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My First Day Off


So, if I get head or get my noodle wet, is it still classified as a day off???

Hey, I can only hope!


Yeah vs it’s just like when you go to the gym and workout. You’re not sore yet. You’re muscles are weak but you usually don’t get sore until the next day. For me my peak soreness from a gym workout, is the day after the next. I think it’s because I work out in the evenings.

Well, I got home last night and got in bed before the Wifey. She came into the room and I was watching a porn. She laughed, hopped in bed, I played with her tits for a while and she then bobbed on the knob for a while. My member was hard and big! She made a few comments how nice it looked. Then we screwed for a while.

I think sex was better after the day off.

This morning I was not sore at all. i did my 700 fast jelqs in the shower as usual.

I have got a sickness. Why else would I get up extra early so I can pull my pud in the shower for 15 minutes and then get on the internet to read what you all have written while I was gone???

Cheers to you all. Do good things.


Usually it’s not sore in the morning. Because you had erections all night in your sleep. If it’s healthy you had erections that is.

Yeah! I have been having a lot of erections at night lately!

This is a GOOD thing at 48!


vs have you gained anything at all so far?

Yes I have!

I gained 3/8” girth in the first 5 weeks. I am sure I gained some length as well, however I did not know how to measure correctly, bpel, so I really don’t know what gain in length but it does seem to be a bit longer. It sure bottoms out in Wifey very nicely these days and she seems to just love the new dong!

My stats at this point are

6 1/2” length bpel
5 7/8” girth

Thanks for asking. I just love to show off my gains! Don’t we all?


vs as long as your gaining keep doing what your doing. I wouldn’t make changes if it’s working.


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