the thicker base makes it into my gf. I am looking to make a solid unquestionable girth gain at the circ. scar. I feel confident in my jelk and uli technique but I have never felt sore the next day. I have jelked for over 2 hours, and the only difference the next day was a little skin irritation. I have done ulis for over an hour and I feel very sore with each squeeze toward the end of the workout. Within a minute it feels fine and it always feels as good as new the next day. I am a bit perplexed. I would like to know what this sore feeling feels like. Please also tell me the minimum you must do to achieve this feeling. Do you think being sore the next day is a good indicator that you will make girth gains soon? Any other thoughts?

Is Dance still here? I have always felt like we had the same penis, simular size and simular observations and difficulties. What are your views on this? I know you don’t like being asked about your gains because you think the question implys that you don’t know what you are doing. I ask because I KNOW you know what you are doing and I can’t help but wonder if what ends up/ ended up working for you will work for me.


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Dance, while your at it can you answer a qestion for me, too:) Asked this before and I assume it was missed…or possibly no one knew or tried to sus out pain this way. When you hit your ligs well in hanging, did you feel any soreness when erect and pressing erection down or side to side? Sorry to interrupt your line of inquiry, P. BTW, you are not alone in your difficulties with L or G. I’ve gained (by measurement) only 3/4 in L. I make no secret that much of that was purely erectile enhancement combined with fat loss. If I were leaner at the start (perhaps like Dance is?), my gains would be much less. G is a bitch for me as much as for you. Soreness in penile shaft never amounted to much more than temporary swell. Pain, at best, is a rough indicator of the location of SOME TYPE of trauma. It serves good purpose for that, but in my experience is not necessarily a sign of impending “growth” or permanent stretch. However, it does tell you you definatley did something there though, maybe even too much, perhaps less the next time. groa

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